Football Videos: Bermuda Defeat Bahamas 5-0

March 25, 2015

[Updated with videos] Bermuda made an impressive start to their World Cup campaign with a 5-0 win over the Bahamas this evening [Mar 25], with goals from Dante Leverock, Nahki Wells, Zeiko Lewis and two from Justin Donawa.

Dante Leverock opened the scoring for Bermuda in the first few minutes, and then Nahki Wells converted a penalty in the 14th minute after Zeiko Lewis was brought down. Lewis then stepped up and scored a goal in the 29th minute to take Bermuda’s lead to 3-0.

Bahamas then went down to 10 men after Happy Hall received a red card, and Bermuda went into the half time break with a 3-0 lead. Bermuda then continued their dominance in the second half, with Justin Donawa firing in a goal in the 57th minute, and following that up with his second in the 70th minute to put Bermuda up 5-0.

Highlight video, courtesy of Bahamas’ 10th Year Seniors, showing all of Bermuda’s 5 goals

48 minute video showing the entire 1st half, also courtesy of Bahamas’ 10th Year Seniors

47 minute video showing the entire 2nd half, also courtesy of Bahamas’ 10th Year Seniors

[Original story/updates] Bermuda’s national football team begin their 2018 Russia World Cup campaign with a match against the Bahamas in Nassau this evening [Mar 25], and the BFA announced the starting line-up as Hall, Wells, Harvey, Bather, Burgess, Leverock, Lewis, Ming, Bascome, Simmons and Donawa.

The Referee is Armando Villarreal, Asst Referee 1 is Corey Rockwell, Asst Referee 2 is Peter Manikowski and the Fourth Official is Edvin Jurisevic, with all four officials from the United States.

Following this evening’s game, the players will head to Bermuda, where Bermuda will take on the Bahamas at 3.00pm on Sunday [March 29] at the National Sports Center. Tickets for that match are available online at, or in person from Freisenbruch Meyer and the BFA Office.

The Bermuda national team includes Nahki Wells, Freddy Hall, Dale Eve, Jarreau Hayward, Tyrell Burgess, Jaylen Harvey, Dante’ Leverock, Jaylon Bather, Keshien Bean, Drewondae Bascome, Cecoy Robinson, Mauriq, Tre Ming, Marco Warren, Zeiko Lewis, Jahnai Raynor, Reggie Lambe, Justin Donawa, Rai Simons and Jonte Smith; while the Standby Players are Antwan Russell, Donte Brangman, Lejaun Simmons, Taurean Manders, Casey Castle, Stefan Dill, Terrance Webb and William White; and the coach is Andrew Bascome.

The match is set to get underway at 8.30pm Bermuda time, and we will update as able.

Update 8.36pm: [From BFA] A big start from Bermuda! Dante Leverock scores in the 5th minute, Bermuda take the 1-0 lead!!!

Update 8.44pm: Bermuda take the 2-0 lead, with Nahki Wells converting the penalty! Zeiko Lewis was brought down, and Wells converted the penalty in the 14th minute.

Update 8.47pm: [From BFA] Nahki Wells being marked by multiple defenders. Tackled hard. Free kick by Drewondae Bascome, over bar. Good set piece by Bermuda, Zeiko Lewis goes close to scoring.

Update 8.54pm: Another goal! Zeiko Lewis makes it 3-0 to Bermuda in the 30th minute!

Update 8.57pm: To summarise goals thus far: Dante Leverock in 5th minute, Nahki Wells in 14th minute [penalty], and Zeiko Lewis in 30th minute.

Update 9.07pm: The first half is about to end, Bahamas is now down to 10 men, with Bahamas’ Happy Hall receiving a red card!

Update 9.13pm: The first half has ended, with Bermuda holding a 3-0 lead.

Update 9.31pm: The second half is underway.

Update 9.41pm: And Bermuda makes it 4-0! Justin Donawa scores the 4th goal in the 57th minute!

Update 9.48pm: Bahamas has made 2 substitutions, and has had one player sent off after receiving a red card and also has two players with yellow cards.

Update 9.54pm: Justin Donawa scores again! Makes it 5-0 to Bermuda! The match ends 5-0.

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  1. Sad says:

    Wellsy with the winner!

  2. inforeign says:

    Does anyone know of a link to stream the game?

