Opinion Column: Most Damaging Is “Deceive”

February 18, 2015

[Opinion column written by David Tavares and Erwin P. Adderley]

We have heard and read statements like, at your peril; it’s only 4%; we had to deceive you; don’t blame me; I’m only a cog in the wheel; we will bring sunshine on transparency. Of all these statements, and in the context of our presentation, it is our opinion that the most damaging is “deceive”.

The most recent announcement on the Tucker’s Point Receivership is the sale of Tucker’s Point Resort. This announcement and outcome is no surprise for those who have their finger on the pulse.

During the debates in both Houses’ of the Legislature, the Government-of-the-day told us the Tucker’s Point Development Order [TPSDO] was necessary to upgrade the facilities to a 5 star status in order to compete in a now very competitive tourism market while knowing the hospitality industry has reached its maturity.

In our opinion, the TPSDO was all about access to virgin land for future land development. After all, what else is there, the BPL has had three bites at the cherry to improve the financial viability of the resort and prop-up the balance sheet, and yet, the outcome is still the same, land-grab!

While we recognize the importance of continued sustainable development, we believe that community activist groups and the Ombudsman were correct to challenge the then Minister’s decision, on an uninformed bases, to grant the TPSDO both from a legal, environmental, social and economic impact.

Since the granting of the TPSDO both the Ombudsman and the Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce [BEST] have informed the public of diligent development and Bermuda’s obligations to perform impact assessments. A successful challenge was made to ensure diligent development, but on appeal the now Government-of–the-day won their appeal.

Is it not ironic, the current government leaders, while in opposition supported the activist groups and the Ombudsman, but now that they are in power, only they have a good grasp on the body-politics of our little island home. But then again, is it partisan politics at play or Greed?
In the end, we the people of Bermuda and our future generations will have to put up with the worst of some bad decisions. “Today’s Choices Tomorrow’s Costs” so well put by the office of the Ombudsman in its report in 2012.

So, in the end, this time the Merchant of Venice, not only gets his pound of flesh, but can also extract blood in the SDO process. This is what the result will be when political leaders and special interest are allowed to continue to undermine the 60/40 rule … putting foreign capital interest first at the expense of Bermuda and its people.

It is most unfortunate that Watch-dog Groups and NGO’s lack real financial resources to really mount formidable challenges to fight special interest. We encourage you to get involved before it is too late!!

- David Tavares and Erwin P. Adderley


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  1. aceboy says:

    The Tuckers Point SDO was granted by the PLP. Why are you wagging a finger at the current government who inherited this ridiculous situation?

  2. MAKE MY DAY says:

    The PLP used DECEPTION and LIES for 14 yrs against Bermudians!! Some people have very short memories!! Now there is a $2+ BILLION deficit to prove it!!