Santucci: Encouraging Responsible Alcohol Use

April 7, 2015

CADA Chairman Anthony Santucci has pledged his support for April’s Alcohol Awareness Month, saying, “the abuse of alcohol has become widespread in our country and it is good to see that we are moving together as a people to lessen this abuse.”

Mr. Santucci said, “As Bermudians join forces with the international community in marking April as Alcohol Awareness Month, I wish to put on record my support for this initiative. The abuse of alcohol has become widespread in our country and it is good to see that we are moving together as a people to lessen this abuse.

“Let me congratulate CADA for taking the lead in this effort and for the success gained so far. All Bermudians should join CADA in helping to encourage responsible alcohol behaviour.

“Alcohol Awareness Month was launched in Bermuda on Wednesday April 1 with the full support of all stakeholders. It is important that we minimize the use of alcohol in an effort to reduce traffic accidents, fatal or otherwise.

“Let Alcohol Awareness Month 2015 be the turning point in ultimately reducing the abuse of alcohol and its connection to traffic accidents.”

Launch of the 2015 Alcohol Awareness Month:

“I encourage all of us to use this Alcohol Awareness Month to learn about alcohol and the health and social problems caused by drinking too much,” added Mr. Santucci.

“If you suspect that you are drinking too much, take the time to evaluate your own drinking habits and seek to understand how excessive drinking can affect your health.

“Play your part in helping to make Alcohol Awareness Month 2015 the success it deserves to be.”

CADA previously held a press conference to kick off Alcohol Awareness Month 2015, where Premier Michael Dunkley said, “Locally, data from the Government Forensic Laboratory confirms that during the period 2009 to 2014, alcohol or drugs were present in 75% of all road fatalities. This number is alarming.

“As a community we all know someone who is drinking too much alcohol, let this month April be a time when particular attention is paid to addressing this major problem,” the Premier added.

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  1. C James says:

    Drunk driving is still considered almost a ‘sport’ in Bermuda whereas other places it is universally considered as irresponsible.

    Until this trend changes – nothing else will.

    Of course another reliable way to get somewhere would be a good thing too. Taxis are completely 100% unreliable and useless, and buses are frequently cancelled due to ‘sickness’.

    There’s always walking I suppose. Any other suggestions?