MP David Burt: “They Have Run Out Of Ideas”

February 2, 2015

D.Burt-Hoz-8740[Opinion column written by Shadow Finance Minister David Burt]

In recent months, two things have become increasingly clear about the One Bermuda Alliance: they have run out of ideas to create quality jobs for Bermudians and diversify our economy and they are now in permanent election campaign mode.

Twenty five months into their term in office, Bermuda is experiencing continued economic contraction, loss of jobs, business closures, and an OBA stuck in a recession-prolonging austerity cycle. Yet, instead of promoting ideas that will diversify the economy, create quality jobs, and end the recession, the OBA resorts to puerile attacks to deflect from their failure to turn around Bermuda’s economy.

The latest salvo from the OBA permanent campaign comes from Senator Vic Ball whose opinion piece “Getting Serious About Improving the Economy” seems a repetition of previous OBA pieces which try to reduce the entire PLP plan for the economy to online gaming and ‘marijuana’. ‎

But that is where Senator Ball’s piece ended. Nothing about the OBA’s plans, nothing about how they will reverse the 1500 jobs lost under their watch, nothing about diversification, nothing about new industries for the future.

The PLP, under new leadership, has returned to its progressive roots and has advocated for the regulation of cannabis, but surely one would think that a government desperate for tax revenue would at least examine that possibility and not dismiss it outright. Similarly with online gaming, an industry that drives the economy of other overseas territories, why not look to take some of their business in the same way they look to take Bermuda’s? One would think that a government desperate to create jobs would examine the industry, as called for by Independent Senator James Jardine, rather than dismiss it outright.

The OBA and their permanent election campaign want you to forget about the PLP’s plan to create the Bermuda Fund to use a small portion of our Public and Private Sector Pension Funds to invest in companies that bring jobs to our shores. They want you to forget about the PLP’s plan to open up the local legal industry to allow international law firms on island to promote investment and drive more business to our shores. They also want you to forget about the PLP’s proposals to invest in alternative energy on all government buildings which would provide short term stimulus and long term savings.

The OBA wants you to forget that while they have taken an austerity approach that has left our schools underfunded and our teachers lacking the supplies to teach their students, the PLP in February 2013 advocated for the creation of a Revenue and Government Earnings or RAGE Commission to bring more money into the government’s coffers.

The OBA and their permanent election campaign look to conceal the fact that the PLP in February2013 pushed for a joint committee on immigration reform, so that both parties can agree a mutual path forward on this important topic. This is vital because Bermuda will not secure long term investment if those considering investing in Bermuda believe that immigration policy may change after an election. A joint stance on immigration reduces that political risk and improves the investment environment here at home.

Waging a permanent election campaign that attacks ideas and offers no solutions may benefit the OBA, but it doesn’t help the thousands of Bermudians who are out of work and looking for hope. Twenty five months into their term the OBA must change their approach, recognise the necessity of presenting a unified position to potential investors, and finally start “Getting Serious about Improving the Economy.”

- David Burt


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  1. Jus' Wonderin' says:

    Run out of ideas?! The PLP don’t even have any ideas. Laughable!

    • jt says:

      Who is in campaign mode? Just can’t make this **** up.

      • Lebron says:

        I can’t even be bothered to read this.

        PLP bemoaning lack of ideas? What a joke. Hang your head in shame Burt.

        I can tell you winning the Americas Cup generating tens of millions for the island wasn’t a bad one.

        • BETTTYTRUMP says:

          Well written article MP Burt. A mature approach to address our economy must be had.

          The continued approach by the “OBA government and OBAERS to only play the “Blame Game” will not grow the Economy. As a collective country we must work in Collaboration to move our Economy back on a road to success. The political Swords must be put down and the battle to rebuild our economy must be fought and won by ALL.

          WE must get serious as a people,more so a country…if not we will all sink at some time or another. Ideas must be generated by both sides of the political fence and from All persons. Thus, this political back biting will only continue to lead us in a downward spiral of no return.