  3. biggadon says:

    lets go bermy gimme 2 more!

  4. Coffee says:

    Repeat , repeat , repeat !

  5. Burn the bridge I can swim says:

    Keep it up boys!!

  6. Rick Olson says:

    WOW !!!! Party at National Stadium this Sunday 3pm

    • Berner says:

      Jesus, what will we do to them at home?

      Still Guatemala in the next round will be very tough, ranked way above us and playing a friendly against Uruguay soon.

      • Berner says:

        Why would you dislike that? Just stating they are a really good side. They are above Mexico in the Central American Champs and are ranked 82nd in the world, that’s almost 100 places above us. I would love us to beat them, as I’m sure you would, but why the dislike?

        As the adidas ad says, there will always be haters…

        Go Bermuda!

        • Chappy says:

          Yes all be it they might be way above us but that’s only because we don’t play many games! Most teams ranked way above us only because they play many more games ! It’s not a clear indication of talent !

          • berner says:

            Listen, I hope you are right, but they have an amazing record. Can you imagine us playing Uruguay? They have this fella that bites people, but is quite good…!

          • hmmm says:

            Andrew and his team have been working hard for some time.
            the players are working hard and growing from it.

            Credit where credit is due.

          • Sam says:

            And why don’t we play many games?

            Maybe because the BFA prefers business trips to pay homage to that Sepp Blatter.

            Actually BFA sort out your internal junior fixtures (which are a calamity) and the senior side too.

            MASSIVE vote of no confidence. I’m glad the budget has been chopped.

          • widgie says:

            Er, why no games?

            Ask the BFA??

            They can’t even update their website.

            • Varied says:

              BFA doesn’t have the funds to send the national team abroad for matches often, hence they’re reduced to tournament play only, which is sad. There was euphoria after the last WC campaign.

              • Upon Fairchild says:

                But they have funds to organise fixtures.

              • Steven Gerrard says:

                They seem to mange to attend most world football conferences.

                Different priorities needed maybe?

                • I McHunt says:

                  I think you will find that when the BFA attend world conferences that the cost is paid by fifa. Well done Drew and the team. Another good performance on Sunday and who knows what can happen in the next round. With confidence winning can become a habit although the atmosphere in Guatemala will be something the Bermuda team will have to deal with quickly!

            • Upon Fairchild says:

              Agree 100% My 10 year old son plays maybe every 3rd week because the BFA is hopeless at sorting fixtures out, and those we do get are just a few days before the game itself. It isn’t a well run organisation.

            • Mockingjay says:

              We would’ve BEEN a world cup name if the Government of the day would’ve shown National Pride when we were beating Mexico, El Salvador, U.S.A, and those teams 30 years ago.
              We had the money then but for some reason (I can go into detail but I don’t feel like hearing about the RACE card) the money didn’t benefit our progress. Bermuda has and will always have raw natural talent, its just after their teenage years we cant compete with the International players, and after the Miami 7 fiasco B.F.A scrapped the whole program (which I think was STUPID) and we are just catching ourselves.
              But there is HOPE and I wish them the best, the more we get our guys to excel and get recognized so the majority of them get picked to play professional football, then the better we will be.

              • C James says:

                Can PRCs play football for us Mockingay?

                • Mockingjay says:

                  Don’t get me wrong I’m not against PRC’s just the ones who come here and try to under mind Bermudians because of the Historical Ideology of undeserved privilege.
                  Some of my Heroes, Dr. E. F. Gordon was from Trinidad and Rev. Charles Vinton Monk from Philadelphia who played instrumental roles in helping to shape the social fiber that we can enjoy today.
                  So its just like these same men being mentioned in another segment of society would be considered as tyrants and trouble makers.

              • Creamy says:

                Delusional, as always.

                • PBanks says:

                  Which parts are wrong in this case?
                  Bermuda has had talented young footballers in the past.
                  And yes, the Miami 7 was a low point in our football history.
                  And yes, we don’t have access to as many opportunities that our larger regional rivals do at times.
                  And yes, we can hope our young players excel and catch the eyes of any college or pro outfit that may want to give them a shot at something.

