Morgan’s Point Submits First Phase To Planning

March 27, 2015

Morgan’s Point Ltd. – the company developing a hotel and residential complex in Southampton —  announced that plans for the first phase of the development, including an Environmental Impact Study [EIS], have been submitted to the Department of Planning.

The company said the plans include an “ultra high-end 84-room hotel, a marina with 77 slips that will hold 40’ and 80’ boats [and accommodate 20 Mediterranean style yachts in the 80’ to 150’ range], and 149 residences. Pending planning permission, groundbreaking for the first phase is expected to begin in June.”

Rendering #1 of the planned development:


“I would like to thank the dedicated team who worked so hard to pull this submission together,” said Morgan’s Point CEO and President Craig Christensen.

“Recognized Bermuda and overseas experts in coastal engineering, geo-technology, and marine and terrestrial environments, as well as luxury hotel development and landscape architecture, have all collaborated to ensure due consideration was given to all aspects of the design.

“One of the most impressive aspects of this project – one which we feel may be unprecedented in Bermuda’s history – is that it represents the transformation of a derelict brownfield site into a luxury development set in a revitalized coastal landscape.

Rendering #2 of the planned development:

Cove Residences_Final_sm20141125

“In that regard, the EIS is a critical component of our submission. It demonstrates the project’s sustainability, as well as its impacts on and benefits to, our community and our environment,” added Mr. Christensen.

“The developers have been diligent in their desire to keep the impact of the project to a minimum and to be as environmentally sensitive as possible.”

Mr. Christensen said the following local and international firms joined lead architectural firm Cooper Gardner [] and US-based award-winning SB Architects [] in the preparation and production of the EIS and planning documents:

  • Adwick Planning: Planning and property development consultants
  • Edgewater Marina Designers: Waterfront design and development
  • EDSA Landscape Architects
  • HBA Interiors: hotel interior design
  • Langan: Geotechnical, civil engineering and environmental specialists
  • Smith Warner: Coastal environment engineers
  • Southworth Development: Developers of residential resort & hospitality-branded communities

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  1. Nice lay out , now let’s hope and pray that it comes to fruition in a timely manner.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      Agreed, this should be fronted to the planning line and if assessed OK, turned around in as quick a manner as possible

      • Lois Frederick says:

        I know they have been working with Planning for a good while now so they in a good place already. Congratulations to all involved. It looks great.

    • sage says:

      Rendering #2 looks like the planners don’t consider rising sea levels to be a concern.

  2. Raymond Ray says:

    Now lets get cracking! Open up the gates to all able bodied Bermudians so they may get back to work a.s.a.p.

    • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

      sorry ray…but i don’t work like that bruh…you’ll see…watch.

  3. cole says:

    So, there are several Bermudian environmental consulting companies, all run by locals with PhDs. Did they even get a chance to bid on the EIA work? I would bet the local architects would make a fuss if all their work was outsourced.

    • Mixitup says:

      3 Dislikes because you mentioned ‘Bermudian’… I sure hope people are closely watching what’s going on in this country..

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      Could you kindly reference these companies and the PhD’s that run them.
      Also, the odds are the work wasn’t put out to bid, as that is not a common practice for project work work at this stage. The only reason someone would RFQ for an EIS is if they were doing an exploratory survey and not as part of a design submission. This project is using a combination of both overseas and local architects to design it, so the odds are there would have been on contract or in house resources somewhere.

    • Jarvis Trott says:

      I believe Adwick Planning (Peter Adwick) is a local planning engineering firm.

  4. Bill Stephens says:


    We needed a global brain trust working on this if it is to be truly a sustainable model for Bermuda’s future! This is the problem with Bermuda – we think we have everything we need here already (skills and experience) to pull off something like this – and we don’t.. this needed a global and truly “been there and built that” experience factor to get the investors to sign on – they are not going to sign on to something that does not have that global input / stamp of approval…

    Well done Morgans Point team – looking forward to a world class operation here!

    • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

      if only they could understand that, Bill.

  5. Dees says:

    Great news! There shouldn’t be a single negative comment about this. This combined with the America’s cup is the best thing thats happened in a long long time. Well done to all involved.

  6. Bermyman says:

    PLP don’t want to hear it! Another protest coming!

  7. somuchless says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it built.

  8. Truth is killin' me... says:

    I would like the managers of this development to make sure that the waters off of this build are kept as pristine as the way they found it. I remember when Newstead was getting renovated that there was a lot of “run-off” into the sound that even made news headlines when the water turned from an aqua blue to a milky grey all the way to White’s Island. This can’t be good for the local fish population. Will be watching closely.

  9. bluebird says:

    Well done the TWO BYES from Warwick academy,they are the ones who put this project together
    BUT Marriot Hotels just build a brand New Hotel in HAITI,and they have 700 Thousand rooms world wide.
    Mariott you remember ofcourse as they were at Castle Harbour aparently the worst Business decision
    that the had ever made,HMMMM! Lots of brownie points for Bermuda.

  10. bluebird says:

    @raymond ray,
    We appear to have 11,300 work permit holders at the present which is a huge part of out workforce
    So where are these ABLE BODY BERMUDIANS who are unemployed,just waiting for the gates to open.
    As i can tell you that the able body Bermudian already are and have found gainfull employments.
    Or are you refering to “thats not my job” persons.
    But there is a large amout of Bermudians who want a Goverment job and the ecconomy cannot aford the 8,000 on the Goverment payroll now (govt/quango) was at $750MillIon dollars per year.
    And both pension funds Civil Service and Goverment are underfunded so who is going to FINANCE that in the future with an Aging and Decreasing population.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      The CS is downsizing, as it must. Trouble is the former CS will not be able to maintain the pace & demands of working any of these construction jobs. These companies will demand productivity. Produce or get out.

      Can you imagine the road crew that has paved South Road multiple times working for any of these companies!!!

    • Raymond Ray says:

      @bluebird: you seem to have a lot of questions…Maybe you can ask one the P.L.P. Members where and why?
      (Note below is what I wrote above.)
      “Now lets get cracking! Open up the gates to all able bodied Bermudians so they may get back to work a.s.a.p.”

  11. D says:


  12. MAKE MY DAY says:

    Pretty pictures…. BUT – I have heard all this now for about 7 yrs!!! Also, BDA had better upgrade their class-of-service… If you want up-scale people to come to the Island!! When people pay top $$ – then they want top service!!

    Ya gotta put some “Pep-in-your-step” and some “glide-in-ya-slide!!

    The old BDA “shuffle” will NOT work anymore!!