          The government needs help to move our economy forward….either folks remain apart if their political fzn clubs or take of their fan hats and work as one…..

          Much love

          • sobbing_sob says:

            Oh the hypocrisy. Practice what you preach my dear betty

            • Collaboration NOW says:

              Typical response from the OBAers, never willing to address this issue in a serious frank manner, but rather play politics for the sake of it. The comments from the OBAers merely reflect an attempt only to hit out at the PLP, as an attempt to make their party look good. But the reality is that the OBA has failed with the growth of our economy.

              Betty is right we must get serious and stop with this silly attacking game for the sake of attacking. The comments seem to reflect nothing more than scoring political points, and gaining nothing. A serious conversation on our economy must be had, and more so ways to grow our revenue.

              The OBA will not win the next election if they are not willing to change and work in a more collaborative fashion and stop the divide. They must encourage their supporters to take a higher ground and stand up on real issues, and provide solutions. This backward and forwards is nothing going to cut it.

          • Strike fund says:

            Betty is an OBA paid blogger.

            • Collaboration NOW says:

              Lets work in Collaboration to find ways to grow our economy. Your approach to of name calling and scoring political points will not do it. Grow up and take mature approach to this critical problem Bermuda is faced with. I want to see a successful Bermuda for all, and not only some. We must move beyond this back-biting approach and wake up. Stop it OBAers.

          • It's about time! says:

            This is SO rich coming from the PLP….a party that has been in FULL election mode since the day they lost office!!! Get a grip on reality…the ship is sailing and you missed the boat!!!

            Peace Out!!

            • De Winna says:

              It dosnt take a Rocket Scientist to see though this.– but it is not aimed at the policaly correct
              they should already know what this is all about.
              Mr.Burt and the PLP went into pre Election Mode right after the BTU and the OBA’s
              recent stand off – the whole situation has re-energized a large percentage of the PLP’s Base
              because the entire situation was promoted as an attack on the Bermudian Working class by
              a large percentage of the PLP base.
              The OBA then anounced the the cancellation of the Ag Show’- now this is viewed as the OBA just being nasty
              simply because the Ag Show should have been put into Private hands right after the OBA was voted in.- but
              many of us already know that this is to save money.- its just how it was done so suddenly that makes for negative speculation.
              Mr.Burt only doing what any other politician is doing: STRIKING WHILE THE KETTLE IS HOT!.
              Note: His punch line- “They have Run out of Ideas! “- those words have got a lot of attention.
              Mr.Burt seems to be getting the response he wants and the OBA is edging him on.

              • Collaboration NOW says:

                Where are your solutions to grow our economy, that is the bigger picture. Stop with this back-biting and childish approach to only seek attacking one another politically, but rather address the critical issue we are faced with in Bermuda.

                This approach by you and others will not fix Bermuda nor move us on a road to success. When will you and others wake up to see this fact? Lets change this approach, as it is not working, it changes nothing and we as a country gain nothing. Wake up and move towards an approach that includes Collaboration and Solution Solving.

                This shift will result in Bermuda success in the long run. Stop with this same failed approach by the OBA to have one political party attacking another. I am sick of this same nonsense daily from you folks. I want to see Bermuda’s economy bounce back and be something we all can benefit from.

      • Onion says:

        Well, apparently David Burt can.

    • Damn Rather says:

      I personally would rather a government with no ideas than a repeat performance by the previous government that was full of bad ones.

  2. tired says:


    • Claude says:

      Flooding in by the dozens? Wow – thats a REAL flood!

      You’re not very bright, are you?

      • greystatesurvivor says:

        Given the overzealous use of capitalization I think tired has a point. There has been no study on how much money leaves our shores through remittances.

