Police Investigate Video: Public Sex At Cup Match

August 1, 2015

The police said they are “aware of a video clip currently circulating on social media purporting to show two persons engaging in sexual activity in public at Cup Match,” and said they are looking into the matter, and reminded the public “that offenses under the telecommunications act are committed even when only sharing material such as this.”

A police spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Police Service is aware of a video clip currently circulating on social media purporting to show two persons engaging in sexual activity in public at Cup Match.

“The BPS are looking into the matter and would ask anyone that can assist us with this inquiry to contact Inspector Mark Clarke on 7170282 or mclarke@bps.bm.

“The public is reminded that offenses under the telecommunications act are committed even when only sharing material such as this and the public are asked not to pass in this material but to delete it on receipt.”


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  1. Gald says:

    Glad i did my pack before soical media came out!!!!

    • Shell says:

      LOL inna!!!

      • Onion Juice says:

        Well at least he got the gender part right.

      • Roger says:

        If you know who this man is call crime stoppers on 800 8477.

        This is one of our daughters….

        • DeeDee says:

          All due respect…from what I understand the girl seemed to be a more than willing participant. I understand what you’re saying but we need to stop putting all the blame in the guys when the girls are just as guilty. After all it does take two. I’m not saying the guy isn’t at fault, I’m just saying she is just as bad

          • Zevon says:

            Total ignorance.

          • Bloopbleepbloop says:

            Maybe the crime of distributing a sex tape against the wishes and consent of the participants?

            • Self says:

              They gave up that right by carrying on in public!

              • SMH says:


              • Onion juice says:

                Ok, the party Holiday is over and lets not get distracted from this ****** performance.
                Cant wait to hear the new accusations on Harbor Front Gate.

            • B-Smart says:

              Be smart people. If it is underage people involved in having sex and your trading it around, i hope you realize that you are now involved in the viewing and distribution of child pornography across international lines. If you were stupid enough to send it across WhatsApp, Facebook or Google, their child pornography filters will label who was sending it and you will be reported to the authorities.

              Thats why the police want you to delete it. it has nothing to do with who they are but what they are, underage people having sex on video… aka Child Porn!


              • Sam says:

                I agree with some comments on here. THIS Is NOT one of them.
                For one Google & whatsapp DO NOT have filters for pornographic video clips. And for you to say that the participants are underaged says to me that you obviously know personally the people involved. That or your just like the rest of Bermuda who Always have something to say that is so very far from the truth. Yes I personally feel the act that these two parties engaged in was totally & completely out of order. People need to exercise more or should I say,”better common sense.”

        • Sara says:

          With all due respect, I suggest you have a very serious conversation with your daughter about her decisions. She certainly needs some guidance and perhaps some counseling. And if she was drunk, you may want to send her to some substance abuse meetings if she is underage. If she is doing things like this now, I can’t imagine how she will end up if you don’t get her the help she needs NOW.

          A very concerned parent.

    • Menstral Cyclist says:

      I did some very stupid things in my earlier years. Thankfully there were no cellphones with cameras or no social media. Back in the day, if it didn’t make the news the next day, you were home free.

      I feel sorry for this young girl. Unfortunately, in this world we live in, his social status will be elevated while she will likely be shunned and ridiculed. I hope she has some good family and friends she can lean on in these tough times.

  2. NO MORE WAR says:

    They look like they are dancing to me

  3. NO MORE WAR says:

    Dirty dancing that is

  4. Wtfhaha says:

    WORLD STAR!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Nxbsns says:

    Is there a anonymous hotline for this sort of activity?

  6. Paulo says:

    So now people have no expectation that Cup Match is safe for taking your children? Let alone your parents, or anyone with a modicum of decency? I’m all for letting adults (were they?) dowhatchalike in privacy, but this seems to be beyond the pale. Wanna let it all hang out, go to Burning Man, people.

  7. swing voter says:

    waffless lol and I thought that random girl taking a p**s right in front of me was bad

  8. serious says:

    Sooo the police are saying to delete the video of two inconsiderate people disrespecting a very important Bermuda holiday, but when the video of the young girl cursing at home went around, I don’t recall that they said to stop circulating it. These two people showed no respect as you can tell that they were aware of people watching them. Also if you can’t walk around the public streets in a bikini why are people allowed to come to Cup Match dressed as such? Those two need to be fined and should be banned from attending next year Cup Match.

