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February 25, 2015

[Updated with more videos] The Morgan’s Point developers are looking to submit their plans next month, commence building in June and complete the resort in early 2017, Morgan’s Point CEO Craig Christensen told the audience at a Town Hall held last night [Feb 24] in Southampton.

The developers of the Morgan’s Point Resort — which is slated for the former US Naval Base in Southampton/Sandys — held the Town Hall  to give the public a chance to hear about the first phase of the development which is set to include a luxury boutique hotel, a mega-yacht marina and residences.

The panelists included Morgan’s Point President & CEO Craig Christensen, Rowland Bates of Southworth Development, Lane Pettigrew of LPA and Julia Van Beelen of Cooper Gardner.

Rendering #1 of the planned development:


When asked about the expected timing of the development, Mr. Christensen said, “We are looking to submit our plans starting on March, next month. We are working rapidly at that with a full team. We are looking to commence building in June, and we are looking to complete the resort in early 2017.

“It’s ambitious, but we’re dedicated and will get that done. But we don’t get things done in terms of Bermuda without having Bermudian support, so we need your help and your encouragement….we get that from all walks of life, we hope that you will embrace this project and give us the  encouragement to move forward.”

Rendering #2 of the planned development:

Cove Residences_Final_sm20141125

When an audience member asked how this development could be different from Tucker’s Point which he said “wasn’t doing too well,” the panelist replied that, “We know about a great deal about Tucker’s Point. We certainly respect the resort that is there.

“We believe that we created a product which is different than Tucker’s Point. We also have a financing plan, a capital structure that is completely different than Tucker’s Point, one that we have worked very closely on, specifically on the residential side, as well as the hotel side.

“We are starting out this project with a world renowned brand, as opposed to a boutique which is an independent hotel. We’re using the horsepower of that brand worldwide to drive occupancy and demand into this property.

“We also have in our hopes and in our dreams, the effect of the America’s Cup in 2017 to lift this resort from the first day that it opens to almost 100% occupancy, which is a great little asset to have.”

Rendering #3 of the planned development:

Master Site Plan

When asked what brand the development will be, Mr. Christensen said, “We are actually under an NDA [non-disclosure agreement], it’s probably the best known secret in Bermuda, but let’s just say we are moving rapidly to get that concluded.”

As Mr. Christensen noted, it’s the “best known secret in Bermuda” as last year in the House of Assembly, Minister of Finance Bob Richards said that Morgan’s Point secured the Ritz-Carlton Reserve brand — the highest end of Ritz-Carlton hospitality brand — for the planned hotel in Southampton.

Rendering #4 of the planned development:

Residential rendering

When asked when will the hiring of people [electricians/plumbers etc] to build the development start, Mr. Christensen explained that Morgan’s Point Ltd is a development company, and as such will use general contractors so “will be looking at companies, rather than individuals”, with Mr. Christensen adding that the companies will get “Bermudians into the employment field.”

Speaking on the water access to the resort, Rowland Bates of Southworth Development said, “Guests and Bermudians who wish to travel to Morgan’s Point by boat, which is something you can’t do at most resorts, will be allowed to come to a dock, drop off their guests, and then go over to the marina which is very close by, and drop the boat off and then have dinner in a restaurant, have cocktails, go to a party or wedding in the main function space.

“So this is a very waterfront active site,” added Mr Bates. “We have really worked hard to activate the property from the waterfront development perspective.”

Update 1.04pm: Zane Desilva and Jamahl Simmons, the MPs for the area, attended the meeting, and after the meeting Mr. Simmons said, “I think it’s cause for optimism. As the MP for the area, you want to see this happen, and I think a lot of people don’t understand the role of the Opposition; we want the Government to succeed.

“We want projects like this to succeed, because it benefits our people, it benefits our children, it benefits the next generation of Bermuda.

“So I’m hopeful that we’re hearing the right things, we’re seeing the right things – our main concern is, become a reality, and also make sure that Bermudians get first crack at the jobs – qualified capable people who want to work get first crack at the jobs.

“If that happens, I think this is great for Bermuda and great for Bermudians,” added Mr. Simmons.

