Police Manhunt For Chris Duerr Continues [Over]

January 29, 2013

[Updated - Duerr now in custody] The search for Christopher Duerr continues, with the police again seen in massive numbers in the West End late this morning [Jan 29]. A number of armed police officers are focusing on the area of Lagoon Bay Park in Sandys.

Duerr has been the subject of a massive manhunt in the West End, which involved dozens of officers from the Armed, Canine and Marine Units. The situation began at approximately 11am yesterday after the police tried to execute a search at a Seawall Drive, Boaz Island residence.

“As police arrived a man bolted from the residence clutching what is believed to be a firearm. A search to locate the man was commenced,” a police statement issued on Monday evening said.  The police also said that three other persons were arrested at the residence, and quantity of drugs and ammunition was seized from the house.

Duerr has remained at large since that time, and police continue their search for the suspect, who they said is believed to be armed.

Details surrounding today’s search are limited, however we will update as able.

Update 1.04pm: Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines said that based on information received, the police continued the search specifically in the Lagoon Park area, which he noted was “heavily wooded”. There are 20-30 officers present on the scene, and Mr Caines stressed that if anyone sees Duerr they should contact the police.


Update 1.24pm: Audio statement from Mr Caines [listen here], who said the police responded to reports of “sightings of the missing fugitive” in the area, and officers are searching the one mile radius.

He said vehicles coming in and out of Lagoon Park are being checked to make sure “the fugitive is not making his escape in the vehicle.”


Update 3.19pm: The police presence in the area appears to have decreased

Update 9.31pm: Duerr surrendered at the Somerset Police Station this evening, the police have confirmed.

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  1. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    wonders how long before a religion themed comment is posted

    (oh wait…I just beat ya’ll!).

  2. Islander says:

    If he has been able to dodge the police for this long, he had his escape route planned – fire smoke bombs in all of the caves – he could be down in a tunnel – BPS, think outside the box…. You will get him and those who may be – may be – aiding and abating.

  3. Observer says:

    Its about time the BPS step up there game when it comes to tackling gun violence. With this measure I am behind you 100%. The community needs to stand up & Speak out so that we can continue with police raids of this nature in the near future to not alone take the guns of the streets but put these criminals behind bars. Its time to do a project clean sweep again of all the gang areas and apprehend any all gang members who are participating in anti-social behavior. Keep riding these guys so they start to live in fear of incarceration.

    • BERMYGUY says:


      • Union Member says:

        Very well said. Our country is only as strong as the most vulnerable in our society.

      • MouthClosed says:

        I rate dis comment braa. Dats real sh*t. And im speaking from experience of a black bermudian male growing up in dese times yoo.

      • Not Again! says:

        Oh please no Bermyguy!!! Why does everyone blame society, parents, Government etc….? What all this boils down to is a choice. These guys know right from wrong. They know that taking someone’s life is wrong. They choose to join gangs and they choose that lifestyle. I had a hard childhood, my best friend grew up in a childrens home and when he did get placed into a home he was abused. He choose not to let that dictate the rest of his life. He has gone and made something of himself and is now married with children and is a positive memeber of society. I didn’t let my upbringing ruin my life either. I chose to rise above it. Stop blaming things on other people/organizations. Be a man and take responsibility for your actions. LIFE IS ABOUT CHOICE.

        • Poetic Justice says:

          Top drawer. well said. real talk. Dont enable these wimps they choose to go this way rather than bend their backs, apply themselves and work for what they want.

        • Out Side Looking In says:

          Well said, cause Lord knows growing up in 70′s and 80′s as young adult we all felt like we had big X’s on our backs. But for some us we decided to take the high road stay in school and made responsible choices. Even those of us they got into a bit of trouble coming along did the right thing and choose not to get all pissy with mommy, daddy, the man, or the government for the way we were. Most kids have parents that want nothing but the best for them. But allot of the kids these day thing that all the friends they have know better what’s better for them and that Mom and Dad just want to keep them down. I told my son if you thing ya boys know better than I go live with them. Sad but true he chose to follow his boys for a bit, and now life is a mess he is crying back to Mommy and Daddy. So you see life is a choice these guy have made bad choices and now it everyone else’s fault.

