Results From Round The Island Seagull Race

June 15, 2015

The Round the Island Seagull Race was held this weekend, with 91 boats registering to take part in the event.

Of the boats registered for the race, 11 participants did not start, nine did not finish, and several did not complete the course, with 68 boats finishing successfully.

A spokesperson said, “I have calculated that we are making profits of just over $6,200, half to Bermuda Sloop and half to Bermuda Aquarium for purchasing Trunk Island.

“To the people who made the race a success: thank you, especially to Heinken for sponsoring us with beer and prizes; Rubis Energy for subsidizing our crashboats; to the crashboats themselves for doing such an awesome job, South Shore people especially; and also extra thanks to Michael Barnes as he tried to keep an eye out on the stragglers.”

Slideshow with over 100 photos from the start of the Seagull race:


“Thanks to an unofficial crash boater [Bruce] who chose to keep an eye out for the late stragglers, Kirk Wilks of Wilks Catering for keeping our catering costs down and for providing such a wonderful spread; Sara for providing our music; Spanish Point Boat club for waking up early and letting us in and for being the hosts for the day.

“All the people and companies who gave us freebies to either give out as prizes or donate towards t-shirt designs and freight costs [Fast Forward Freight and the wonderful artiste Carole Havercroft] and lastly, most importantly, to you all. Without you, there would be no race.

“The hard-working committee, including Michael Bean, Corry Kowalchuk, Stephen Roberts, Brian Lightbourn, Brian Anfossi and Slayton Outerbridge. Everyone worked hard to try and deal with technical issues, make decisions on the race, get donations towards prizes, and getting roped into the prize presentations.

“It was amazing to see so many entrants and so many new faces; we hope to see you in the years to come.”

The full Round The Island Seagull Race results follow below [PDF here]:


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