Mr. Desilva, who is also the Shadow Minister of Tourism said, “I thought that it was fantastic of the Morgan’s Point Group to have this meeting and to keep the residents, in particular – because there were a lot of residents from Southampton and the west end of the island here tonight – to keep them informed as to what they’re doing.

“My hope is that the OBA government are supporting this particular development company in all that they’re trying to achieve because, as we heard tonight, I’m certainly very encouraged that they seem to be in take-off mode.”

Video #1: Q&A Part One

Video #2: Lane Pettigrew

Video #3: Introduction & Craig Christensen 

Video #4: Rowland Bates

Update – Video #5: Shadow Tourism Minister Zane Desilva

Update – Video #6: PLP MP Jamahl Simmons

Update – Video #7: Q&A Part Two

Update – Video #8: Q&A Part Three

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  1. Chaos Theory says:

    This project would have been built and completed 15 years ago if the previous administration to pull the rug from under the original developers.

    • Say what? says:

      That doesn’t make sense. 15 years ago the PLP JUST came into power. If it would have been finished by 1999, why wasn’t it completed once they received money in 2013? Especially if all they have is one year left of building.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        It makes perfect sense only if you actually know the story of what happened between the early MPD team and the ‘previous administration’ .

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        17 years ago, the PLP inherited the negotiations for the departure of the US from the baselands. Negotiation begun under he UBP, who had commissioned various studies and surveys to assess the conditions the lands were in. The PLP resigned the UBP negotiating team, took over, walked into the first meeting and before getting any reports from the surveying teams, told the US team they wanted $11m dollars. They took the money, declared a great victory, sidelined any plans for the property that the UBP might have had, to pursue their own, which at the time was nonexistent; then the reports came back, the lands had various contaminations or various hazardous materials, and the projected clean up bill would be $30m+. As for your question about why they didn’t start in 2013… they were still cleaning the grounds of the mess that was left behind in 1999 that the PLP gave the U.S. a free pass to leave behind.

  2. Tony Brannon says:

    Excellent !
    I wish you all the best going forward.

  3. Raymond Ray says:

    Absolutely fantastic! A real breath of fresh air. Thanks to all who are connected to the Morgan’s Point Development.

    • MAKE MY DAY says:

      I wish them well as I know Craig Christensen personally… But I still think this is a very expensive “gamble”!! It will either be a success or a very costly failure!!

      BDA’s tourism market died a long time ago – and many other Islands have similar resorts at cheaper rates!! Only time will tell!! The days of “built it” and they will come – are long gone!!

  4. Ed Case says:

    Thank you Bernews for a more positive headline than that of other media. They had to focus on the negative – no jobs guaranteed. Since when has anything other than death & taxes been guaranteed? Bermudians need to get a grip.

    • Mockingjay says:

      You forgot another guarantee, that the foreign worker will be employed before a Bermudian

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        That was never said, what was said was that they will hire those who will get the job done right and done in the short time there is to get it done. I know a lot of local tradespeople who can help do this, unfortunately, I know of more who wouldn’t. If you want a job there, it is on you to show that you deserve a job there. The attitude that one should have a job because of the geography of their birth and not the standing of the talent and character is a failed attitude.

        • Raymond Ray says:

          “The attitude that one should have a job because of the geography of their birth and not the standing of the talent and character is a failed attitude.”
          I totally agree, them that wish to be employed on the site of Morgan’s Point Development first must have the “knowhow” It is extremely important that any individual that’s working out at Morgan’s Point must have the qualification to be hired

          • Say what? says:

            We have MANY qualified masons and construction workers listed with the Department of Labour. Yet they will not have jobs at this site.

            How are you trying to justify this by assuming that all of our construction workers aren’t qualified.

            The actual truth is that they aren’t CHEAP LABOUR! That’s the real deal!

            • Build a Better Bermuda says:

              There is qualified, and there is professional. The difference being is a professional doesn’t define the self by their qualification, but by their work ethic. Those that can prove they will be up to meeting the high standards that this project will require, should have no problem getting a job there.