      • Jay P. says:


      • Rea W says:

        They are not gangstas they are misguided young men who have made a choice to do the wrong thing. No they may not have started out bad but their choice is to be or become bad. I won’t bash them, however, people are accountable for their own actions so if you wanna be bad then when you get caught own up to it and deal with whatever comes to you. #PointBlank

        • DarkSideOfTheMoon says:

          Oh no they is ganstars alright, lets not get it twisted. They went from misguided little boys to full blown serial killers the min they started shooting people.

          • Rea W says:

            More like wanna be gangstas who believe that shooting and killing people makes them a bigga in reality it comes back to them in some form. Karma is a royal B and when she hits “gangsta” or not you going down #PointBlank

      • God says:

        How can someone take you seriously? “Aspect” are you serious.

        As the one true God, It is clear I have failed the world.

      • DarkSideOfTheMoon says:

        Are you serious?? The world doesn’t own anybody SHYT. This is a dog eat dog world. What because nobody wants to hold their hand and read them bed stories at night about the sugar plum fairy, they are allowed to maim and kill people. BULLSHYT!!!! This world is about choices. They made their choice to live in crime. They feel that the only way they can be strong is pulling a trigger. They don’t want to live any other way. When they make the choice to change they will. Only they can stop this.

        MLK was labelled a good for nothing, lazy azz n*gger by “society” yet he has a monument erected for him at the capitol of a country. Did he sit back and say, “Oh, I’m a n*gger so I won’t amount to anything?” No he changed the world because he wouldn’t accept what “society” thought of him. This is the lamest excuse ever. Lame and pathetic.

        • But why doe says:

          Finally some sense. The ones who agree with BERMYGUY saying things like “Brah” “dese” misspelling words sounding illiterate. Pick up a damn book instead of a gun. Get a clue. Damn religion, damn your parents, damn your up bringing! Stop making excuses!!! Take control of your life, stop taking from others who work hard. I dislike passing judgement on others, but lets be real. What you portray yourself to be is who others see you as.

      • Judge Dredd says:

        No excuse! If you are a grown man and being a criminal I have no sympathy for you whatsoever. There is a place for people who decide that they don’t want to be a part of society and it’s called prison. If nobody gives a crap about you it’s because you are a criminal. If someone needed help and sought help I’d respect that. But don’t expect us to fall for that sob story. We do not respect that at all just like we don’t respect a pedophile’s excuses. Tell us why and how these criminals are different from pedophiles? Oooh someone molested them when they were younger oooh nobody gave a crap about them boo hoo hoo. We have laws.

      • WetOnion says:

        Bermy guy, be real. I went to school with half these clowns, I’m not out killing people/selling drugs. They are “gangstas” because that is exactly what they want to be. Bermuda isn’t doing well at all, but we sure aren’t at the level of hardships that breed so much gang activity like, Jamaica etc. These young, sad excuses for Bermudians are doing what they’re doing because they don’t wanna wake up at 6.30 and hold a real job. I implore one of them to show interest in something positive. NTB, Bermuda Sloop Foundation, just to name a few outlets here for theses men.

      • Poetic Justice says:

        Thats a pretty pathetic rant. We all can choose to do right or wrong and I would suggest that decision has nothing to do with someone whom you dont even know happens to think about you. Most of these fools will tell you in a heart beat they dont care what you think.
        Dont be an enabler making lame excuses for unacceptable behaviour. Guns are illegal, using a gun to kill people is a worst crime. You would suggest that joining a gang and shooting someone is justified based on a comment from some unknown person!!! We are worst shape than I thought!!!!
        Why would anyone get involved in an activity that shortens and diminishes your life expectancy!!!
        Buch of little kids who weren’t cuddled by their momma’s just need a good cut a$$!!!

