Veendam Confirms Six Bermuda Trips In 2015

June 20, 2014

After their initial announcement earlier this year that they would be returning to Hamilton in 2015, Holland America Line confirmed they will offer six seven-day cruises aboard the Veendam to Bermuda next year.

Sailing roundtrip from Boston, six departures will sail in May, June and July, and feature three days and nights at Hamilton.

“We know our guests will be excited to see us cruise again to Bermuda in 2015,” said Richard Meadows, Holland America Line’s executive vice president of sales, marketing and guest relations.

“By extending the call to three nights, guests can have extensive time to experience the island while still enjoying the award-wining service and amenities that Holland America Line is known for.”

The Veendam is shown below docked in Hamilton in May 2010:

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The seven-day Bermuda itinerary can be combined with a seven-day Canada/New England cruise to create a 14-day Bermuda & Canada/New England Collectors’ Voyage, and can also be combined with a 17-day Panama Canal transit to create a 24-day Panama Canal and Bermuda Collectors’ Voyage.

Cruise fares begin at $799 for the seven-day cruises; $1,499 for the 14-day Bermuda & Canada/New England Collectors’ Voyages; and $2,499 for the 24-day Panama Canal and Bermuda Collectors’ Voyage, all per person, double occupancy.

The ‘Veendam’ started service to Bermuda in 2010, making weekly sailings from New York, tendering from Murray’s Anchorage to St. George’s on Tuesdays and docking in Hamilton Wednesdays – Fridays. In 2011, the Government announced that the cruise ship would not return in 2013.

Due to the increase in the size of cruise ships, Hamilton has not had frequent cruise callers in recent years, with the larger cruise ships docking in Dockyard due to logistical problems arising from trying to navigate into Hamilton.

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  1. Well Done Bermuda!! says:

    This is great news and congratulations to the new Tourism Authority on keeping Bermuda moving forward.

    If only everyone could keep an eye on building versus tearing our Island apart—

    Thankfully these folks won’t be subject to the nonsense of the public transporation system of Bermuda–

    Keep pushing forward Bermuda–we can move through the current phase that we find ourselves saddeled with—

    • Really says:

      6 trips in one year and the TA is the second coming.

      If ALL of our politicians would have come together in 2009 when Ewart tried to allow Cruise ships to open their Casinos in port, then this would be moot.

      However political opposition, from the then UBP, blocked that from happeneing

      • Sad says:

        Forgot to mention how Dr. Brown tried to sneak in the legislation under the noses of his own Party, who in turn revolted and also voted against the measure.

        Strange how you left out those details and blamed the UBP. Strange, but not surprising.

  2. Well Done BTA says:

    Well done Bermuda Tourism Authority.

    America’s Cup mention, 6000 Travel Agents coming to Bermuda on the Breakaway, talk of new hotels and now a cruise ship returning to Bermuda..this is well needed news after all the childishness of the last two weeks in eminating from our dysfunctional political system.

    Keep up the great work putting Bermuda back on the tourism map!!!

    • Trulytruly says:

      600 travel agents. This is bit of good new though. Ignore the comment like the one below.

      • Lick My Chicken says:

        I didn’t say that this wasn’t good news. What I was saying was the cruise line was already returning to Bermuda before the bta so it wasnt the bta.

        well done bermuda and well done bta are misinformed. got it now?

        • Afraid of good news? says:

          Lol how some like to turn overall good news for the country into something negative.

          Tourism appears to be seeing signs of green shoot recovery. Isn’t that good for us all?

          I would think so.

          Bermuda is moving in the right direction regardless of those that wish to high jack good news via their self important personal agendas.

    • Really says:

      Venndam would have been here all this time if UBP/PLP would have played nice 5 years ago. … Dysfunction is what actually caused this to be a newsworthy story.

  3. Lick My Chicken says:

    Congratulating the BTA?????? HAHA. If you read in a previous article there was an announcement in February about the cruise line returning. If you look at that article, the article was published in February long before the BTA started.

    If you let’em fool ya, you’re a fool too. LOL

    • Double D says:

      So then congrats to Min. Crockwell then?

    • LOP says:

      Look at it this from another angle. The incompetence of the PLP and its members led to them “forgetting” to sign and return cruise ship contracts on time. This allowed one cruise company to back out and relocate its ship to another destination for the summer. The end result was 12 less visits from a ship carrying 4,000 people each week.

      Anything that help turn thing the other way is a good thing. Great to see Hamilton with a ship especially knowing that no visitor will have their vacation ruined by selfish BIU management.

      • Interesting! says:

        …and you know this how? Because you’re the idiot minister who cost the Premier his job!

  4. V. B. says:

    Cruise ships generate pollution: up to 25,000 gallons of sewage from toilets and 143,000 gallons of sewage from sinks, galleys and showers each day. Tourists are great but are we considering how these ships are impacting our environment. Hello greaseballs.

    • X man says:

      What would happen if if we stopped them from here. – have you figured it out yet. – let me give you a hint! -
      Unemployment far worse than we have had before and now
      Our financial system would collapse
      Over 70% of Business would close
      Mass political chaos
      Mass social chaos

    • Anbu says:

      Go hug a tree bie. We need money. U act like they pull up to the dock and pump their waste into the harbor. Smh. Go complain to BEST

  5. Doctor do more says:


  6. bluebird says:

    Just remember 15cents of every Bermuda Dollar comes from Tourism
    Just remember 85cents of every Bermuda Dollar comes from IB Companies.
    Thought we would have a little house kleening of some of the cobwebs
    in some folks brains.
    Just remember which side of your “BREAD” is buttered as without them we will have “NO BREAD” Then we can all get on our “RAFTS” and go to Haiti.

  7. @ bluebird: As the ole timer says, “some people can’t see the trees for the forest”. Sad yes, but true :-(