              • Mockingjay says:

                What people shy away from is that Bermuda has ALWAYS had skilled qualified tradesmen, what we fail to address is what we call Globalization is changed the whole world.
                Business men are realizing its more profitable to employ cheap labor and minimum or no benefits to enhance their profit margin which is good business sense but poor workers rights, that’s why in the last 20 years or so construction in Bermuda has declined in Bermudian workers and has flourished with Portuguese and Jamaican workers, just like in America there are a lot of Mexican workers, exploitation of the less privileged.

          • Build a Better Bermuda says:

            Personal philosophy… not everyone will get a professional qualification, not everyone who has a professional qualification is professional and anyone can be professional at their job.

        • Say what? says:

          It doesn’t have to be said! if Bermudians won’t be working , then who will? Ghosts?

          • Build a Better Bermuda says:

            So you are reading something that you want to read, rather than what was actually said.

      • Young but wise says:

        Look, I was there the guy didnt say there was no garuntee, he rightfully said that who ever can do the job right will be the ones employed. He obviously was for Bermudians getting work. I dont know why another media and other people are trying to cause tension when the CEO did not suggest local workers would not get the work done. Im bermudian but i dont think i deserve to work there just becausue i was born at KEMH, i do think because of my degrees and expertise I shold be considered when the time comes. Alot of people have some twisted thinking between nationality and employment. Also when the gentleman who stoop up asked about hiring bermudian plumbers, mason etc. Christensen said “General contractors would be used, he didnt say foreign, nor would he be able to garuntee an independent tradesperson work because for a project this size you always use genral contractors. If they sub contract well so be it, thats were the independents fit in but iT would not be practical ever, to hire individual people as opposed to general contractors to carry ouy a project of this magnitude and with all the budgetary and schedule constraints. They are not building a lil bermudian cottage here, its a resort. People need to open up there eyes and be for progress. Cut it out with all the negativity.

        • Say what? says:

          Who thinks that they should work there simply because they are Bermudian? Name one person who thinks that? Bermudians who are qualified, and there are many of them, SHOULD have first pick, as all other countries who respect their citizens require.

          Maybe you forget that the OBA backed $125 million for this project as soon as they were in office. So what’s wrong with giving the qualified Bermudians the job at a living wage? Why are so many people against what’s morally right to do? Hiring and exploiting cheap labour should be a crime. But I’m sure business owners disagree.

        • Jus' Wonderin' says:

          This should be at the top! Well done for opening your eyes and not believing gossip!

    • Ed Case says:

      SMH: Talk about twisting things around. You are exactly what you said in your last word. Nobody – read again, nobody is guaranteed a job. Not even Bermudians.


  5. umok says:

    This is great news!!!! Well done.

  6. cha says:

    This could be incredible!

  7. Will says:

    Would just like to point out that image two portrays rolling hills and mountains in background.. This is not Dominican republic etc…

    • Mockingjay says:

      Cant wait to go back there

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        You don’t think that you will be able to just drive in for a little drive around & sightsee do you? Not going to happen.

        It is private property & the operators will be able to restrict whoever they like. It will be a more or less self contained exclusive resort. The clientele being catered to will not appreciate being part of some sort of local or tourist attraction.

        No different than so many other gated enclaves for the wealthy around the world.

        • Jeff says:

          They will not make the same mistake as Tuckers Point who did just that and now they are begging for Bermudians to spend their money their. If they open a casino who do you think will fill the place, Bermudians. The casino will probably keep the place afloat. They need to make sure the casino has a fun atmosphere and is not stuffy. If you are going to easily part with your money you need to be having a good time or you will go to another one.

      • sandgrownan says:

        We can’t wait for you to go either…

        • another day in ......... says:

          yeah let’s just get rid of everybody who doesn’t agree with everything you think.. So you can live here in happiness drinking your tea and labeling other countries as communist. smh…

    • watcher55 says:

      Tru Dat

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      How petty!

  8. Y-Gurl says:

    still think this will end up being a quango, but hey with Brangman at the helm what could possibly go wrong!

    • Mockingjay says:

      Good thing its under their watch then the other party wont get the blame
      Then again……………..

