Bus Cancellations For Friday, March 20th

March 19, 2015

The cancellation of bus runs continue, with the Department of Public Transportation providing the list of bus service cancellations for tomorrow, Friday, March 20th, with four regular bus runs cancelled and three school runs cancelled.

The list, as provided by the Department of Public Transportation, is below:


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  1. Family Man says:

    Which one is the Happy Hour run?

  2. Dangel says:

    Why the school cancellations????

  3. unus sed leo says:

    School cancellations, wow, maybe they will appretiate its ‘return then….

  4. Longtaill says:

    Really… You guys chose to cancel 4 number 8s…. Really ptb please remove thy head from ***

  5. Skink says:

    Back in the day we would’ve called uncle fred to come in and drive the bus