MPL To Introduce “Caroline Bay” Luxury Resort

April 7, 2016

Morgan’s Point Ltd. said they will “introduce Caroline Bay, Bermuda” as the “newest luxury destination resort, residential and yachting community redefining Bermuda.”

“The newly-branded Caroline Bay, Bermuda will be situated on a secluded cove protected by a historic peninsula in the Great Sound in Southampton and Sandy’s parishes on the Morgan’s Point site,” the company said.

“The setting honors Bermuda’s rich maritime history and its treasured British traditions, while also signaling the welcomed renaissance of luxury lifestyle experiences for visitors and residents.

:The Caroline Bay, Bermuda development will feature a 5-star luxury branded boutique hotel, branded residences, spa, restaurants, fashionable shops and a mega-yacht marina.

“The new resort community is the vision of Morgan’s Point Ltd., whose principals have joined with world-class partners to create a sophisticated resort project that will embrace the charm and natural beauty that is Bermuda in surprisingly fresh and adventurous ways.

Rendering of the Cove Residences at Caroline Bay

The Cove Residences at Caroline Bay, Bermuda

“After years of planning, it’s gratifying to announce this milestone project,” said Craig Christensen, president and chief executive officer of Morgan’s Point Ltd.

“Our intention is to recapture for modern travelers the storied, relaxed glamour of Bermuda during the 1950s and 1960s in ways that feel new, inspiring and are available nowhere else on earth.

“At the same time, we will celebrate our love of the sea and sailing – both with the upcoming America’s Cup race next year and the future mega-yacht marina for residents and transient sailors alike.

“Perhaps most important, as a native Bermudian, is that we will share unique insights into our distinctive culture, its art, music and food, while also making a difference in the lives of people who are and will be our future employees.”

Mr Christensen also commented on the opportunities awaiting Bermudians in both the development stage and once the resort is fully operational, saying that the project is well underway, hiring several sub-contractors to complete the preliminary land preparation work and slated to bring on more in the months and years ahead.

“With the funding in place and a five-star global hotel brand secured, the Morgan’s Point development is poised to bring a myriad of opportunities for our fellow Bermudians,” he shared. “We are so pleased that our project is providing many employment opportunities.

Rendering of the Hotel Guest Rooms at Caroline Bay

Hotel Guest Rooms at Caroline Bay, Bermuda

“Bermudians have been through a long and painful recession, and we are confident that this project will be a catalyst in pulling us out of these depths. In addition to an abundance of construction work, the hotel will open in late 2018—creating career paths for Bermudians aspiring to be a part of this unique luxury offering in Bermuda.”

One of the local companies that has seen the benefits of working on this important development is David Durham, owner of Building Blocks Construction.

Mr. Durham said, “Building Blocks Construction has been provided some great opportunities to work on the Morgan’s Point, Development, first through the remediation cleanup of the facility though the Bermuda Government and further with Morgan’s Point Ltd. where we have been fortunate enough to have worked on the site preparation as well as with the building of the Artemis Racing Base.

“Working with Morgan’s Point Ltd. we have been able to pass on opportunities by employing Bermudians directly and hiring a number of sub-contractors and various vendors. This has been a very positive experience for us and I am confident that I will not be the only company to benefit from this large development.”

The company said there “will be more information in the coming weeks for Bermudians seeking employment on the development outlining the opportunities and the channels to seek employment.”

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  1. San George says:

    Taxpayer owned – private profit, taxpayer risk. All the best mate!

    Quo Fata Ferunt

  2. Raymond Ray says:

    Thanks to everyone that has / will take part in reintroducing class into “tourism”.
    Bermuda” Morgan’s Point Ltd. said they will “introduce Caroline Bay, Bermuda” as the “newest luxury destination resort, residential and yachting community redefining Bermuda.”

  3. watching says:

    nice but it looks very much like newstead. why not add a bit of Bermudian architecture and local influence?

    • Be happy for once... says:

      Complain, complain, complain.

      Can’t you just be happy that a new development is taking shape. Or do you simply prefer persistent hotel closures and implosions instead?