    • jt says:

      You mean like w the geniuses leading the previous effort?
      Still…I’ll wait for dirt to be moved.

  9. Mockingjay says:

    Another major project where there will be minimum Bermudian workers and majority foreign CHEAP LABOR

    • Ed Case says:

      Mockingay: There will be many chances for Bermudians – but they will have to come up to the mark – that’s all they said. I suppose you think that if you you tell a lie enough times it will become the truth.

      Nobody – not even Bermudians – are guaranteed a job. And neither should anyone be guaranteed a job.

      The person who is willing to get the job done will be hired – the one who wants to sit and smoke weed won’t get the job. If you think that’s unfair – then so be it.

      • Say what? says:

        Wait, what?

        “The person who is willing to get the job done will be hired – the one who wants to sit and smoke weed won’t get the job”

        Who is the weed referring to? Are you stereotyping ALL of the construction workers who are Bermudian with this? On what planet is your stereotype allowed?!? Since when does one or maybe 5 people get to classify what they all are like? But that’s how people like you think right? We all sit on the wall and are lazy.

    • Jus' Wonderin' says:

      No one’s guaranteed a job lol. That’s where we’re all wrong bra! If one person can do a job better than d next um gonna take him regardless of where he’s from.

  10. smh says:

    The Part I find disturbing is that they can’t even promise Bermudians a construction job. They bringing in foreigners to build this resort. So I ask what is the Government of today doing to secure Bermudian Jobs?

  11. Sara says:

    Could someone tell me if cleanup has been done yet? If not, how is it possible to clean up and build a hotel in less than tow years? Seems almost impossible to me.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      How would you know? Do you you have some expertise in some sort of enviromental engineering & experience in getting the job done? Have you any idea of the work that has been going on for some time now on the property?

      • Sara says:

        No that is why I ASKED if cleanup had already begun. you know the first sentence of my post… My post was asking questions not presuming to be an expert on anything. No need to be so defensive.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      Yes the vast majority of the clean up has been completed… at least on the land that was part of the Southlands/Morgan’s Point swap. I believe there may still be some clean up left on the land staying in government hands. What is left to begin this project is getting the plans submitted for approval from planning, which I am sure will be bumped to the front of the line

  12. Young Bermudian says:

    Yes the clean up has been going on for a few years. This is wonderful news for Bermuda. I only hope that we still ensure that this development is built with Bermuda’s best interest. The red carpet shouldn’t be laid out without assurance.

  13. watching says:

    why is Christensen saying that Bermudians won’t be guaranteed jobs? There are tons of construction workers out of work. Government should ensure they are all hired before hiring guest workers. This is madness.
    Only makes you wonder how many Bermudians will get the opportunity to work there once it is completed!

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      What part of if you are qualified, have the right attitude towards your work & can produce the work at a competitive price, do you not understand.

      Time is short on this project. It will need ‘can do’ people from top to bottom. It will need people willing to work the long hours, the weekends, the holidays, to complete the job & open for guests ontime.

    • Creamy says:

      Can you list a few private companies that guarantee jobs? I’d love to hear about them. Personally, I have never met anyone with a guaranteed job, other than Bermuda’s public employees of course.

  14. Tony Brannon says:

    It all starts with a Leader, a team and a plan.
    Bill Hanbury is a leader, with a team, executing a plan and vision.
    A Bermuda Tourism Authority is what was so desperately needed after years of political mismanagement and untold waste of tax payer dollars to make Madison Avenue Ad agencies rich. The world has changed dramatically since the age of Google and now Facebook. The days of handing over $41 million to college buddies to promote Bermuda (really) are GONE.
    The days of being hosed by high priced web designers are GONE.
    The days of A Tourism Director (born in a competing island) are GONE.
    The days of political mismanagement are GONE.