        I am in full agreement of having qualified professionals here on Island to fill jobs Bermudians (WHITE or BLACK) are not yet capable of doing but c’mon man…

        If someone wants to use the decade old excuse that Bermudians are unwilling to do this menial work that is fine, that is on them, that is their opinion. Where the rubber meets the road however and people struggle to finance their cost of living I would argue otherwise for the need of a foreign national (that was not to xenophobic was it?) to wash dishes, mop floors or cart some insurance company’s executive’s children off to BHS, Saltus, Warwick Academy – take your pick…

        It is very easy to criticize isn’t it Claude? Or to call someone stupid right? Believe me a takes a second to turn your world upside down. You seem very comfortable with your lot in life. Try to remember it may not be permanent – you could be the one desperate for a job one day – sooner than you think possibly.

  3. TIRED says:


    • Lebron says:

      Spelling and typos excused. Crazy, protectionist logic inexcusable.

  4. Starting Point says:

    Why would they need an election campaign? They have three years left and there is nothing the PLP can do about it. Let us decide in three years which party is the best moving forward. My suspicion is that at the end of the day the country will chose the party that in five years:

    Ended conscription
    Legalized medical MJ
    Amended the human rights act to represent all humans
    Had multiple new and renovated hotel projects
    Modernized the airport
    Reduced the side of the civil service
    Introduced quality casino gambling to the island
    attracted and hosted the Americas Cup with a profit
    attempted to provide some fiscal management to a broken government
    made decision that were not politically popular because at the end of the day they were the right thing to do

    vs the party that did none of the above in 12 years.

  5. TIRED says:


  6. Raymond Ray says:

    Wow! Mr. David Burt, where were you back in the day when the opposition Progressive Labour Party controlled the Governments purse strings? It is somewhat amusing hearing all these grandeur ideas coming from you / the Opposition :-(
    Do you fail to remember who it was that got Bermuda / Bermudians in this mess? Yeah right, selective thinking…

    • Not exactly says:

      Where was he? PLP Party Chairman, Junior Minister for Finance, Senator and Premier’s Political Staff (I don’t remember the exact title). It’s rich that Burt attempts to cast himself as something new and fresh when he was intricately involved in creating the disaster.

  7. San George says:

    What we need is less government and fewer ideas from both parties. Bermuda’s economic turn around certainly will not come from off of that hill. Only taxes and regulation “rain down” off of that hill.

    Less government, fewer civil servants – the sooner the better.

  8. watching says:

    Well said Mr Burt. And if OBAers were honest with themselves they would agree with you!

  9. LiarLiar says:

    How many sea bed miners or engineers unemployed in BDA? How long does the PLP think it will take to set up the proper legislation to get it going? Given that it requires millions and millions of dollars to explore the deep sea beds, how long does the PLP estimate that the initial research will take and actual mining will begin? Obviously to attract such large developers there will have to be incentives given. What happens if the research stage determines that there are no or no substantial resources to mine? As noted these companies that do sea bed mining are operations that require hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars. So again what concessions will the PLP promise to these conglomerates to possibly suck natural resources out of Bermuda along with the profits? What research has been done by the PLP into this sector? The only research that the PLP have quoted thus far is some UN research paper that has nothing to do with Bermuda.

    I heard Mr. Burt recently advocating for online gaming because it will bring about more profits for lawyers, accountants and IT personnel. Can anyone tell me how many lawyers, accountants and IT personnel make up the 3,000 unemployed? Also, what research has been done by the PLP to determine what it will take to lure business away from the shores of the jurisdictions in which they currently operate? The only thing the PLP has said is take the annual revenues achieved by Gibraltar’s gaming industry and divide by 4. Great economic vision there by Mr. Burt (sarcasm). On top of that the figures quoted by Mr. Burt’s Gibraltar example included the casino gaming industry in Gibraltar. What tax incentives and concessions will the PLP offer as means to make Bermuda a more desirable destination as opposed to where they currently operate from? I mean do the PLP and their supporters actually believe these firms will simply move out of their current homes to Bermuda simply because we asked them nicely? Concessions, again the one’s the PLP and their supporters claim to abhor, will be necessary to achieve this goal. And given the fact that there is a lack of Bermudian trained accountants (see the National Labour Training Plan) and IT personnel does the PLP and their supporters now not care about the issuance of work permits to those nasty, nasty foreigners? Also, you can’t tax these entities because they simply won’t move from their current locations.