      • ella says:

        Ok – Sheila Cooper, Churches, Government, Michael Dunkley and the rest, I believe BermyGuy is trying to reach out. Read his blog. I believe he is speaking out for these “gangsta’s”.. This is their mentality. LORD GOD FATHER ABOVE, PLEASE BLESS EVERYONE IN BERMY ESPECIALLY TO OUR SONS & DAUGHTERS THAT HAVE LOST THEIR WAY! AMEN

      • THAT’S SO TRUE!!!!!!!! :)

    • cant fool me says:


      • Observer says:

        They can come check my house I have never been for anti-social behavior only ignorant minded people would comment like this. You people hide behind this comment section and say the most vile things known to man. You know why we have these issues and that is because you ignorant people do not support change for the better your so ready to put down. Time to uplift this community and take it back. I have did my part for years in the community have you.

  4. What. says:

    Most likely up his mates house playing PS3. You guys check out his gf?

  5. john says:

    BERNEWS do you think it is wise to be updating with info when he or someone aiding him could also be reading this??

    • eames says:

      That’s what I’m thinking.. Then again, if someone were to simply drive up and down the island (depending on how seriously they’re taking this), I’m guessing they would know what was going on due to increased police activity.

  6. Inspector Gadget says:

    K9 units cant track his scent from when he ran from the house? They do that in the USA and find criminals in minutes!

  7. Felix says:

    Check all boats in the ocean and on land, and all roves.

  8. sick n tired says:

    His a p*&^% a** n^%a anyway why if innocent run from the police

  9. john says:

    BERNEWS i guess you didn’t like my comment as you didn’t display it!

    • Bernews says:

      With all due respect, you posted this 18 mins after your first comment. Clearly we are covering something so can’t hop to comments in 1 min flat :-)

      And to answer your question, we feel fine with what we post…which is generally only a segment of what we actually know.

      Apart from the fact that it may be hard for anyone in the area to miss 30 armed police officers and a convoy of vehicles…what you see us posting is provided by the police – as noted by the audio from the police.

      If the police deem things fine to post, then we see no issue with posting it…

      • john says:

        Much respect to you BERNEWS for the updates. You do a fantastic job keeping the community updated and aware of this situation.

        I was just hoping the updates were not hindering more than they were helping.

        I personally hope he resists arrest and they pop him in the leg!!

        • Bernews says:

          No problem….and thanks for the compliment… we work fairly closely with the Police Media people [Mr Caines etc] and would never post anything that would be deemed a danger. In this case, the police are flooding the area so much it was hard to miss so Mr Caines gave us the statement…

        • If he is got a gun, be assured that ‘Dumbo’ will resist n most probably shoot to kill. Bermuda is small but remember we are still part of this world. These are serious times n ur fed up; I am fed up and chris duerr is absolutely tired like many. Lots of talking, but nobody is walking. We need to bring out the “Old Gangsters” and let them do it their way.

          • Mimi says:

            @ row row row ur boat. Oh you know about the “Old Gangsters”. They have been chatting and meeting and they are tired of the fullishnessment. Whoa be tied if they come out. I can see it now – BPS and Old Boys Operation I am Gonna get you Wannabees. Knock once and kick ya door down, Snatch and Shake you then Whip ya Azz with some Spruce Tree and Oleander Sticks. Then walk you to the Jail tied up with the clothesline using the boy scout knots. Or load them all up in an open dump truck fro all to see.

  10. cant fool me says:


  11. God says:

    I ignore prayers. It’s fun to listen to everyone beg though!

    • Islander says:

      Should there come a time for you to need prayer – the first name after “Momma’ is going to be Jesus – guess what, he will hear you and send somebody to stand beside you. Don’t knock Him because He doesn’t knock you – He loves you more than you will ever know. Father doesn’t hate the sinner – it is the choices they make that breaks His heart and that of parents, and reset of the family, friends, Community.

    • Plz dnt joke around like that this is serious our comunity is in danger!!!:)

  12. its time says:

    He has army training

  13. here's a thought says:

    his cell phone is long dead by now. he’ll be scared, feel trapped, hungry and tired. won’t be making clear decisions by now. that is all assuming he didn’t catch de bus to his momma’s house for a nice baff and some hot food. probably did.

