BTA Provided $50,000 Sponsorship For BHW

July 20, 2015

The Bermuda Tourism Authority provided $50,000 in sponsorship for Bermuda Heroes Weekend [BHW], Tourism Minister Shawn Crockwell said in the House of Assembly on Friday.

The Minister was replying to a Parliamentary Question from the Opposition who asked “what was the total sponsorship given for Bermuda Heroes Weekend by the Bermuda Tourism Authority.”

Audio excerpt of the exchange in the House:

The 4-day event kicked off on Friday night with a stage show in Hamilton, which was followed by the early morning J’Ouvert celebrations in Dockyard , the Parade of Bands in Dockyard on Saturday, the Pan In The Park in Victoria Park, and the Raft-Up off Admiralty House.

Following the event, the organisers thanked all those involved and said they plan to “take a closer look at each event offered and develop a plan to make Bermuda Heroes Weekend 2016 even better.”

In an opinion column on Bernews earlier this year, BTA CEO Bill Hanbury said, “In 2015, what our tourism economy is searching for more than anything is a crop of entrepreneurial Bermudians who are self-motivated, committed and passionate about their country.

“People who look at our stalled tourism economy and see an opportunity, instead of a crisis. People who dream about owning a piece of the tourism economy because, to them, merely working in it isn’t enough.

“We know these Bermudians exist because they have come forward in our Tourism Experiences investment process. Jason Sukdeo’s vision is to bring a Caribbean Carnival experience to Bermuda and make it a marquee visitor event in the middle of June.

“We believe in the experience, but more importantly, we believe in this entrepreneurial spirit and that’s why the BTA will help fund Jason’s vision.”

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    Thankyou BTA! we had a blast! keep the support comming!:)

    • Onion juice says:

      Thanks to the tax-payers, Our $23 million to the BTA is PAYING off.

      • Not exactly says:

        Which is less than what we were paying for the BDOT which was not paying off, so what exactly is your point?

  2. hmmmm oba says:

    Actually the senior citizens paid for it with their increase in health care. Rob Peter to pay Paul

  3. Kevin says:

    lets count the negative comments , its incredible that there will be those that will find a negative view on what is only a positive experience that will attract visitors to our shores you don’t grow anything without a seed.

  4. lifetime says:

    Looked to be a wonderful weekend. BTA check the numbers. Did we have more people flying in for the event? If so, it’s going to need plenty more money and support next year! If not, the party will go on folks.

    • Onion juice says:

      I dont think so, and IF it was they would’ve been disappointed.
      They have Carnival in Toronto, Atlanta, New York etc,etc and they experience Eye Candy Fun, instead of cut off jeans and shorts.

      • Positive Thinking Only says:

        Actually I have been to several carnivals which have been going on for years and yes there were a lot of teeshirt bands for the first year but most of them are organizing costumes for next year which is amazing. The experience was grand and I have several people from overseas that are in for next year because they get the island beauty AND carnival at the same time. Jouvert was amazing, all the parties were amazing. Onion juice were you there?

        • Positive thinking says:

          It was no way he/she was there! Onion juice is just the true definition of a hater. Or maybe too much onion juice in the eyes that they cant see anything. There were MANY visitors who came down SPECIFICALLY for the event. I may not know the exact numbers, but I had interaction with many who said that this is a weekend they will definitely be recommending to friends next year. Bermudians are just so dam impatient. If an event doesn’t bring in 2000 guests in its first year its a failure. Onion juice is just a big joke! People will continue to complain instead of coming up with their own ideas. That’s just the small minded island mentality that we live with.

  5. watching says:

    Sponsorship is important, as are events for tourists to visit.
    However, $50K to this event, when there are students and seniors doing without is not good financial management. Perhaps the BHW folks, whom I have nothing but respect for, should move to try and get funding from the private sector next year.

    • Not exactly says:

      The BHW set up a path to self sufficiency which I believe is a four year plan. If this event requires BTA support at the beginning to become a marquis event in 4 years that brings in 2000 visitors/year that will be money well spent. There was most certainly private sponsorship as well as the BTA support is year already. I would much rather the BTA support and continue to support events with real metrics and a growth plan as opposed to “donations” to friends and family with no performance metrics such as the wildly successful Faith Based Tourism scam.

      • Not exactly says:

        Furthermore, the only way the country will get more money for “students and seniors” is to attract more foreign capital. This type of event is an excellent vehicle with which to capture said foreign $$$.

    • Positive Thinking Only says:

      That’s not a very well thought out statement. How do we bring more money to the island? This is a great feature for Bermuda and by the was…$50,000 is nothing to seniors and to education which needs a lot more…people investing in Bermuda cause things are happening here….the jobs/ revenue that this can generate is worth far more than only $50,000 and that money can then be filtered into seniors and education.

  6. Tony Brannon says:

    Well Done Jason…… you started an event. it went well. Build on this…..
    You have to get this to also attract more visitors…..
    Like people fly to Trinidad for Carnival….Rio for Carnival….Barbados for Cropover etc…

    it comes if you stick with it and get “continued support and sponsorship”.
    Without sponsorship these events simply would not take place.
    IMO it is money well spent.

  7. Johnny says:

    I must have missed it but which heroes did we celebrate during this event?

  8. Positive Thinking Only says:

    BHW team I would like to congratulate you all for a job WELL DONE! For us carnival lovers this was an AMAZING first event! Cant wait until next year and tourism….I think you could up your dollar spend as well on this :) Excellent!

  9. BullDog says:

    I will be in Bermy for the next in full costume! Now let me go get my body ready for de road!