    So the PLP are going to ONCE AGAIN dip into OUR underfunded pension funds to place into some Bermuda Fund to invest into overseas companies? Wait a minute you guys are advocating for the use of the workers’ retirement fund to give to overseas firms with a hope they come to our shores? How do your supporters feel about that suggestion?

    International law firms will be brought in to compete with local firms which in turn will require additional work permits for the lawyers themselves as there aren’t many out of work local barristers at this point. Also, what concessions would be granted and what, if any, research has been done by the PLP to highlight potential targets?

    In order to fulfil any of these ‘ideas’ massive concessions will be made as potential investors will not being interested in doing business here without some sort of incentive. If you think any of the above can be achieved by asking pretty please you are deluded. And these are simple ideas. There has been no research on the potential cost benefit analysis of these ideas in terms of potential Government revenue and the concessions that will be required to be granted. And since there aren’t any unemployed engineers, accountants, lawyers or IT personnel in Bermuda how will these ideas alleviate the unemployment issue. Instead the current Government’s approach to boosting the construction and hospitality industries will do much more, and will come about much faster, than these pie in the sky ideas being put forward by the PLP.

    I noted that he did not come up with one idea on how to tackle the debt and deficit except for one sentence on a RAGE commission. One would think that after 2 years of *****ing and moaning you would have done something by now to fulfil your RAGE idea. But you haven’t because you know there are many alternatives to raise revenue with a snap of a finger to cover our $300mn deficit and $2.1bn debt. He doesn’t address it, because he knows how it needs to be addressed and would rather issue fairy tales to their supporters on how everything will be a-ok once they are in power.

    Nice ideas, but where is your plan?

    • Unbelievable says:

      It’s already been established that there are no minerals to be mined at the sea bed. Ask anyone down at Conservation Services.

    • BETTTYTRUMP says:


      • hmmm says:

        You didn’t even read what the person wrote ….

        SMDH at Burty Trump

      • Rhonnie aka BlueFamiliar says:

        You know, I really don’t know if the OBA has a written in stone ‘plan’ for the recovery of our economy, nor do I care.

        What I care about is that they are actually doing things that have a very good chance of setting the building blocks for things to get better.

        We’ve had great plans and ideas, but they don’t mean a thing unless someone actually does something about them. Yeesh

      • Damn Rather says:

        @Betty, the OBA would not need to provide a recovery plan, had the PLP not taken a robust economy and destroyed it.

        • Jadon says:

          Did the PLP ruin the rest of the world when the recession hit ? I suppose the PLP is to Blame for the whole world…. Also who did the PLP lend money to when the recession hit ? I know bank of butterfield got 200 million. Who owns the bank ? Look at the bigger picture and stop being so closed minded.

          • LiarLiar says:

            BNTB did not get $200mn at all. It was a guarantee and as such no money ever or will ever change hands. On top of that the government receives a 1% arrangement fee each year which equates to $2mn annually. I wouldn’t be surprised if the guarantee is rescinded in the bear future as BNTB has bounced back quite impressively.

          • Creamy says:

            The PLP ran Bermuda, which had a six+ year recession. The rest of the world either had no recession, or was back to growth in 12-15 months. That’s the fact of it.

          • aceboy says:

            Uneducated much?

            The PLP provided a guarantee and were paid a fee to do so. That guarantee was never called upon.

  10. Mr&Mrs Nojobs says:

    Thank the Lord that David Burt and PLP are not in as Government. If they were this Island would be in even more dyer strates. They are the ones that got Bermuda in this condition by scaring the Exempt Companies and Expats away by having term limits and making it difficult to do bussiness in Bermuda. They have instilled in their followers to not like anyone who doesn’t look like them and to make expats feel unwelcome on our beautiful island.

  11. Family Man says:

    “… the PLP’s plan to open up the local legal industry to allow international law firms on island…”

    So the PLP now wants to lay Bermuda wide open to foreign competition? I thought they were against foreign competition in Bermuda? Or was that last week?