    • Lol says:

      Good thought but the house he bolted from was his ___s house hopefully he does get tired of hiding and turns himself in or let’s hope he loves his sister enough to turn himself in so they can release her from police custody but that was a good thought

  14. Man Of Business says:

    no gun no case call a lawyer turn yaself in s%^$ is too hot no comments detective!!!!!

  15. fugitive says:

    all you BeRmUdIaNs giving all these great ideas on where he could be why dont you get off ur ass at home and come and help us look for him instead of ur

  16. Concerned says:

    We would but we are working to keep a roof over our heads, food on the table, clothes on our backs and bills due paid.

    • MadeInBermuda says:

      You can’t be working hard if you are on Bernews..

  17. Dred says:

    If I was that desperate I would’ve made a swim for it. I think he’s outta BOAZ for sure.

    • Well says:

      Well Chris is my primary school friend and I am shocked to see him all over the news for what ever reasons but yesterday I was on his Facebook and today it is deleted so he either has his phone or someone has been in contact with him to deactivate his account

  18. oh well says:

    Just wonder if the police will use those guns they’re armed with? If they can’t catch someone running away from them with a gun maybe they should shoot him in the leg and perhaps they’ll get what they’re looking for instead of the whole island waiting for the armed fugitives to turn up anytime anywhere and start shooting.

  19. Bermuda is Devil's Isle says:

    They should have ruled out Lagoon Park yesterday I hope the Devil Worshipers in Lagoon Park ank got him if so u will never Find him… Or when u do find him he will be long dead no1 stays in the after dark unless you 1 of them, and its too dayum cold to swim he probably ank dat dumb, he probably had his bike and ran to his bike and rode off better look down St.George’s or maybe the airport data base he can be in Africa by now, I’m just saying cause he could have rode str8 airport with that description they was giving yesterday of a 16-18 Chris Duerr no1 would have thought that that was him flying out on the next flight if he did attempt to fly out asap… Think outside the box BPS The guy Gordon was looked for in town and found up West years later, looking well Fed. This guy is hungry I’m sure does he have a debit card have u tracked down the GpS on his phone Do we need the first48 here to help find him? Just some thoughts

    • nooneinparticular says:

      not to change the subject, but what’s this about devil worshipers?

    • Facts says:

      I was thinking the same thing about the devil worshipers out by lagoon. YIKES!

    • Observant says:

      What’s ‘ank’and ‘dayum’?

    • Free says:

      Say what?!

    • Will says:

      devil worshippers in Lagoon park?
      never heard of such nonsense in my life.but just in case perhaps there is a wicca group that maybe could congregate down there..it isn’t satanic one bit. Christians are quick to call something satanic if it doesnt fit their own belief structure…news for ya..satan doesnt exist..its all a fairy tale people…what you may be calling satanic (wicca/pagan) is what makes up the core belief system of judeo-christian beliefs…do the research, the story of Jesus is just a re-adaptation of countless other ones floating around the Mediterranean for thousands of years before the concept of Jesus was ever brought up.

  20. Osama bin Laden again? says:

    If he grew up in that area it’s not going to be easy to find him. Although the decisions he has made are not smart. No one knows this man or his lifestyle to judge. Was the firearm for protection or is he responsible for a murder? And I would put money down that over half the people who are commenting would have hid as well. The hype shouldn’t be the chase but the victory in the capture. Cut his @ss not a tap on the wrist followed by a time out an old school GOOD FLUGGING !! Publicly

  21. Simple says:

    I swear I saw this guy in town this morning SMH

  22. DEE says:


  23. m says:

    His a p^%$# a** n^%$# anyway turn himself in if not

  24. m says:

    Yo chris turn yourself in before you don’t get shot next it may happen

  25. Real stuff says:

    BUT the police need your help and what are you Doing? Sitting on Bernews acting like ignorant fools! Always got some smart ass comments! Like STFU and go do something with your lives! Always on here talking s$%#

  26. scary says:

    Bermuda Police Service…. employ a search team with bloodhounds…. quite easy if you ask me!

