Ethiopian Orthodox Church’s 40th Anniversary

July 20, 2015

The Ethiopian Orthodox Church of Bermuda is getting set to celebrate its 40th anniversary, marking a history that began in the early 1970s.

A spokesperson said, “On this occasion of our 40th anniversary, we recall to mind our initial establishment in our native island of Bermuda.

“In 1973 many young men and women and some not so young started meeting weekly, sometimes twice or three times a week. Discussions ensued on such topics as our social, political, cultural, and religious status as a people.

“Through these discussions which took place house to house on many occasions it was acknowledged that the continent of Africa was and still is the birthplace of all of humanity in particular Ethiopia or Abyssinia as it was formerly called.

“Through reasoning and studies with geographical maps dictionaries and Holy Bibles, the process was undertaken to attend the first Western Conference of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church to be held in the month of August 1974 in Kingston Jamaica at The Ebenezer Methodist Church on Maxfield Avenue. After a visit by one of our dear friends Bro. Isiah Kelly who was introduced to us by one of our Elders, we undertook the process of raising funds to attend this Church Conference.

Photo slideshow showing the intricate paintings in Bermuda’s Ethiopian Orthodox Church


“We must continually give all praises unto God for the support assistance prayers, and sacrifice of many Bermudians, young and old men and women and children, whose names are to numerous to mention, but whose works in Life shall be forever recorded in the annals of History unto God.

“Five Bermudians men travelled to the Church Conference in August 1974 and consequently were baptized into the body and blood of Christ as Orthodox Christians.

“Their names were: Bro. Gladwin Outerbridge, Bro. Joseph Place, Bro.Lela Simmons, Bro. Dennis Smith and Bro. Terence Butterfield . After returning to Bermuda after the conference the Ethiopian Orthodox Church Mission was established through the Ethiopian Priest who was our Sheperd after the Conference. Abba Laike Mariam Mandefro who was later elevated to Archbishop Abuna Yesehaq.

“To write our local historical record in a brief synopsis would not be possible in a short space of time, however it is to be noted that time belongs unto God and one day with the Lord is as one thousand years . We give Praise unto God for the many lives, young and old, men, women and children who supported, sacrificed, and made possible the establishment of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church in our native island of Bermuda.

“To God be the Glory. More on this topic shall be forthcoming. As it is written; Princes shall come out of Egypt, Ethiopoa shall soon stretch forth her hand unto God.

“Psalms 68: Verse 31 In the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit, one god amen.

“The Church would like to invite members and members of the public who would like to assist with work rallies at the church repairing pass storm damage.

“Please contact Derek Thompson at 747-2682.”

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  1. Tania Stafford says:

    The vibrancy of colour on the interior is wonderful!

  2. Mikhail Butterfield says:

    Left all hands to Jah!