    Under the BTA, together with the help and leadership of Minister Gibbons, Bermuda has won the bid for the 2017 AMERICA’s CUP.
    Bermuda has Morgans Point set to open a boutique hotel and marina in 2017.
    Bermuda has seen the Green Family invest in tourism by buying the Fairmont Hamilton, the Sonesta site and indeed erected a brand new office building in Hamilton.
    Hollywood Movie legend and Bermudian – Michael Douglas – has announced plans for a new Ariel Sands hotel on the South Shore.
    Pink Beach is under redevelopment.
    Newstead has a new owner.
    Bermuda awaits final plans and go ahead on the redevelopment of the former Club Med site in St. George.
    Resort Gaming has been passed by the Government.
    There is more coming……including a rebirth in Entertainment in Bermuda ! #Bermuda

    • somuchless says:

      The days of when a local could be trained to be the CEO of tourism are gone.

      According to some of Bill’s comments, he wants to remain in his current position.

      • Jus' Wonderin' says:

        Key word: could be trained. So we’re just gonna sit around here and wait for someone to be trained when our product is being flushed down the toilet at an immense rate?!?! I think not…wa ya dumb?

      • Justin says:

        Sounds like you have sour grapes just because it’s not happening under the PLP.

    • Say what? says:

      “The days of political mismanagement are GONE”

      LOL!!! You’re kidding with this one right?

    • Dr. the Hon. Ewart F. Brown says:

      Tony….your comment about “The days of handing over $41 million to college buddies to promote Bermuda (really) are GONE.” is a racist assumption based on your belief that all Blacks know each other and went to the same college. FYI, Don Coleman, CEO of GlobalHue, attended the University of Michigan, while I attended Howard University many years earlier. Incidentally, GlobalHue received the same budget that previous agencies had received for years. As you and others attempt to re-write history, remember that in 2007 our air arrivals were the highest in more than a decade.

    • Coffee says:

      Tony let us as Bermudians at least get this straight . Bermuda didi not ‘WIN’ the Americas Cup – We , yes , you and I bought it with a rather substantial amount of money … In other words we ‘Bermuda ‘ outbid ‘ our competitors by tens of $millions . We at least need to be honest about our outward investments !

  15. Triangle Drifter says:

    Looking good, keeping in mind that artists renditions are just that. They give a general idea of what the completed project will look like. Much can change between paint on paper & paint on walls.

    Nice to see that Morgans Island will be recreated. This was also the idea in one of the earlier plans as far back as 1994 creating much more waterfront property & sheltered water for boats.

  16. ron says:

    hope the locals don’t have their hopes up to high and think that any extra money is coming their way, i know a lot of locals with high hopes,

  17. tom cooke says:

    When reading the headline elsewhere I am glad to see what was said.. read ” we are developers and as such wI’ll use a genarel contractor” and that ladies and gentlemen will who will hire the the Subcontractors. …

  18. Longtaill says:

    The plans look absolutely amazing, can’t wait to be a guest… If I could afford that. I hope they get these hurricane proof and so some type of protection to avoid tidal erosion.

    Is this where the casino is going?

  19. Ed Case says:

    Just wondering what part of this direct quote that moaning and complaining Bermudian bloggers don’t understand:

    “Mr. Christensen explained that Morgan’s Point Ltd is a development company, and as such will use general contractors so “will be looking at companies, rather than individuals”, with Mr. Christensen adding that the companies will get “Bermudians into the employment field.”

    So why are you complaining at all? Sounds like lots of work for Bermudians.

    Course they will have to showup, on time, not smoke weed onde job, not be late when its rainin, or after de game, or after de veekenn. etc etc.

    Bermudians can take this opportunity or not. If you prefer to sit and complain – then you get what you deserve. And someone else will be doing your job.

    As i said at the top of thsi article: Bermudians need to geta grip! Stop moaning and do something!

    • Say what? says:

      Bermudian bashing at it’s best. Yet if I insulted expats I’m xenophobic.

      Bernews – Can I flag this comment?!?

      • Ed Case says:

        No Bermudian bashing here – just the facts. I am Bermudian and don’t expect to be employed – anyone who does is not living in current times. Justr the facts.

        Be mad at me all you want – but this is an opportunity for Bermudians to get work – or to screw up the chance.

        Your choice. get up and do it, or lay back.

  20. Ed Case says:

    I wish I could be ‘guaranteed’ a house op Tuckus Tarn – but it ain’t happnin.

    Get up and do something – or stop complaining.