    “… the PLP’s plan to create the Bermuda Fund to use a small portion of our Public and Private Sector Pension Funds to invest in companies that bring jobs to our shores…”

    Hold on there. You propose that I have to invest my pension funds in a “Bermuda Fund” who will buy shares in a company on the sole basis that they move to Bermuda? Seriously? You can invest your own money based on whatever bizarre investment theories you like but do NOT force me to invest my pension money on this basis.

    • Truth(Original) says:

      That guy is crazy and bereft of ideas.

    • Sickofantz says:

      Exactly. Investing pensions this way would be irresponsible and illegal!

    • Onion says:

      My guess is that would work out just as well as their plan to sell the Cement Company to “the people”.

  12. Sky Pilot says:

    Is anyone listening to this muppett

  13. stunned... says:

    really – run out of ideas? who has time to be creative when the government is fighting fires, trying to right a listing ship, trying to impress on fellow Bermudians the gravity of our financial predicament while simultaneously reaching out to overseas entities to create job opportunities to better the Bermudian economy. did the plp do any better? i thought not.

  14. fedup says:

    The only ideas the PLP had were to put Bermuda into debt. Are these people for real? Arrogant hypocrites of the worst kind.

  15. Unbelievable says:

    Run out of ideas?

    Ariel Sands, America’s Cup (ok not their idea but they got it), Pink Beach, Morgan’s Point, St. George’s hotel, airport development, etc.

    You mean to tell me the whole time the PLP were in Govt, you never heard those ideas come from other people? Like you thought of them first? Oh please.

    • umok says:

      Ariel Sands, America’s Cup (ok not their idea but they got it), Pink Beach, Morgan’s Point, St. George’s hotel, airport development, etc.

      Those weren’t OBA ideas!!! Stop giving credit where credit isn’t due.

      • Ignorance is Bliss says:

        OMG are you for real? Paleease stop with your hot air. The PLP woulda coulda shoulda but DIDN’TNA did they. The ONLY thing they actually were able to accomplish was bankrupt all our children’s futures! SMFH

        • umok says:

          Hot air? You’re the one getting upset especially with your Internet slang (SMFH). I simply pointed out that you were WRONG with your statement.

          Furthermore, The OBA borrowed $800m their first year and will borrow again before the next election. They will probably borrow the same amount before our credit rating drops again to take advantage of lower interest rates. The debt has increased during the PLP and OBA and will continue to increase.

      • Unbelievable says:

        The point is that these things are happening. None of this was happening under the PLP.

        • umok says:

          Point is they WERE NOT OBA ideas!! That’s a huge fabrication. I thought OBA supporters were smarter than that.

          Just because businesses get things going when a government party is elected doesn’t mean it has anything to do with the elected party.

          • Edmund Wells says:

            With respect, Umok, I think you’re fooling yourself. Even if some of those ideas were raised while the PLP was in power.

            For example, Michael Douglas has been on the Island for years. Do you really think the timing of his commitment to redevelop Ariel Sands was independent of which party was in power?

            Or the Green family’s commitment to the Hamilton Princess?

            Or the new investment in Coral Beach Club?

            Be honest with yourself. A Government perceived as anti-foreigner and anti-business is going to have a chilling effect on investment decisions.

            Those investment decisions will wait for a more favorable Government.


            • umok says:

              1998-2008 Bermuda had its highest GDP and highest GDP per capita during the first two terms of the PLP government.

              The government doesn’t control markets. Framework and policy is no guarantee of anything. Stop trying to make up credit for government.

              • Edmund Wells says:


                True, framework and policy don’t guarantee anything. But they can certainly prevent things from happening.

                Like investment.

                Stop trying to pretend that the PLP Government was not itself an impediment to investment.


          • hmmm says:

            Reread what you wrote umok, I think you’ll figure out where you went wrong.

            Governments don’t invent industries and jobs, they provide the legal framework and encourage investment into a country. Investors appear to be much more confident now, as you point out yourself.

            You are effectively congratulating the OBA for what the PLP failed to do when it was needed.

