2015 Benched Design-Build Competition Results

July 28, 2015

The Institute of Bermuda Architects [IBA] today [July 27] announced the winners of “Benched”, a design-build competition aimed at students in both high school and university. The competition was also supported by co-sponsors, Construction Association of Bermuda [CAOB].

The first place winners are BOW: Bench On Wheels [Azra Smith and Kevin Simmons] who teamed up with Botelho Wood Architects to design their bench and J&W Construction/ King’s Plumbing & Mechanical to build it. They were awarded $800.

BOW: Azra Smith, Kevin Simmons [Missing: Claudia Richardson-Botelho, Joe Rodrigues, Kevin Tucker, Al King]

BOW Bench on Wheels 2

Second place was awarded to Hurricane Bench [Gabriella Botelho, Ayo-Oluwa Salawu, Luke Pimentel, Jacob Pimentel & Noah Botelho] who partnered with Botelho Wood Architects for design and Signworx for construction and was awarded $400.

Third prize [$150] was awarded to 2-Rock Bench [Madeleine Brash]. She partnered with Geoff Parker Architect for design and Bermuda Stripping & Refinishing & ALM Construction for the building of the bench.

Boundless won the People’s Choice Certificate for their bench, while BenThree was awarded the Judge’s Choice Certificate.

Hurricane: Jacob Pimentel, Germano Botelho, Gabriella Botelho, Ayo-Oluwa Salawu, Noah Botelho [Missing: Luke Pimentel, Nelson Pimentel]


The winners were judged by seven highly esteemed professional judges on design concept, creativity and use of materials. Fifty percent of the points came from the professional judges and 50 percent from members of the public at an open voting session at Bull’s Head Car Park on Saturday.

Krystal Rodrigues, President of IBA, said, “We would like to congratulate the winners of ‘Benched’. All seven teams worked extremely hard and we are impressed with the final benches that they created.”

2-Rock Bench: Vanessa J. Daniel, Madeleine Brash [Missing: Nick Strong, Antonio Medeiros, Anthony Madeiros]

2-Rock Bench

“The designs are so unique and diverse and the craftsmanship that went into the construction is simply incredible given the very short time period the teams had.

“We encourage the public to view the benches and designs, which will be on display over the next month and would like to thank our sponsors and all the members of the public who braved the rain on Saturday to come out and vote.”

Boundless: Zane Hodgson, Akilah Swan, Kevin Simmons, Kevin Smith


The competition paired designers, builders and students, tasked with designing and creating a bench. SAL & BCM McAlpine generously donated stipends for the teams to procure the materials.

The students who competed in ‘Benched’ included Gabriella Botelho, Ayo-Oluwa Salawu, Luke Pimental, Jacob Pimental, Madeleine Brash, Korie Minors, Zane Hodgson, Anthony Swan, Yanna Smith, Kiarrah Rogers, Gemma Border, Anna Terceira, Cedar Chew, Azra Smith, and Chiara Lombardi.

BenThree2: Nino Lombardi, Vanessa J. Daniel [Missing: Simon Leighton, Antonio Medeiros, Anthony Madeiros]


The design firms were Botelho Wood Architects, Geoff Parker Architect, Linberg & Simmons, OBMI, Utopia and iEPC. The builders included: Signworx, Somers Construction Ltd., James Chew, J&W Construction, ALM Construction and Bermuda Stripping & Refinishing.

The judges were Wayne Scott, Minister of Education; Charles Gosling, Mayor of Hamilton; Henry Ming, Architect and City Councillor; Aideen Ratteray-Pryse, Director of Planning; Charles Dunstan, President, CAOB; Sophie Cressall, Curator, Bermuda National Gallery; and Jonathan Castro, Graduate Architect and former IBA Scholarship recipient.

BenThree: Vanessa J. Daniel, Antonio Medeiros [ALM Construction], Simon Leighton [Concrete Works] & spectator Milena Medeiros


Sponsors for ‘Benched’ included SAL Ltd, BCM McAlpine, Corporation of Hamilton, Pembroke Tile & Stone, BAC, Joe Vieira Trucking, Island Glass, Air Pro, Signworx, Atlantic Building Consultants, and Washington Mall.

The designs will be displayed in Washington Mall in the old China Grill space and the benches will be on display throughout Hamilton from July 29 until August 31. Awards will be presented at Harbour Nights on July 29 at 7.00pm.

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  1. Mark Orchard says:

    Great designs. I hope to see some new benches around Hamilton for our tourists and ageing local population who are struggling in this heat and need to sit for a rest.

    • Not exactly says:

      Some very cool concepts for sure. I agree with you that they would work as a cool feature piece around the City.

  2. D says:

    All of that hard work it should have been a highier pay for the prize money but good work it looks great

    • trollsbane says:

      Congrats to the winners and well done to all entrants. The organizers/sponsors should be commended for their initiative and support; a concept that clearly flexed some considerable Bermudian creativity and talent. Hope the younger team members take inspiration from being a part of it.

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