    • swing voter says:

      ok church woman

      • Real sh*t says:

        Honestly, like really what’s all this about!? Alright well yeah it’s not right but wtf it’s cup match!!! Stuff happenes get over it honestly! The police don’t do anything anyways so they are pretty much a waste of time! Also the girl could have be drugged or even just really drunk and everybody knows stuff happenes when you’re intoxicated! People need to chill and get over them selves and all the old people that are going crazy about this go do something else becuade you know you did a pack when you were young!! People irritate me so much!!!!

        • Self says:

          So glad to see you have such high standards and morals. Cupmatch or not, this was totally unacceptable. So by your logic, since it was Cupmatch everybody can have sex iI’m public?

        • Real Talk (original) says:

          You sound dumb as hell.

          If somebody “could have been drugged or really drunk” isn’t that even more of a reason to get to the bottom of it?

          • Onion juice says:

            So when someone is drugged and really drunk you would see some form off physical instability other then that you lost that argument.

        • Really? says:

          From what I heard this is a minor… so it is a little different than some willing participant. it is a child, regardless of what she appeared to be wanting and doing…..

        • Brock says:

          Yes, with indecent exposure, sex in public, and statutory rape of a minor occurring in the video, we should just look the other way and be indifferent about it! Hooray for lack of morals and values!

          And regardless of the girl’s mental state, the guy should have known better as he’s supposed to be the adult in the situation. If she said to the guy she wanted to have sex and he agreed, that’s also a crime as she can’t legally consent. If she was impaired and he took advantage, that’s also a crime and frankly even worse. Your post disturbingly comes off like this: “An adult had sex with a minor while she was intoxicated and taken advantage of? Who cares? Stuff happens guys. Get over it!” I mean, what?

          Both look terrible here no matter how much you wave it off as young people being young people here which is an awful excuse. Gain some perspective, dude.

        • Mg says:

          Are you really that dumb!! This is not what cupmatch is about nor should we just look the other way and be ok with this deplorable behavior. As a minor this public display is completely unacceptable. If this was your daughter would you still be saying “wtf it’s cupmatch get over it”? These young girls need to have more respect for themselves you’re not young forever and things like this will follow you for the rest of Your life.

    • Glad says:

      got back to your church please

    • Real Talk (original) says:

      The police are asking people to delete and not forward along because to do so amounts to the distribution of child pornography. The girl is underage allegedly.

      • Johnny says:

        If the girl is underage they police should be more concerned with catching the guy

  9. bermyboy says:

    Maybe it’s me but I don’t see what the big fuss about this video! At least the guy put up a good score which is more than I can say for the St. Georges team!

    • Glad says:


    • Onion Juice says:

      YO, that S!@# is not a part off Bermuda Culture, do that S!@# in privacy or in your own cultural circles, there is a time and place for everything and that wasn’t the place !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Anbu says:

        Well if they r bermudian then i guess it is in “our culture” how old are u mate? U live under a rock? Weed is illegal as well but that doesnt stop the cops from walking right past everyone as they blow it in their faces during cupmatch or the concerts that coincide with it. Every generation acts up a little more than the one before it. And anyone who grew up in the 60s or 70s needs to close their mouths immediately lmao. Take a chill.

  10. LaVerne Furbert says:

    “The public is reminded that offenses under the telecommunications act are committed even when only sharing material such as this and the public are asked not to pass in this material but to delete it on receipt.” Shouldn’t the public also be reminded that it’s an offense for “two persons to be engaging in sexual activity” in public? Come on Bermuda Police Service, get it right!! If there was no public sexual activity, there would have been no video.

    • Terry says:

      Nice one Betty.

    • Menstral Cyclist says:

      Laverne, REALLY? You never cease to amaze me with the way you think.

    • Cant wait says:

      Laverne.. go swim at north rock

      • stunned... says:

        hold up. what’s with the insults? LaVerne Furbert is merely asking the BPS to be competent and remind the public to refrain from committing TWO offenses: (1) engaging in sexual activity in public and (2)distributing material of persons engaging in sexual activity. they go hand in hand…sort of.

    • Johnny says:

      I agree, with this article the police do not seem to be phased by the couple having sex, they just want to make sure everybody deletes the video before somebody recognizes the couple.

      Are the police looking into the matter or are they looking for the couple to arrest them? It is situations like this that make people wonder if the police have special preferences on who they look to arrest.