      • Terry says:

        You can build all you want.
        It’s too damn expensive to get and stay here.

        This cannot be marketed to the average couple et al.

        • Bullnose says:

          Its a ritz carlton. Its not for the average couple.

        • Cup Of Tea Anyone? says:

          Definately not gonna be marketed to ‘the average couple et al’ ya binford.

        • kindley says:

          Why not concentrate on up dating and maintaining what you have instead of building something the average tourist can’t afford.
          My friends cruise to Bermuda which is much cheaper than spending a week in Bermuda.
          I say they did not go to Bermuda because there is no way to see and fall in love with Bermuda on a cruise ship. Nothing beats staying on the island for a week (or longer)enjoying all that Bermuda has to offer.
          My husband and I are the average couple and we have to save and plan for our vacation to Bermuda.

    • Fantasea says:

      Totally agree. We need to go back and use some of our Bermuda architecture. Always trying to look like the rest of the world

  4. be realistic says:

    Looks awesome – well done to everyone involved and all the best for the development.

  5. Only in Bermuda says:

    Only in bermuda do we Name a “bermudian hotel” after a place in New Zealand

    • wahoo says:

      You just had to google it didn’t you…

    • Zevon says:

      What? There’s somewhere else called “Caroline Bay, Bermuda”? Wow, that is surprising.

      • Only in Bermuda says:

        But WHY?
        What sense does it make to name it after a destination on the other side of the earth? It doesnt even sound bermudian.

  6. Confused says:

    Dear Whoever,

    I read the other version of this Press Release which mentions this project will have:

    a) a 79 room luxury hotel
    b) 173 branded residences

    So this means that:

    a) the hotel chain that will operate the 79 “hotel” rooms has not yet committed to the project and signed an operating lease/or management agreement

    b) the 173 “branded residences”, is this another definition for “Fractional Units”? If so, why are fractional units, after failing at Tuckers Point, Newstead et al on the market again? Investors and “Brands” need to see large scale tourist arrivals before signing one of these agreements because they need to know they can meet their sales target of room nights through their distribution network.

    I really hope the Credit Committees at our major Banks are not looking to jump into this project at anything over 30% LTV as I get the feeling that when the construction phase is finished with no hotel operator the taxpayer will be left to foot the bill as always


    • Swing Voter says:

      hey clowndike do you know who the primary financial backers are? Locally based exempted companies which means that at least 50% of those fractional residential units are already gobbled up.

      • Eve says:

        You may want to look closer and find that IB backers were only good for $15 million which leaves a huge amount not yet funded. When they have all the funding for Phase 1 I will become a believer. Also aren’t the residences very close to the water?

    • Terry says:

      I think I already said that.
      You must be one of those with some degree or money.

    • Mirror, mirror... says:

      Congratulations on performing the basic analysis that everyone else refuses to do. This project is making all the mistakes of the recent past and using a taxpayer guarantee to do it. There’s a reason its taken them this long to get even close to shovels in the ground. And its the same reason that the only money prepared to invest in the deals local friends of the owner backed by my tax dollars. And oh, by the way, why isn’t the brand even mentioned in this press release? Maybe one day before we’re on the hook for this playground experience someone will ask the right questions.

  7. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    Money ,money,money,seems to be the only consi deration in the minds of some people,who have too much of it.People people people get pushed aside in the rush to please only the people with money.That is why O.B.A./U.B.P. minded People can not run an Island like Bermuda.They would build Spaceships to the Moon before they would consider the needs of the people.That is why the peoples movement is so important and necessary to represent the needs of ,,,,,the people,,,,.The Peoples Labour Movement is looming larger and larger than Life,and will eventually be the this crush on the ordinary people’s concerns.Power to The People.Peace.

  8. Spotty says:

    Spotty say he gone believe it when he see i

  9. Will says:

    Who is Caroline? I always thought that area was either rockaway or Morgans island/point? Is this the developers wife’s name?

    • wahoo says:

      She was a sweet girl in a Neil Diamond song.

      • Will says:

        Touchee…so Caroline was his mistress not wife ;)