Town Hall Meeting On Underage Drinking

November 2, 2016

CADA and the Bermuda Coalition, a group of organizations and concerned citizens, will hold a Town Hall Meeting on Thursday, November 3 to discuss and raise community awareness on the issue of underage drinking and its consequences and “empower the community to address the issue and consider viable solutions.”

A spokesperson said, “Bermuda will join hundreds of communities worldwide in a move to alert the community to new research on the risks of underage drinking and empower the community to take action to stop it.

“The average age our children are beginning to drink alcohol is 7-years-old; alcohol is the most accessible drug to our children; and children say they most likely drink at home [source: Department for National Drug Control, 2015].

“An expert panel of representatives from The Department of Health, The Department for National Drug Control, The Bermuda Police Service, the EMTs of King Edward Memorial Hospital will support this event.

“Guest panelists include Mr. David Kendall, Director of the Department of Health; Mrs. Kimwana Eve, The Department of National Drug Control; Mr. Walter R.G. Brangman, Chief EMT-I the Bermuda Hospital Board; Mark Clarke, Detective Inspector of the Bermuda Police Services; and Facilitator Mrs. Angela Joell, of the Argus Group.

“Parents, teachers, officials, youth and community members will be educated on the impact that underage drinking has on the community and discuss possible ways to address this issue.

“Underage drinking is an important community concern. New data show that 52 percent of Bermuda’s M2 – S4 youth ages 12 to 18 have used alcohol illegally. Community events such as Beach Fest held during the Cup Match Holiday where alcohol use is prevalent amongst underage youth, provides a backdrop to the severity of this issue.

“Research indicates that families exert a great deal of influence on whether a child uses alcohol later in life.”

“What parents may not realize,” says Charles G. Curie, Chairman of ICCPUD and Administrator of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration [SAMHSA], “is that children say that their parents’ disapproval of underage drinking is the key reason they have chosen not to drink.”

“Reports that children and teens are less likely to abuse alcohol if parents are involved in their children’s lives, make and enforce clear rules, and are positive role models.”

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  1. sage says:

    What parents fail to realize is that their own drug (alcohol) use and societies plainly obvious acceptance and endorsement of it sends a “mixed message” to the youth. Although beach fest etc. is mentioned, just ask the BHB how many underage and just of age people are taken to the ER for alcohol overdose or poisoning every year, oh yeah it’s not their job.

  2. Thoughtful says:

    We need to recognize that alcohol is the gateway to harder drugs not marijuana! As it has been legal for many years most homes have it in some form or another. I also know that people try alcohol at a lot younger age than 7. Young curious minds have always led to see what it tastes like and the affects,mine included! I have heard for many years that marijuana is the gateway but if you ask any hard drug user they would tell you that if they cant get their fix of drug of choice then alcohol gives them the closest eufora to what they are looking for. The affect you get from marijuana does nothing for them.All drugs are bad but alcohol will lead you to try and do anything when under the influence and in most cases people who are on harder drugs or have tried harder drugs were under the influence of alcohol when deciding too try it and that’s a fact! I hope all comes out in support of this meeting because this is a very serious matter.

    • Sorry Sir says:

      As somebody who has been to cocaine and back I believe in this.

      First was cigarettes, but that didn’t last long.
      Then was alcohol then soon after, marijuana.

      I practically stopped alcohol because it was just not easily attainable. I smoked marijuana for 2 years until I turned 18.
      By that point I could buy all the alcohol I wanted and I practically stopped smoking marijuana.

      It was at this point when I started taking ‘the party drug’ extacy.
      At one point, it was easier for me to attain “skrilla” (extacy) than it was to find marijuana. Then came the coke.

      It took me a number of years to wane myself off of coke, but treatment came from an unknown ally: Marijuana.

      I was addicted to the party life. and the party life typically involves the usual suspects: Alcohol, hard drugs, and women.

      It’s a culture. People you never thought were into that sort of thing now shared their dirty little secret with you. An underbelly of debauchery that most don’t even know exist.

      And it all started with alcohol.

      • Thoughtful says:

        Thanks for confirming my statement to all who disliked the truth but I have had many people who have echoed exactly what you stated! People are just in denial,maybe because they indulge in the liquid poison but that is fine if that’s what they choose. Alcohol serves no good purpose other than intoxication and with that comes consequences! How many families have been ruined?How many accidents,road fatalities,domestic incidents,health problems and the list goes on! Alcohol will make you do some crazy things that if otherwise sober you would definitely think twice about doing! @ Sorry sir, I pray that you are clean from substance and I sincerely wish you well….I know that the road must be rough but keep the faith!

        • Sorry Sir says:

          Thanks thoughtful,

          Yes I’ve been clean for a number of years now.

          Although I do enjoy the occasional puff of cannabis and of course I still drink, but in moderation. The first year being clean was the toughest. No alcohol at all because I knew if I drank, I’d fall right back into the trap!

  3. Devils Advocate says:

    Fantastic opportunity for parents and kids but where and what time is Town Hall? and has this event been advertised prior to the day before? if so I missed it.

  4. Jr. Smith says:

    the importers, manufactures, bars, clubs, all make money from this drug, with very little remorse. the majority of their profits come from people that abuse alcohol. too many people have died from longterm alcohol abuse on this island. the govt needs to step up better enforcement and stricter controls on keeping the youth away from this drug….

    • Frank says:

      I agree 100% the Police should enforce it.When was the last time you saw anyone being charged with selling/serving to a minor? Why do the Police not enforce the Law?

  5. JPMcFluffies says:

    Age 7?! Holy moly. That is truly scary.

    • Family Man says:

      Self-reported anonymous surveys. My daughter and her friends used to make up answers all the time.

  6. High Road says:

    I think the establishments that the under aged like to frequent need to take some responsibility as well.

    • Frank says:

      They should! The question is why don’t they? Why are the Police not on them?

    • sage says:

      Well it makes you wonder why after any given early morning, single vehicle, fatality or serious injury, the Police request info on the persons whereabouts leading up to the “accident”. Has a bar ever had it’s license revoked or been charged in connection with plying someone with liquor prior to their subsequent demise ? No mention of the connection is ever made again. An underage girl was murdered after getting intoxicated in a licensed establishment and the taxi industry took the blame, no action against the dealers of intoxicants, business as usual. This, alongside no accurate statistics, is evidence of a community of enablers and a seemingly concerted effort to cover up alcohols’ role in the mayhem on the roads.

  7. Thoughtful says:

    This is an easy problem for the authorities to solve before any accident or drunk driving occurs….they may not have the man power but what about this suggestion…Have an officer stationed outside every establishment that sells alcohol..not the stores but the establishments were you can sit down and enjoy a beverage! If anyone that you see going in and not exiting the premises within a reasonable time is more than likely illegally intoxicated to operate a vehicle and then follow that individual to see if they are operating a vehicle and stop them before they actually do unless they have a designated driver! I know the police don’t have the man power to check every person that leaves the bars but if they could prevent one person than that is one less incident prevented!