  11. Cant wait says:

    Thats nuffin…lmao… wait til Casinos come bbbaaabbbyyyy!!! Action right in the casino. Cameras n all!!!!….. for a $100.00 chip….lol

    • Glad says:

      go back to you church, Or go to Vegas and see for you self before you ramble utter nonsense.

  12. ImJustSayin says:

    OMG!!! That’s terrible the world is coming to an end. What are we gonna do? LoL!!

    • Onion Juice says:

      Actually its a culture SHOCK, in some cultures this is normal behavior. Especially in ancient Greece.

  13. Triangle Drifter says:

    No class.

  14. Steph says:

    And remember, vile people watching/dharing this video: if one or both of them is underage you could get arrested for child pornography

    • Self says:

      Oh be quiet. There aren’t even enough jail cells on this island to hold all the people viewing/sharing this video.

  15. Smh says:

    That girl is said to be only 14 years old! Who are the parents? How old is he? NO SHAME! They both need a GOOD FLOGGIN and I’m not talking in a sexual nature! Nonsense! Things waxing worse and worse just as the scriptures say! Smh

    • Glad says:

      She is not 14 or under age

    • Pfea says:

      Actually 15… Get ya facts straight!

      • Glad says:

        not even.. go up another 5 years at least.

      • O o says:

        this girls friends know exactly who she is this girls social life is over im sorry but its the truth and rumour has it that she has been expelled from her school already… Someone has got to feel sorry for her and yes she is underage. Somebody might be paying big time in jail….

      • Onion Juice says:

        Well its definitely not her first time.

        • Zevon says:

          So repeated statutory rape is ok in your mind?

      • Self says:

        What a relief…she’s 15…so much better than being 14!!!

      • Self says:

        Whew…what a relief…not 14, but 15.

  16. Will Willy says:

    Cup match turning up these days!

  17. Private says:

    Dang private school kids…..Parents will probably take their boat away from them…..

    • .am says:

      I wish you knew what this girl has already endured in her life time. What a douchebag thing to say.

  18. Ameboa says:

    BPS are a bunch of hypocrites too. They asking the public for assistance on one hand then telling you that if you have this video on ya phone its an offence. Umm how else will they have proof that it happened? I am sure they will want to see this video also in order to press charges. So they going to charge the individual who figured they done the right thing to offer the video on their social media as evidence? I tell you

    • Dumbness says:

      The person who taped it could have gone straight to the police. There was no reason to put it on social media as “proof”.

      • sage says:

        Where the video would then get “misplaced” leaving no physical evidence, case closed. If they were smoking a spliff the cops would have collared them real quick. Can’t mess with sexual orientation.

    • Real Talk (original) says:

      People genuinely interested in helping wouldn’t “offer the video on social media as evidence”. They’d contact the police.

      As it stands in sure the police are well aware of the video and are asking the public not to forward it on.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Ya got a point there.

  19. Just a thought says:

    I don’t condone the act but I am saddened by how it all is unfolding. What they did is utterly ridiculous and deserves to be investigated fully. If it is true that they/she is under age then there should be charges brought forward.

    What upsets me the most is that we have all done stupid things in our past. If you deny this then you are being a hypocrite. Yes we might not have performed a daring and absolutely ridiculous act as these two did, but we have done something that might have questioned our own better judgment. Unfortunately for these two they are living I n the age of social media. In the past it was just a rumor which would have circulated about the act. Now with the click of a button it is recorded and shared for the world to see.
    I wish them the best of luck on this because it will be a big humbling pill to swallow. You used terrible judgment which you will have to face the music for. For everyone else don’t judge. He without sin cast the first stone.

  20. Nomoremoney says:

    We have how many double standards LMFAO!!!!!!…ooops.

  21. nomoremoney says:

    if they want to enforce the Telcom act, they better ask radio stations to stop playing all that x-rated lyrics stuff about sex. Misogynistic music is a daily occurrence, but do they care.

  22. Golden child says:

    A couple of years ago a sexual act took place between two males just below pier 6 it was not to this extent but both individuals involved recived jail time what will happen in this case ? Is she a minor how old is the male?and hoo is the parents of both of these individuals it seems that they are under the influence of alcohol also thanks to the people hoo video taped it without them these type of acts will be without facts sad thing is that many young kids have phones so their parents can reach them and they also have watts app etc so they will also be privey to this
    BPS do your job properly on this matter so that our young kids are taught correctly on all the factors surrounding this situation alcohol,sex etc

    • Second says:

      Come on now the BPS OR GOVERNMENT cannot be responsible for everything. Individuals, parents, community — it’s time for us all to be responsible and own up to our behavior.

