Georgia Marshall, Nandi Outerbridge Sworn In

February 16, 2015

[Updated] A new Government/OBA Senator is set to be sworn in today [Feb 16], replacing Alexis Swan who recently stepped down as a Senator, with the Government saying the “move is in keeping with adjustments to the Government’s Parliamentary team that began last month with the realignment of Cabinet responsibilities.”

The Senate consists of eleven members appointed by the Governor. Five are appointed on the advice of the Premier, three on the advice of the Leader of the Opposition, and the final three are Independent Senators are appointed at the discretion of the Governor.

Update: The Premier with newly sworn-in Senator Georgia Marshall & Junior Minister Nandi Outerbridge


The Senate presently consists of Independent Senators Carol Anne Bassett, Joan Dillas-Wright and James Jardine, Opposition/PLP Senators Diallo Rabain, Renee Ming and Marc Daniels, while the Government/OBA Senators are Michael Fahy, Vic Ball, Lynne Woolridge, and Jeff Baron, with the fifth one to be named today.

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  1. swing voter says:

    umma go round to court st and bet $200 on more eye candy ;-)

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      Is that how you men who support the OBA view women in political leadership? Eye Candy? Are you serious? I am certain that whomever is selected will be done so based on ability and merit. And if it is a woman, than she deserves the respect of her new role and responsibilities.

      • swing voter says:

        u r so dry….don’t you get satire? does everything have to spelled out to ‘misoge’ your intellect? geez

        • Sally says:

          Congratulations to the Mrs.Marshall. But I seriously questions the OBA Dunkley’s motivation to put Nandi in as a JR.Minister. It is apparent that MR. Dunkley believes this will put Nandi in a better light to the voters of St Georges.

          This political strategy is not a good one. As the voters today are much more politically aware and astute. Dunkley somehow believes that by giving Nandi a Minister post she will in fact be more appealing in the voters eyes.

          Dunkley is overlooking one key fact, today’s voters are more alert to the political statregy at play.

          Nandi Davis is lacking the ability to be a Minister at this time. She requires more growth politically and personally. I am questioning more and more the direction of the OBA and decisions.i am also somewhat disappointed in the OBA.

          This is not a wise nor good decision to put Nandi in such a role Dunkley. I know you need to align those MPS which support you,but please recall this one……this will not sure up the seat in St. Georges it might actually backfire…

          • Sally says:

            How much more is this costing the taxpayer? Since we are in such a crisis I an surprise the Cabinet size has been increased when I thought the goal was to decrease it. Please OBA I am growing more frustrated with this high spending on Travel and recently furniture.

          • frank says:

            No money for the workers but the oba can create a junior minister first of all I have been in the house on many times and all this young lady does is sit there and play with her cell phone.

            Further more ms Gordon pamplin is an experienced. Minister that does not need a. Side kick

        • serengetiperson says:

          Good comment, but the satire was too subtle for some I guess.

          A certain person will be struggling to behave himself, I’d imagine, since there will be more women around.

    • Elsa says:

      Casual misogyny and chauvinism – Absolutely hilarious!

    • Long Bay Trading Co. says:

      the ignorance of some is absolutely breathtaking.
      From all reports she is a well respected and well educated WOMAN. Not Eye Candy I might add.

      • hmmm says:

        Congratulations to both.

        Thank you for serving the people of Bermuda.

      • swing voter says:

        you didn’t get it ;-( there goes my stab at comedy!

    • Mockingjay says:

      Ya, but the weather girl has my vote.

  2. Raymond Ray says:

    I want to congratulate Mrs. Marshall on being appointed an O.B.A. Senator. I believe she has much to offer Bermuda and its citizens…

  3. Tony Brannon says:

    Congrats Georgia Marshall. I wish you the best in helping to turn Bermuda around.

  4. Never Never says:

    This government is funny as hell they have made up their mind that if the electorate said no we will shove it down your throat anyway thanks OBA good job SMDH lol hahahahaha

    • Politricks says:

      You mean like the PLP Senators Rabain and Ming.

      They both lost in the 2012 election and were subsequently appointed as Senators. Does that make the Opposition ‘funny as hell?’

    • Unbelievable says:

      What the hell are you even talking about? Just because Mrs. Marshall lost the by-election, it does’t mean she can’t have a role in politics at all.

      What logic are you even using, Never Never?

    • So tell us ... says:

      So tell us about Colonel Burch. Not only did he lose the election but he was appointed to the Senate and then became Minister of Immigration.

  5. js says:


    it seems the OBA is doing all it can to not win the next general election

    I suppose this is what happens when you live in a social bubble

  6. watching says:

    Nandi as Junior Minister??

    • Raymond Ray says:

      Personally I believe Mrs. Nadia Davis Outerbridge has much to offer the people of Bermuda on a whole and not just them from St. Georges. She is yes young, but she’s quite astute and is no-ones fool! I take my hat off to her.

