Photos: UFC Champion Hominick Visits School

April 8, 2015

Most students enjoy the time off to gear up for the end of the year during their spring break, but recently several CedarBridge Academy students utilized one day of their holiday to return to campus to meet Ultimate Fighting Championship [UFC] featherweight champion Mark Hominick.

Hominick is visiting Bermuda with the Bermuda Combat Club, whose purpose is to bring professional Mixed Martial Artists [MMA] to Bermuda for educational purposes. The mini-workshop was was organized by former CedarBridge Academy student Mark Prior, who is the director and CEO of the Bermuda Combat Club.

The mini-workshop for students was also attended by Premier Michael Dunkley. Mr. Hominick spoke to students about fully pursuing their passion.


Hominick, who speaks to young people all over Canada, talked about the efforts he put forward when he found martial arts at 16. Like most Canadian boys, he began playing hockey, but when martial arts came to his school, he explained how he knew he found his calling.

“When I was in school, [University of Windsor], I trained from 5.00am to 8.00am, I went to school, came home, studied for two hours, then back to training,” he said.

After giving them a brief outline of his history, of how he developed into the fighting force he became, Mark explained to the students, the importance of setting goals, setting priorities, keeping organized and most importantly, finding a mentor.

“My greatest fear,” he said, “is losing. Fear can be a great motivator.”

Hominick explained that when he fought outside his weight class, fear spurred him on. He said he pushed the bigger fighter. This fighter had never gone so many rounds, he was accustomed to knocking people out early, but Hominick said he refused to give up. The crowd loved him and eventually he wore the fighter down. “Use your fears to motivate you. Refuse to lose.”

Hominick also talked about leading and setting an example. He then allowed students to hold his belt.

Once the presentation ended, Premier Dunkley spoke to the students, encouraging them to pursue their passion. He also shared his take-away from Mark’s presentation.

Students asked questions, watched videos of Hominick’s fights and ate pizza provided by the principal Kalmar Richards, who was also in attendance; while Hominick signed autographed photos for the students.

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  1. Yes I says:

    Great stuff. Hard work, determination, and most of all..APPLICATION.