          • Trulytruly says:

            If you read Michael Douglas comments regarding what made him move forward now as opposed to before you would be proven wrong. The sitting govt has created confidence to attract investment / development that was simply not there prior to 2012.

          • Unbelievable says:

            Uh yes it does in this case. The business community feels more confident with the OBA in Govt. That is clear purely based on the number of companies registered and announced just today. Add to that the number of hotel developments happening too.

            That confidence drops when the Opposition party and the Unions get their back up.

            • umok says:

              “The business community FEELS more confident with the OBA in Govt”.

              So it isn’t about logic its about how someone feels?? That’s what is entirely wrong with the society in Bermuda. I wonder how the business community would feel if the PLP wasn’t majority black.

              “That confidence drops when the Opposition party and the Unions get their back up”.

              Because the unions marches are majority black people…. right??

              I understand exactly how you think… It’s a damn shame.

              • Edmund Wells says:


                And I understand exactly how you think, too.

                You believe that any criticism of the Opposition or the Unions is only because a majority of the PLP and the Unions are black. So it can’t be valid criticism, it’s just racism.

                Do I have that right, Umok?

                I’m very sorry for you. I’m even more sorry that there are others in Bermuda that think as you do.

                I agree- it is a shame.


                PS- Just as an example, try, for a second, to put yourself in the position of an investor looking to invest in Bermuda, and seeing the Butterfield cement plant seizure. Independent of race, would you be eager to invest your money where the Government seems willing to confiscate private property? Or would you wait?

                Business involves making judgements. Those judgements are based in perception. And those perceptions are formed by seeing and interpreting actions. Not, for responsible businesses, on race.

      • Jus' Wonderin' says:

        Certainly wasn’t the PLP’s idea for the America’s Cup lmfao…get outta here with that bull****!

  16. BURT says:

    Hey MP Burt,

    I never agree with you but I will add to your comment as follows “THE OBA HAVE ALSO USED UP OUR MONEY AND GONNA BORROW ANOTHER $800,000,000″ which they claim is for govt expensiture bit we already know will go to Point Shares and Tuckers Town Friends and Family ahead of their Election defeat in 2017

  17. Joonya says:

    No they just have ignorant labour organztions knocking them backwards for every idea.

  18. Tank Rain says:

    I have an idea. Stop sabotaging the elected by the people Gov’t and try to work together, maybe accomplish something instead of making Bermuda look like a clown car.

    It’s not a ball game, you don’t always have to ‘win’

  19. SpinCycle says:

    When will the PLP learn to stop exposing their own short comings by trying to blame others for their own failings!

  20. islandguy says:

    Well the truth of the matter is, well the truth of the matter is,well the truth of the matter is,well the truth of the matter is,well the truth of the matter is. And so on..
    As ive once stated you guys need to firstly accept your past mistakes! Admit to them them and move on. The stuff your talking now sounds like, oh weve been quite for a while let me say something so our suppoters know where still here. You guys need to rebrand just as the UBP done.
    I dont support party politics as i ALWAYS state, but this govt is trying things to get us out of some sort of debt.Try working with them,easiers always better then hard..So i thought!!!

  21. swing voter says:

    ya’know its getting A bit tiresome…..LOUD STRONG AND WRONG!

  22. Reality Check says:

    David Burt must have some kind of hearing deficit . The rest of us can identify immediately how ridiculous he sounds , so I will give him the benefit of the doubt about his intelligence and assume he simply can’t hear himself .

  23. He really thinks he has this all worked out. says:

    ANd this is coming from the junior finance minister at the time paula cox was in charge of the ministry. HMMM! HOw useless you were then when the money was dwindling away. As a man of integrity as you have claimed before. I would have thought you would have said something about not being no change in the purse to cover the debt your party racked up. ANd to think if the PLP got back in, you out of all people to run this portfolio. I might vote you back in, just to see the fear in your face as you deal with the public debt.