  7. Girl power says:

    Mrs. Marshall is a POWERHOUSE! I’m glad to see her on the Government team! And I love that the OBA continues to progress women in the legislature.

  8. Rhonda says:

    So Nandi Davis will be paid more to sit silently in the HOA, when she is not reading a script

    • cmbbda says:

      I can’t stand people such as yourself who only offer negativity and hatred. Nandi has preformed her role admirably and devoted countless hours to this island – just because she doesn’t spout off and misbehave in the house doesn’t mean she doesn’t contribute to her party. She is a wife and a mother and a professional – what more do you want from her?

      So sick of people disparaging our successful, hard working, young black Bermudian woman – you should be ashamed.

      • Steve Davis says:

        It is the classic jealous crab in the bucket mentality that comes from the entitled Bermudian. They want to tear down the success of others while at the same time whine and complain about life holding them back. It does not surprise that this comes from a PLP advocate, they write the script when it comes to personal attacks and misogynistic behavior.

        • Charlly X says:

          Silly rabbits !! The moment someone disagrees with ubp/oBA they branded with derogatory names n called PLP Supporters smh smh !! Hilarious in fighting lmao !!

          • Maybe ... says:

            Maybe, if those whiners actually decided to stop complaining about life being unfair and actually did something they might actually contribute something to the island.

      • So Tired says:

        Especially those who contribute nothing!

    • Truth Teller says:

      Exactamente ! My thoughts exactly Rhonda…

    • frank says:

      Well well. When is poor Kenny going to get rewarded for taking Jennifer’s seat
      After all his other job. Was to make sure nandi stayed out of. Trouble

  9. Suggestion Box says:

    I think it is good to see more female representation in the Government. These appointments represent diversity and that is what Bermuda truly is, a diverse island. Let’s support those who take the bold step to get involved as their success is our success. I wish them both the best!

  10. Suggestion Box says:

    And Oh by the way, the electorate said NO to Sen. Rabain and Ming but I guess it is diffent for the PLP. Sometimes the supporters of the PLP can’t even get out of their own way.

  11. Unbelievable says:

    As for the lot of you moaning bit Nandi Outerbridge, why don’t you go and talk to her. She’s a newbie to politics, yes sure. But in the time she’s been in politics she’s come a long way. She’s toughen up and certainly has been put through the fire. She isn’t any disco dolly.

    At least she’s not hanging her hat on reviving Bermuda’s economy with online gaming.

  12. Quo vadis says:

    this has to be some kind of sick joke, right?

  13. mike says:

    They haven’t learned their lesson with Nandi, have they?

  14. Islander says:

    Congratulations Ladies for you both are wonderful role models for all young ladies who desire to follow you in politics.

  15. Mixitup says:

    Great!! We’ve found money to pay another Junior Minister.
    Or is it that she’s now receiving her due? hmmm, makes me wonder.

    • Concerned says:

      Who pays Rolf to sit in a corner n spew his crap. Band I is respectful n I am sure will prove herself worthy to become a Senator in time to come.

  16. Jr Smith says:

    same ol same ol

  17. Frank Arnold says:

    Congradulations Georgia! I am sure you will do an amazing job for all of us.

  18. Ace girl says:

    Congratulations Georgia, wonderful selection and you too Nandi, great aprrenticeship for the big leagues. Great to see women taking their rightful place in government. Keep up the inclusion Mr.Premier. Please disregard all the negative comments ladies!

  19. Jay says:

    Congratulations Nandi! We love you do what you have to do!

  20. Dennis Williams says:

    Senators should be elected especially if they can be given ministerial roles.

  21. Sky Pilot says:

    Jealous people blogging as usual

  22. Hurricane says:

    Why do we have Jr ministers for some (2)ministries? And why was there a need to appoint one for Community, Culture & Sports at this time when that ministry has a very seasoned and capable minister?

  23. Vote for Me says:

    the real question is why is the OBA appointing an MP as Junior Minister when there is a substantive MP as Minister? MP Junior Ministers are normally appointed when the substantive Minister is not an MP. Examples are Ministers Fahy and Former Minister Brangman.

    Someone should be asking some serious questions. Also, do we know if Minister Pamplin Gordon is a full or part time Minister?

    • Civy Says says:

      Minister Gordon-Pamplin is a part time minister, even though she is seasoned, she is not able to give full devotion to the ministry.

      • Hurricane says:

        Ok, easy fix,get her out of there and put someone in full-time.

        • Hurricane says:

          Finances 101, two part-timers is always more costly than one full timer

  24. Onion Soup says:

    Congratulations Georgia!! I’m sure you will be a powerhouse in your new role! Congratulations to you too, Nandi. What a great opportunity to earn your “stripes” in the political arena.

    • Oh Lord Please says:

      Let me tell you what is so disingenuous about your comment and be honest: IF Nandi Outerbridge was a PLP MP you would call her what you should, pathetic. She isn’t a politician. Just hold on, she will prove that to you all then what excuses will you make!!