  27. Unjrust Realities says:

    OMG . . .I must be missing something, someone please help me with this . . .the BPS go to a house on a tip that a young man has a fireman . . .I will assume armed officers (I hope) . . .the suspect runs/bolts from the house with what appears to be a firearm . . .hmmmmmm . . .at what point did any of the armed officers yell a warning of “stop” and why oh why didn’t they drop him!!! I am confused!!!!

    So now you have this male hiding out with a firearm . . . no one knows his state of mind . . . and there are residents and children going to and coming from school . . . I must be missing something here!!!!

    • tricks are for kids says:

      Article reads…WHAT IS BELIEVED TO BE A FIREARM…they are not 100% sure what he had in his hand ……

      • Fiat Lux says:

        I have a sneaky suspicion that good ol’ Chris knows what he was carrying when he ran away from police. Maybe that’s why he’s in hiding and hasn’t turned himself in.

  28. Tuff Shoes says:

    Call the OBA they said they can find him lol! Gang Violence on going.

    • Something wrong with u. Imagine that too!!!! You get an A….in a hole. Sore Loser. Apparently the party u support, didn’t do much to curb this madness and they had 12 years; now gone n left this sad situation n you for the OBA to decipher…act right after you grow up. Remember OBA haven’t even done their 100 days n u expect them to solve n clean up this mess just like that. Still something wrong with u. Prof. Klump.

  29. m says:

    Chris duerr do you think ya big and bad that ya running from the police if so ya not get a life and grown the f*$# up

    If ya innocent turn ya damn self in men
    Ya better than this

    The police will find you I know

    You can run n hide for long

  30. capo says:

    Bermudians are small minded the ubp created the problem and they been had a solution to it, but they put plp in power to make it seem as tho our own black ppl were f’ing us over, but in actual fact we were doomed from day one when the implimented the middle school system. b4 u had twn ppl goin sands and warwick second now they turned it into zones. Ppl will only defend who n what they kno. Use ur brains u idiotc fools!! See the cause nt jus the repecutions #middleandhighschoolgrad

  31. YOUNG BUT TIRED says:

    umma tell u if he has any survival skills and is an adventurer like myself they will never find him in his comfort zone. he dont need no credit card debit card phone or nuffin all he needs is himself and his survival skills. he will eat whatever he damn well finds not to many bugs in bermuda are harmful hahahaha… NO BUT SERZ THOUGH… Chris where are u???????

  32. When it hits home says:

    night all i have read the comments on here and have this to say, Yes we do have a choice but like alot of the comments said not all are living this life style and have family that you are around that may or may not be in this lifestyle that get unknowingly labeled and there for shunned.I can say from experience that i may or may not be going court for not knowing anything all they some of you will be here like you do every day dogging me ass-u-me ing and the like about me. But killing someone i am not, we dont have the right to take ones life with out reason if you feel me.I fear for my children as most should this not gonna stop over night.But its about money and as long as the government can make money off it,it will be just as it is, gonna get a lot worst so prepare for it.

  33. MNM"S says:

    did they stay in boaz island all this time and not find him? if so maybe he is not in the west anymore. i mean if you guys had a large force down there looking for him every where and cant find him then look everywhere

  34. Chris, Momma said come home NOW…..right now!!!!!!ya grounded. Get to stepping.

  35. MazumboCann says:

    Capo, You are starting to get to the root of the problem. What we are witnessing today was predicted as far back as the 1980′s. I recall the discussions. Even Bob Marley said one day the bottoms gonna dropout. Bermuda has failed in moving all of its people forward as one. We have not seen the worse of it yet. Those of you that think it is gangster against gangster and it is going to stay there, you have your heads in the sand.

  36. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    He wiggled them big damn ears and flew away .

  37. god1st says:

    lol lol

  38. freetookie says:

    Bermyguy, whats your point???? Hope you support them when they lay a hand on you next!!