  24. Unbelievable says:

    I’m an OBA supporter but I don’t see any other way how the oBA can deal with this PLP created economic mess than to lay off Govt workers. All I can say to those folks who may fear getting laid off is to prepare and start learning a new trade. Now.

    Having that, I don’t believe the OBA will survive the next election. I believe the PLP will rump to victory. So with that in mind, and by no means can I see into the future, but who Earth even believes the PLP will just hire back any of those laid off workers if they win back the Govt? Who in their right mind even believes that?
    They won’t because any BDA Govt has their hands tied behind their backs because the banks control it all anyway. That’s why I say to those union protestors – go yell at the PLP. You put them in power and now you want to yell at someone who is trying to fix this mess?

    Oh please.

  25. Need Peace says:

    @Liar Liar – You’re acting like you know everything! This is not your plan so just say you don’t have all of the information! The OBA have never had a plan. The plans they do come up with are so contentious and serve to cause divide in the community. I don’t have any party affiliate, I am for any government that is a good one. For those that constantly play the blame game and not offer solutions are probably the same ones that didn’t march against the PLP. In my opinion, you all are to blame as well! The OBA are not right in all that they’re doing and we have to call them out on the bad policies. If you love Bermuda, let’s stop wasting time and energy blaming, cause everybody in Bermuda knows what happen during the PLP’s term. Use your time helping to solve our issues that are not going away and prove this time around that you can be part of the solution. To Mr. Burt, if you have done your research on these initiatives and believe in them, stick to your guns! At this stage, the OBA are not accepting revenue building iniatives. Don’t know why but we do need new ideas. Let’s move forward together folks to achieve a better Bermuda!

  26. Unbelievable says:

    I’m an OBA supporter but I don’t see any other way how the oBA can deal with this PLP created economic mess than to lay off Govt workers. All I can say to those folks who may fear getting laid off is to prepare and start learning a new trade. Now.

    Having that, I don’t believe the OBA will survive the next election. I believe the PLP will rump to victory. So with that in mind, and by no means can I see into the future, but who Earth even believes the PLP will just hire back any of those laid off workers if they win back the Govt? Who in their right mind even believes that?
    They won’t because any BDA Govt has their hands tied behind their backs because the banks control it all anyway. That’s why I say to those union protestors – go yell at the PLP. You put them in power and now you want to yell at someone who is trying to fix this mess?

    Oh please.

    • BETTTYTRUMP says:

      @UNBELIEVEADLE Thanks for your frank Opinion and honesty,which many OBAERS often lack.

      Where is the OBA ECONOMIC PLAN? INTO Their 3rd as GOVT and still no plan.

      The debt has double by 59%, overspending in travel and Capital projects and increase in CS by the OBA must be questioned….. Why are we now burrowing in less than 3 years?

      NO Economic recovery plan….only game of attack, is to play the Blame Game….but this strategy is failing to help them rebuild our economy.

      Maybe the downfall of the OBA was spenting too must time focusing on how they can blame the PLP, instead of looking for Real Solutions.

      Yes it does look like the advice from MP Burt is timely…but my OBAERS will reject it merely just because they too are more focus on playing the blame game as advised by their political strategist, rather than the serious approach of “Solution Based Problem Solving”…..sad but true. .the many comments reflect such

      BERMUDA is faced with a serious problem…it is us who must change the narrative and work as one to find solutions instead of use language that continues to divide us. When will the OBA get it….come together people….come together.….

  27. Jus' Askin' says:

    OBA had NO Plan ;-)

    • Ignorance is Bliss says:

      Yes I believe it was to start fixing the monumental mess they inherited. Remember when the good Colonel Burch said “Budgets, we didn’t have budgets, we knew what had to be spent and just spent it.” Well NOW that was plan that worked out will didn’t it?????

      • Jus' Askin' says:

        They HAD NO PLAN in the beginning and Still DO NOT two years later :-D
        No one expects things to be done over night but at least present an idea or a plan to generate revenue would be nice ;-)

        • Creamy says:

          What the PLP doesn’t like is that the OBA will stick to its plan. No more running $400m over budget every year.