  25. Just asking says:

    WHAT?! How did that happened? Nandi, I haven’t seen her since she came knocking on my door looking for votes? I am not pleased . Well I’m know who I’m not voting for next time.

    • Concerned says:

      I haven’t seen my Plp rep either since her win and I don’t went to see her either I have a lot to get off my chest with her – lovittatoggleo

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      You have a phone don’t you? If there is something that you want to talk about, pick up the phone, Email, get off your butt. The MPs deserve their private lives too. They are not on call 24/7 to take your complaints about a pothole in the road or a street light being out.

      • Hurricane says:

        Funny how that don’t have to be called or emailed when looking for votes around election time. And that’s both parties. Although, in fairness, my MP makes regular visits.

    • Oh Lord Please says:

      Exactly, if you are going to say something about her tell the TRUTH. She has done nothing for St. George’s other than make many St. Georgians embarrassed. Thanks for your honesty. Take the script from her and she says, blah, blah, blah. With the script it isn’t much better, BLAH,BLAH, BLAH!!!! This is comedy central.

  26. Bermystyle says:

    Some Bermudians just don’t want to see other Bermuduans succeed. Makes me sick. Those moaning and acting like children in the sand box should maybe shut their mouths and do something constructive. If you don’t like it…don’t slander, become part of the solution and not the problem!

  27. chip says:

    Why can’t we all get along and try to see beyond the naked eye?

  28. Leopard dont Change their spots says:

    Does anyone know how much a Junior Minister earns a year. And what does a Junior Minister actually do?

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      I have no idea what a Junior Minister does. Try asking the PLP. They appointed the first junior Ministers. Nice fluffy title. Boosts the ego some, but why? The UBP used to appoint an acting Minister when the Minister was off Island. The Acting Minister usually did not usually do much though there was the case of an Acting Minister appoving plans for a controversial development on Harbour Road.

  29. Rockfish#1t says:

    If Jesus H Christ was appointed to the Senate, people would hurl insults and invective.
    This applies to supporters of both parties.

    • Oh Lord Please says:

      I genuinely believe that Ms Marshall will do a good job and her appointment is a good one

      A PLP supporter!

  30. PPamplin says:

    There are questions being asked about the structure of having a Junior Minister.

    For information, I am paid as a part time Minister, although I dedicate a significant amount of time to the Ministry. My predecessor, who was full time, also had a Junior Minister, and I do not remember any challenge with that.

    The Ministry is extremely large, being responsible for:

    *Ministry HQ;
    *Libraries (Youth and Adult);
    *Community and Cultural Affairs, which includes Cultural Festivities, Heritage Celebrations, National Heroes Day, Promotion of the Arts; *Human Affairs, including Human Rights and Community Driven Development;
    *Child and Family Services which include Happy Valley Day Care Centre, Foster Care, Youth Counselling Services, Psycho-Ed programme, Youth Residential treatment;
    *Youth, Sport & Recreation, dealing with all National Sports Governing bodies, Sports Facilities, Community Centres, Camping Grounds and School Age Activities, including after-school programme and
    *Financial Assistance.

    Just for further information, a full time Minister would cost the government $100,841, whereas, my Junior Minister ($11,387) and Part-time Minister ($50,421) for a total of $61,608.

    If you are truly ‘cost-conscious’ does it make sense that you would want to spend more for a full time Minister?

    This is probably not the information that you might want, as it does not fit the rhetoric, but I would rather have assistance to be able to do an excellent job at this Ministry.

    • Oh Lord Please says:

      Okay PPamplin,

      Your math isn’t entirely correct. It isn’t like a Junior Minister comes from out of the sky. you should include the MP salary in your accounting as well otherwise you’re implying that the Junior Minister only makes the $11,387.

      If both you and Ms Outerbridge sit in the House who does the reporting in the other place. Quite frankly, I like you and I find you to be a credible opponent but you’re being sold on the cheap. It looks as if your Premier is losing confidence in you by appointing a Junior Minister in the same place. He then laughs at you by placing the incompetent Nandi Outerbridge next to you almost setting you up to fail. Remember I said I like you so just be weary.

      A PPamplin Support

      • PPamplin says:

        Thank you for the confidence. Actually, EVERY MP gets $56,023 as base pay, whether government, opposition, minister or whomever. I was speaking to the differential for the added post.

        Every Ministry has a spokesman in both houses, however, there does not have to be a ‘Junior Minister’ in both places. The Senate spokesperson for MCCS will be Sen. Vic Ball, who is Junior Minister for Tourism, but will also speak for MCCS. (e.g. both the Minister and the Junior Minister for Education are in the HoA, while in the Senate, there is a spokesperson for Education)

        I am grateful for the assistance in the HoA when you look at the breadth of the Ministry. I simply want to do a good job on behalf of the people of Bermuda, and I appreciate Nandi Outerbridge’s enthusiasm to assist.

        Also, as a senior member of our team, it is my duty and responsibility to groom others so that we have experienced people to take the mantle. This is not about being selfish or undervalued, but thanks for the concern.