    • mdb says:

      Before you worry about what the police are doing learn to spell. It’s WHO not HOO and its WHAT”S APP not WATTS APP. Some peoples children bah

      • spoons says:

        You mean – some peoples’ children, bah. Check your own grammar. Eejit.

    • Onion juice says:

      I think if it would’ve been two guys we would’ve been looking at a crime scene.

      • PBanks says:

        If it was two guys (or two women for that matter) then we’d certainly have the religious folks jumping on this thread, the comments section would explode.

    • JCS says:


  23. Make a new plan Stan says:

    The likes and dislikes on this thread are very confusing BUT I laughed at almost every comment……whether it was righteous, defensive, indignant or rude……I too am glad that there was NO SOCIAL MEDIA when I was younger and dumber…….now I’m just dusty and dopey LOL…

    They don’t call it BACCHANAL for nothin’

  24. Rick Olson says:

    Call Scotland Yard !!

  25. ME! says:

    People and their immature comments! Disgusting!

  26. Johnny says:

    Is it illegal to share pics/videos of adults having sex?

  27. locks says:

    Its the OBAs fault

  28. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    No matter where you are or what you are doing…someone is watching you…Welcome the big eye in the sky. In my opinion it’s a shame that people react in such a way.

  29. It was public common area…pertinent to all law of venues.If it were private property liability and renumeration would be due attached to IP footprint of any and all involved tuit.So…in fact it is a private club grounds…but public venue and public venue therefore privacy cannot be reasonably expected…you tell me…do you think privacy can reasonably be expected where they were…or …

  30. Triple threat1 says:

    there was a video of two people under the influence performing oral not to long ago taken place on a side walk in bermuda yes the video was circulated just like this one and no statement from police saying remove this video ! seems pretty bias to me!!
    So i say again …its all about who you know or who your people are and thats all imma say …. who are her people? i know who they are very well known and popular high up as far as people in bermuda .

  31. So Tired says:

    The fact they continued the act while being filmed is very disturbing!

  32. Untidy says:

    The individual who took the time to videotape and then circulate should be held accountable as well. It is a very unfortunate incident and I am sure both involved were under the influence. They obviously were feeling nice and made a bad choice and then the individual who taped it stumbles along and BAM! made a video. What they should have done was confront them or shout out to them to stop as people/kids are around, not tape the damn thing. They probably enjoyed watching and taping it as much as the two engaged in the act were enjoying themselves!

    • Onion juice says:

      Hey STUPID, 99% off the people at Cup Match were under the influence and feeling nice.
      How can you make an excuse for Stupidity and Ignorance.

    • Sorry Sir says:

      There were more than one person video taping. They were out in public doing the nasty. What do you think people would do? Video tape it. Sorry, but we can’t keep defending peoples action just because “They made a mistake”. No, they were F—ing in public and that’s what’s going to happen. If they’re embarrassed by this mistake, then it’ll teach them not to do it in future.

      This is not a matter of them being in some bush 100 feet away. This was right next to the bathrooms, right out in the open. They knew people were watching and taping and they didn’t stop.

  33. SteadyDiShip says:

    You’re really blaming the people that recorded it? Face it, its 2015 a technology age. Cameras are everywhere and its common now for people to see something out of the ordinary and immediately reach for their phones (camera).

    • Onion juice says:

      Yup, I can understand if he was recording it in their private setting, but once your in the public setting its a public right.
      The Police in the US are trying too talk that same S!@# too because they are getting caught with their pants down.
      No pun intended.

  34. larry says:

    So lets let the bps do their thing and see what happens.

  35. anonymous says:

    this is so embarrassing for bermudas culture. what kind of mind set can you be in to do such at cup match. i hope she learns from this.

  36. JES says:

    Having read all the comments, I have yet to hear anyone ask when will these two make an appearance in Her Majesty’s Court. As a black man who knows all too well that had it been me or any other race there would have been an update since this story was initially reported. The update would have read that an arrest had been made and charges pending before the courts. Further to that I would have been in court first thing this morning and Westgate would have already had my 2×4 cell waiting for my arrival. Through social media I have already been informed who the young girl is so it should be just as easy for the BPS to follow up on all the leads and make arrest. This should be interesting to see how it plays but then again the privilege that comes with the persons in the video are an automatic get out of jail free card!! #iAwaitEqualJusticeUnderTheLaw!!