          • realist says:

            Dnt be so touchy…Berner has simply stated a fact with regards to the difference in rank. Yes, they may play more games and the rankings aren’t clear indications of talent but facts are facts..they’re almost 100 places above us so it says a lot about their team which includes their players, coaching staff, their country, their structure, their support, their resources, etc. If we’re going to take the next step it requires a significant amount of energy and effort which needs to come from all sectors of our community. Let’s hope that we see some improvemeent and progress from where we left off a few years ago. And having been involved at the national level myself, albeit as part of our women’s team, we’ve never lacked talent as a national team. It’s always come down to the other important things needed in order to be successful in team sports i.e. discipline, sacrifice, fitness, cohesion, etc. Again, let’s hope we see improvement in these areas of the game. Let’s go Bermy!

            • Jonah says:

              Guatemala will be very hard to defeat This is made considerably more difficult because our Executive seemingly have no idea of what it takes to prepare a team for this level of competition. 3 months in training with players coming from all areas of the US and the UK and 2 warm up matches is pure and utter nonsense. They have asked Andrew to do a difficult job with blind folds on. What a massive shame!!

              This current senior team is loaded with immense talent. It is a shame that they are not being fully supported by the very people that they keep in business,i.e the Executive.

  7. hmmm says:

    GO Bermuda GOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  8. Redman says:

    Attack, Attack, Attack Attack Attack!!!

  9. Jr Smith says:

    Hey BFA can we get live radio commentary for sunday’s game?

    • Dave Mackay says:

      You could just go to the game.

      • Jr Smith says:

        some folks can’t make it to the stadium, besides after tonights performance Im sure the next game will be packed. Cup match, county cups, dinghy race, have live radio coverage. Thanks Bernews for the live updates…..

      • Some folks work or are sick.Have a heart

        • Upon Fairchild says:

          And some folks are lazy, in fact lots of folks are lazy.

          Never mind have a heart, have some enthusiasm, get up off your backside and go to the damn game.

  10. Bermy says:

    Well done fellas

  11. Jr Smith says:

    they can’t stop scoring….Well done you bies…. congrats coach….

  12. Artsy Onion says:


  13. Ameboa says:

    Our current Bda National Football team will go far this time. The make up of the team is evenly balanced with most of the players in the UK and USA playing professionally and of course our locally based players who round up the core of this talented players. Keep playing and gelling, overseas offers to play in other leagues will open up for our locally based players. Govt sort out your “ish” business, cause it looks like our team means business. Thank the families, coaches and fans of our players who need the encouragement as we progress. Keep The End In View :D

    • Upon Fairchild says:

      They will go to the next round. Guatemala have beaten Paraguay, Bolivia, drawn with the USA and played Argentina in the last 2 years. This is way above our level. Aside from Wells, we are basically a team of amateurs.

      • Jonah says:

        Yes we are, bu,many are very, very good amateurs, playing at top Universities in the US.

        Team sport will always be difficult for a country of our size, however when one compares apples to apples, many of our football players are simply the best athletes in this country.

    • Jonah says:

      I suspect that they will come up short versus Guatemala for reasons previously stated and that’s not hating. Having said that, they are the most talented group of players that we have assembled in a very long time and need to be fully supported by the BFA Executive.

      Given their average age, it would be very smart to keep them involved beyond this campaign – we should set our sights on the Gold Cup and the Olympics.

  14. D says:

    jump bermuda

  15. Dr. the Hon. Ewart F. Brown says:

    Well done Bermuda! we understand that we are just beginning our climb out of the basement of international football, but the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step! Congratulations to Coach Bascome, his assistants, the players and the BFA!

    • Raymond Ray says:

      “The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step!”
      I also believe that Dr. Ewart F. Brown, one of the few things we can see eye to eye on :-) It was too bad that your round of golf couldn’t of been as impressive down at the “xclusive” Mid Ocean Golf Course earlier this week :-(

  16. John Nutt says:

    Soccer highlights can be found on our youtube page. direct link here full game will be up in the morning.

  17. The Truth and Nothing but the Truth !! says:

    Way to go Bda.! Let us all enjoy the moment.

  18. wow says:

    I wonder if we will make it back into fifa. I think Bahamsa was in fifa

    • TonyC says:

      Ummmmmm, Bermuda is in FIFA.

      • PBanks says:

        ‘wow’ probably means the video game EA Sports FIFA Football/Soccer. Haven’t played it in a while so don’t know which international sides are and aren’t in it.

  19. Islandgirl says: