“Priceless Opportunity” For Boxing Federation

June 3, 2015

The Bermuda Boxing Federation said they ”will continue to work diligently as the sole sanctioning and governing body for local boxing despite the recent resignation of former President Deborah Smith.”

“The BBF has always been and remains committed to upholding its mission to function as the local sanctioning body for amateur boxing in Bermuda. There are a plethora of local boxers with enormous talent and potential and the BBF looks forward to fostering a positive working relationship with our boxers and gyms to provide the opportunities they both need and desire to progress to higher levels in their pursuits.

“It is the most unfortunate circumstance that our former President Ms. Deborah Smith has opted to resign from the committee in the abrupt manner that she has. However, the BBF and individuals in our boxing community don’t see this as a setback at all; but rather a priceless opportunity to move past any controversy from the past and the negativity that has disallowed the BBF from growing under our former President’s leadership.

“The remaining members of the BBF have responded swiftly to the resignation and held an emergency meeting on May 27th 2015 that saw a significant turnout from the entire boxing community. The BBF has heard the voice of persons in the boxing community and would like to urge all individuals who are passionate about the sport of boxing to join us as we work together to provide the best for Bermuda Boxing.

“We will be focusing entirely on our next AGM on July 7th [Location TBA] for the purpose of electing a new executive committee according to our constitution and those AIBA guidelines which we fall under. We look forward to refreshing our membership with vibrant new energy and reform the BBF into an active organization whose voice is respected in both the local and international boxing community.

“We take this time to inform the public that The Bermuda Boxing Federation will continue its role as the National Governing Organization for the sport of Boxing in our island.”

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  1. I heart 441 says:

    This woman had a “Hater” necklace on while doing a news interview last night. How is one suppose to be a leader of a organization with such a necklace. smh

    • PBanks says:

      Yeah, I suspect she was trying to send a not-so-subtle message to her detractors or something.

      The whole thing just seems a mess, and that’s very unfortunate to say the least.

  2. Life says:

    LOL ya exactly! Then she try run people down..