Tickets Sold Out For Bermuda vs Bahamas

March 28, 2015

[Updated] The Bermuda Football Association issued an advisory ahead of Sunday’s [Mar 29] game against the Bahamas, saying that parking at National Sports Centre is sold out and there will be additional parking available at The Arboretum, also adding that no tickets will be sold at the gate.

The game will get underway at 3.00pm, and Bermuda’s national team includes Nahki Wells, Freddy Hall, Dale Eve, Jarreau Hayward, Tyrell Burgess, Jaylen Harvey, Dante’ Leverock, Jaylon Bather, Keshien Bean, Drewondae Bascome, Cecoy Robinson, Mauriq Hill, Tre Ming, Marco Warren, Zeiko Lewis, Jahnai Raynor, Reggie Lambe, Justin Donawa, Rai Simons and Jonte Smith.

The Standby Players are Antwan Russell, Donte Brangman, Lejaun Simmons, Taurean Manders, Casey Castle, Stefan Dill, Terrance Webb and William White; and the coach is Andrew Bascome.

The Bermuda football team at the airport on Thurs, returning from their 5-0 victory in the Bahamas

Bermuda Football Team at Airport, March 26 2015-1

A spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Football Association [BFA] would like to make the public aware of a few items, in preparation for the March 29th 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia qualifier, against The Bahamas.

“Please be aware that:

  • Parking at National Sports Centre is sold out.
  • There will be additional parking available at The Arboretum, from 12 noon.
  • We encourage those who are able to car pool to do so.
  • No tickets will be sold at gate.
  • Gates will be open from 1:00pm.

“We ask that the public arrive as early as possible, to ensure that everyone is able to enter stadium before 3:00pm kick-off,” the BFA added.

“We encourage all Bermudians, and fans of Bermuda football, to bring their singing voices, noise-makers, flags, and Bermuda jerseys, as we help carry our team through to the next round.”

Update 10.29pm: The BFA said the game is very close to being sold out at this time, and the remaining tickets can be purchased from

Update Mar 29, 10.45am: The BFA has just confirmed that today’s game is sold out, with locals set to fill the stadium to support our team.

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Comments (35)

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  1. D says:

    no tickets at the gate!

    • Raymond Ray says:

      Is that correct, “no tickets will be available at the gate”? If so, then where…when how do we purchase any tickets?

    • Danny Blanchflower says:

      It’s a FIFA directive. I mean you’ve had weeks, and the tie is 5-0 – all but over. You haven’t just decided it would be a good idea to go.

      • Raymond Ray says:

        @Danny Blanchflower/others: Granted, it’s a FIFA match but, not everyone has the “opportunity” to buy tickets well in advance for the game…And if you must to know, them that did want to accompany my wife and I are visitors to the Island.

        • Hurricane says:

          @Ray Ray, I can’t believe you actually responded to that ridiculous comment.

    • mockingjay says:

      Um, ya gotta pay to park!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Drink Water says:

      That’s what I was thinking. Unless the stadium is sold out why wouldn’t there be tickets sold at the gate! You have to have people at the gate to validate tickets, so why not have one person there selling tickets. I wanted to go but had to work days all week and couldn’t get a ticket. I expected to pay a bit more at the gate for a late ticket, but to not sell them if they are not sold is unfortunate!

  2. UmJustSaying says:

    ??? Will our juniors be on stage before the Main Event???

  3. Jr Smith says:

    so no live radio broadcasting or live web chat of the game? hope bernews will have something up…

  4. proud says:

    so proud keep up the good work young men and Bermuda please support your own !!!

  5. Are you kidding me? says:

    Looking good you guys ,wishing you all well…..

  6. Jus Wonderin' says:

    Why no tickets at the gate?!

  7. lightbulb!!!!! says:

    Here’s an idea, next time please do not wait until saturday afternoon to let me know that tickets will not be sold at the gate!!

  8. Your joking says:

    Should have someone streaming the game then…..maybe in 22nd century? ?

  9. D says:

    if u sold tickets at the gate u would have been earning more money come on think

  10. Observer says:

    If seats are avaialble tickets should be avaialble…this is Bermudathe weather could change in a minutes notice thats why ppl wait to buy tickets. Even at professional games u could buy tickets on the day if any are left, why the hell bermuda thinks they always got to be different.

    • Redman says:

      @ Observer,

      Yup weather could change from sunny to rainy or vise versa… and your point is?? In many places it may be snowing, frost or heavy rain, guess what the people dress appropriately & still go to the events. If people here don’t want to purchase tickets in advance because the weather may not be to their liking on the day then they will most likely miss out. Simple really.

      I agree that if there are unsold seats/tickets then these could/should be sold on the day but clearly the BFA had x amount of tickets/seats & they sold out, end of story.

  11. Observer says:

    I would assume its fifa rules be ause i dont see the logic of why not

  12. Really?? says:

    You people always have something to complain about. The decision not to sell tickets at the gate is a FIFA rule not a choice by the BFA. So, no, Bermuda are not doing anything different. They are abiding by the rules set by the world governing body of football. It was the same thing the last time Bermuda was involved in World Cup qualifiers. If you waitied til the last minute to buy tickets then that is too bad for you. Most of you complainers probably weren’t going to the game anyway, just wanted something negative to say.

  13. KT says:

    Thank you Really??. This is NOT a local football game nor is it a English football game! It is a World Cup qualifying football match. Which means EVERYTHING that the BFA does, follows FIFA’s rules. I bet you if Bermuda hadn’t won in Bahamas, most people wouldn’t have even bothered to come out and support this team! So if you decided to wait until the last minute to purchace a ticket, blame yourself not the BFA! As for the parking fee, Where else in the world do you NOT pay for parking to attend a sporting event! SMH…

  14. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Well put KT. Blame yourself instead of pointing fingers!

  15. Pequot 1609 says:

    Are people sure that not selling gate tickets is a FIFA directive or is it what the BFA have chosen to do to avoid the hassle of staffing ticket booths? To my knowledge game day tickets have always been available previously. Also as was stated if this was the case there should have been notification that tickets would not be on sale at the gate prior to this latest announcement.

    • clearasmud says:

      @Pequot you make a good point. I dont see how having a stadium not full would be in FIFA’s best interest. It might just have to do with thrird party vendors selling the tickets but if indeed it is a FIFA mandate then it would be helful to the public if the BFA makes a formal statement indicating this.

  16. widgie says:

    I went to the game and the atmosphere was great, but there were huge amounts of empty seats in the Bleachers. Not just odd seats, but 3 whole sections of maybe 200 seats each one. What was going on with that?

    • Redman says:

      @ widgie,

      Yup I saw that too. If the BFA are gonna abide by FIFA directives then they need to ensure that all fans are seated! Failing that it looks like the stadium could have held more people.

  17. Mike says:

    The BFA must not like money. They lost out on about $18,000(estimated 600 empty seats at $30 a pop). I was going to go and a few of my friends also but since it was “sold out” we couldn’t go. It looked like it wasn’t sold out after all.