Duerr & Roberts Found Guilty: Double Murder

April 6, 2015

[Updated] 26-year-old Christoph Duerr and 21-year-old LeVeck Roberts have been found guilty of the murders of Ricco Furbert and Haile Outerbridge, with the Supreme Court jury returning the guilty verdicts this afternoon [Apr 6].

Mr Outerbridge, 34, and Mr Furbert, 25, both sustained fatal wounds after being shot multiple times while inside the Belvins store on Happy Valley Road on January 23 2013

Following an extensive manhunt and house-to-searches in the Somerset area in January 2013, Duerr had given himself up to police, and was charged in Magistrates Court and was remanded into custody where he has been ever since.

Roberts was not found immediately by Bermuda and was eventually located in the USA. Bermuda authorities requested and got Roberts extradited to Bermuda. On Roberts’ return to Bermuda in August 2014, he was charged with the murder offences and was also remanded into custody.

Their cases were joined, both pleaded not guilty, and both went on trial, in the Supreme Court, with their trial commencing last month.

During the trial, the Crown alleged that  Roberts was the shooter, whilst Duerr supplied the gun.

After over weeks of hearings and final submissions, summing up, and directions, the Jury came back with the guilty verdicts at around 4.30pm today.

Update 4.57pm: Audio of Detective Chief Inspector Nicholas Pedro commenting on the verdicts.

Detective Pedro said, “It’s obviously a very emotional end to these proceedings after four weeks at trial. It would be remiss of me not to mention the victims’ families, who obviously have lost two very dear persons to them.

“They have, hopefully, gotten closure out of this court trial process here today, with the verdicts of the jury, unanimously guilty in respect of the murders at the Belvin’s Variety Store on the 23rd of January 2013.

“I’d like to pass my thanks to the investigative team who worked tirelessly to bring this matter before the courts and, of course, the prosecuting team at the office of the DPP, who also brought this matter to a successful conclusion.”

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  1. Kangoocar says:

    I would like to congratulate the jury!!!!! Two more scum off our streets!!!!

  2. NOK says:


  3. Raymond Ray says:

    Can we now see “Justice” handed down to the two individuals?

    • Raymond Ray says:

      Troll’s are sorry a*****. How can anyone in their right mind oppose “JUSTICE” being served to these two or anyone convicted of murder? Get a life wouldn’t you :-(

  4. HOTDOG says:

    Hang UM High

  5. duh says:

    How u get on the stand and not cut a deal..

  6. Janae says:

    GOOD!! Justice has been SERVED!!!! Bout damn time!!!

  7. Jahson says:

    We’ve Lost 4 black men to the currupt system. sons, brothers, uncles, and fathers. Life is too short for war without means or victories. This is a loss for Bermuda. We need to pray

    • Roger says:

      I think most of us would see it as simply a safer place and justice done. No eulogies or prayers.

  8. bermy says:

    STARR & RICCO, now may you rest in peace my friends.

  9. common sense says:

    What a horrible way for those two men to perish… what kind of person does this deadly deed of this sort naturally – unless a force of evil dwells in him.

  10. LBBean says:

    Thank you to EVERYone who helped in some manner to solve this case!!! Our community has to continue to work together to show these cowards, who think that it is acceptable to shoot another human being, that we are not going to tolerate this type of inhuman behaviour in this beautiful island that we call home. Bermuda is truly a special place to live and with it being so small we need to do everything in our power to preserve its goodness.

  11. And There's Hope says:

    Finally justice for Ricco and Haile…Thank You…

  12. Charlly X says:

    What are we teaching our children ? They are a reflection of us . In this age of technology we must strive to instill morals and values in the youth , because they are our future!! They mirror us in so many ways ! What they hear n see the way we react to our problems behind closed doors they will bring to the streets ! The apple doesn’t fall far . It doesn’t rain on one mans house ! So the injustice we do to someone else goes around and comes around back to us ! No man is an island. You might not like me cause I’m ” oba/plp/ NLP/ ubp but I’m still human n deserve some respect! Until we ditch this appartied system in Bermuda there will be war in high n low places ! There will always be good and evil with repercussions for both ! As my good friend sings ” Badness Outta Style ” !! R.I.P . Mr Rico Furbert & Mr Haile Outterbridge ! Always Lovingly Remembered!

  13. What about the third suspect still at large???? says:

    What about the third suspect still at large?? Are the feds still looking for them???

  14. UpsetwithVerdict says:

    Its just so sad cause there are no winners in these situations! Only LOVE can save us all and if we consider each other as brothers and sisters and family and be each others keeper instead of hating on each other our Island home will flourish and God will truly Bless us! Love each other Fam!

  15. Will says:

    Can we please humiliate them now? We all know they going up west gate like heroes. Time to bring back the real punishment. Drag em through the streets so we can laugh and point and throw vegetables at them as they leave for prison. Treat them like animals for that’s how they treated their victims. Make an example of these kids so people really think twice about this lifestyle.

  16. Cycle says:

    2 fools taking the fall for other fools. vicious cycle that will continue.

  17. NOK says:

    And cycle you did not say or report anything so shut up!!have a good day. Bermuda is safer.

  18. wow says:

    no way um servin no time for no one else

  19. w************** says:

    FREE MY ***** VECK #******