  21. Toodle-oo says:

    One aspect that I’d like to know about is whether there is going to be staff dorms on the property .
    I don’t believe that anyone thinks this development , when completed , will be staffed entirely by locals and sure as hell any staff bought in wont be able to afford local housing on what they’ll be getting paid to work there .

  22. Teresa M Chatfield says:

    Fantastic news for the island; also excellent to see both sides of the political spectrum applauding the Morgan’s Point development.

  23. Say what? says:

    After watching Bermudian construction workers help to rebuild roofs etc. during the hurricanes, I’m wondering who is Ed Case talking about? And why are his stereotypical comments being liked?

    Do we really have this many smucks in Bermuda on a computer?

    • Ed Case says:

      Its a shame that your comments don’t make sense say what. And when you speak of smucks using the computer – check the mirror.

      • Ed Case says:

        In addition, if you are insulted by my comments then they must have hit close to home.

        Hint: The only time you are guaranteed a job is if your Deddy owns the company.

        This is your opportunity to grab or miss – but it won’t be handed to you on silver plate – unless of course your Deddy owns the company.

        Now quit moaning and do something.

        • Say what? says:

          I’m insulted because I’m not like that, and most Bermudians aren’t like that. Just like how racists push the stereotypes of blacks as how a whole race is, this is what you are doing saying that Bermudians smoke weed and sit off.

          We are hard workers! That’s a fact. Bermudians go the extra mile over and over again. Yet smucks like yourself, self deprecating or not is to be determined, but trying to say that all are one way is wrong, period.

          If you can’t see past your prejudices, call CURB.

          • Ed Case says:

            Say What: If you aren’t ‘like that’ then you shouldn’t be insulted.

            Thanks for bringing race into it – you just said so much about yourself.

            If you are hard working then you’ll have no trouble getting work there – if you do – then you see CURB.

            Enough already!

  24. ron says:

    stand up for yourselves Bermudians and stop being scared , these people in power work for you,,,make noise and take back your island by any means necessary,

  25. Kangoocar says:

    After reading all 65 posts so far, I find it very interesting that all those grumbling about Mr Christensens comments concerning who might be hired to make this happen!!! Not one of them mentioned zaney ( shallow tourism minister and Jahmel ” put a bullet in your head” Simmons, plp rep for that area ) both very clearly said, they are excited for this development and zaney in particular said, ” my hope is that the OBA government are supporting this particular development Co in all they are trying to achieve because, as we heard tonight, I’m certainly very encouraged that they seem to be in take-off mode” For all the plpers and naysayers, remember what the plp reps said concerning this!!!!!

  26. Heads up says:

    All the low lying building on the beaches will be extensively damaged during a hurricane, it gets really sloppy in that area

  27. Oh,I see now says:

    If you really look at it for what it is RASCISM was a tool used to make money(cheap labour/slavory).Money is a tool used to gain power and influence.In the end power and influence is a tool used to gain the ultimate prize and that is CONTROL.Everyting wrong about man from the beginning of time has to do with his lust for control everything else springboards from that one covet.

  28. MB says:

    Morgan’s Point=jobs for Bermudians and foreigners
    No Morgan’s Point=no jobs for any Bermudians
    Which would you rather?
    Only in Bermuda could you turn good news like that into negative stupid comments and a thoughtless negative headline. How is your lack of a job Morgan’ Points problem? FGS Move on.

  29. desmond says:

    Well I disagree with a lot of what is said. They keep sayin that’s hirin n they r workin with d contractor but I hve even yet to hear if is a bermudian base contractor or like d plp done put in thier contract % of bermuians u want hired. It’s obvious tht this government has no interest in doinn Wats best for bermuda.n d conceses tht bda will not work 12hr days is untrue. There r many tht would work 7am to 7pm. But askin anybody to work behind 12 the productivity of a human being nobody wat county ur from falls off a lot n it’s not worth workinn pass 12hrs. N I had foreign workers from around d world.

  30. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    The architectural concept lacks diversification and 21 century imagination.

    Ok ! If you like separate cell blocks !

    We do not need another cottage colony !

    GO UP !