          • Jus' Askin' says:

            A plan not to go over budget does not generate more revenue ;-)

  28. fedup says:

    The PLP had a mandate to destroy Bermuda, they succeeded.

    • MAKE MY DAY says:

      OH….Brown & Co. certainly did just that….And then some!!!

  29. Unbelievable says:

    Like there are so many unemployed sea bed mining engineers in Bermuda. Oh please.

  30. Truedat says:


  31. Sickofantz says:

    I do support he alternative energy idea.

    But the idea to open up for international law firms seems totally against PLP strategy.
    But also international law firms have to be near their clients!

  32. Redman says:

    MP David Burt: “They Have Run Out Of Ideas”

    Redman to Mr. Burt, you and the PLP have no ideas! Certainly no ideas that will help Bermuda.

    The only reason Bermuda prospered when the PLP had the reigns in their first few years was because the economy was already growing leaps and bounds despite them and not because they had been elected to Govern.

    That and Mr. Cox had the good sense to run the finances much as his predecessors had done, tweaking here or there. It wasn’t until the PLP started to put their dumb ideas into practice that the ‘Miracle of the Atlantic’ started to sink.

    Things are improving albeit slowly but they are improving. I shudder to think how things would go if the PLP get the reigns again anytime soon.

  33. ….Surely you jest. says:

    I am willing to bet that in this budget Bob injects a reality check and disappoints you all with the news that after two years in charge he has found out that the “PLP did it” defence actually isn’t true. Hope you all have your straitjackets at the ready because its coming.

  34. ABC says:

    mr burt its gettin old m8 honeslty ¿

  35. B 4 Real says:

    All this dissent does not help the very real lives of Bermudians living on these tiny islands. If you are foreigners or residents who will not support justice for the people, do no harm and stop making biased or prejudiced comments. If you are or were paid to make hate filled comments, please stop.

  36. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    Tax and spend is unproductive.
    No body across the pond cares.
    We can not turn back the clock.
    Living the past is not an option.
    The blame game does not solve the problem.
    Admit the shortcomings and move on.
    Additional Taxation always gets passed on.
    Government Incentives, will increase business,which will increase revenue.

    Where is the red carpet you promised us ?

  37. Coffee says:

    Now if only Bob Richards would remove his head from under the hood and remove the hood then just maybe he could see his way forward . However the hood is demanding that all government employees must accept a huge pay cut in order for the hood to prosper .

  38. Bermy Bud says:

    Why read it Burt in the PLoP have been sayin de same s&^! for the last 2 years! Where is the the PLAN Burt? Oh ya i forgot just ideas! SMFH

  39. Kim Smith says:

    I wonder how most of the PLP politicians sleep at night considering what they bring to the table, often nothing more than criticism and unconstructive comments.

  40. ridiculous says:

    Use MY pension fund of 35 years to gamble on entrepreneur business! No no no. Stupid ideas like that is why I would never vote plp!

  41. Dreadlocks says:

    Oh my gosh, the PLP sold our children’s futures to foreigners!

    • BETTTYTRUMP says:

      Wrong….put Debt level has increased by 50% in 2 short years under the OBAUBP leadership and after this year it will likely be at 75%….
      ……AC will also put us in a bigger hole it if fails to reap the harvests ….wake up….we need a Recovery Plan. …ideas….solutions. ….stop with the Blame Game….

  42. MAKE MY DAY says:

    Well at least they have NOT spent $2 BILLION+ like the PLP did!! In essence – the Island is bankrupt and it is going to take half-a-lifetime to even coming close to dealing with this mess!!!

  43. Just be still you myschievous * ….they have plethora of ideas….you just aren’t in the loop…

  44. Jackie Chan says:

    This whole idea of diversification is nothing but a talking point. Tourism and International Business were not invented by the Government either. Governments job in this regard is to create an environment that encourages entrepreneurs to bring business to our shores. This is done through legislation and showcasing Bermuda – The previous administration was not welcoming to new business, and I commend the current administration for the work they are doing to get the message out that Bermuda is Open for business.