  37. Mark says:

    By now or as of this morning 80% of Bermudians over the Age of 16 have seen this Video of a young Men and Young Female engaged in
    Sexual activity on the Cup Match grounds.

    There are questions that must be brought to light:
    (1) How on earth was the Couple able to do this without someone reporting it to the Police?
    (2) Was the incident ever reported to the Police during or just after it happened?
    (3) How did the couple successfully leave the CupMatch grounds without being arrested ?
    (3) Did the Police find out the way we did – by gossip and Digital Video Footage?
    (4) Has it gone it gone on YouTube or Facebook yet.?

    I understand that the Bermuda Police have warned People about sharing the Video Footage but it’s to late now-
    Who are they going to book or charge 34,000-36,000 People! – they need to get the Actors of the show not the Audience!
    Then again it the individuals in question come from Money and Wealthy influence it will be brushed under
    the Carpet…….. Come on now’ I’ve been living here long enough to know the deal!

  38. Realist says:

    And nothing will be done because who her family is and where she comes from…. like the rest sweep under the carpet so “look into” all they want to.

    the bottom line is people can record whatever they want on THEIR phone it is no law against that and if they didn’t want to be record they should have been having sex in a very public place simple….

  39. Hey says:

    They both should be fined for indecent exposure.

  40. Respect says:

    Please use common sense when commenting. Take into consideration the stress the persons involved are going through. Imagine if your child was a victim of a scenario as such. We need to be considerate of the people involved and not make comments that are going to be funny or true, in respect of the persons involved. There could have been a number of things that let to this outcome. We must not be quick to judge. The problem with this island is the fact that everyone knows your business better than yourself. Please be considerate.

    • Mg says:

      This is exactly what is wrong with our society we stay making excuses for dumb behavior. Either way you slice it this situation is wrong. If she was drinking? She broke the law because she is underage (fact). If she took took drugs? She’s under age. If he had sex with her knowing she was underage age, then he broke the law. It’s no right in this situation. We need to teach our children morals and respect and if he and she feel embarrassed or stressed than they damn well should because these are the ramifications of bad decision making. It was a lot of people drunk at cupmatch including myself but you didn’t see me smiling for the camera while having sex behind a food stall in broad daylight. If this is the “norm” for cupmatch, getting drunk and having public sex then cupmatch would be one big orgy don’t you think?

  41. n/a says:

    I love how many people refer to them as a “couple”.. something tells me it was a random hook up.. and possibly their last hook up, as they probably wont be allowed to see the light of day anytime soon!

    • truth says:

      there a couple dumb@#s cause there’s two of them.

  42. Ann says:

    Has anyone even thought that the poor girl was drugged? And was set up for this video.

  43. whaaat says:

    THAT LITTLE GIRL IS 15 !!!!!!!!!!

    • Reality says:

      Rich white people get away with any and everything. The more they get away with this crap the more they will do. One day it will be something off the charts. Then everyone will wonder why – because they think they are entitled.

      I’m sure they will just get a slap on the wrist and be on their way. That is the way of the world, Bermuda is no different. #sad

  44. JRS says:

    I have to agree with JES. If this sex act involved a black male, he would have been arrested THAT DAY, detained in jail and been in court 9am the Monday after Cup Match. This has everything to do with being white and priviledged. Must be nice to have the parents and connections to sweep this mess under the carpet and make it go away. Too bad the average black Bermudian does not have the same luxury. These kids will never see a day in court, mark my word. They will never be held accountable for their actions or poor judgement. Yes, we all have made some questionable decisions, but infortunately these kids live in the era where everything gets recorded and your bad choices will haunt you forever. Sex in public, indecent exposure and sex with a minor are at least three of the charges both these people should be charged with. How lucky they are to be born WHITE.

  45. Jenifer says:

    I don’t understand how some of the comments talk about the girl’s race and how it ‘helps’ her, this is a horrible situation and I know that the police haven’t made a big deal out of this but that does not have anything to do with her race.. Yes, she shouldn’t have had sex at cupmatch in public for everyone to see and i totally understand that but some of these comments are horrifying

  46. CURIOUS says:

    ok I used to be a 15 year old girl (glad technology sucked back then) and when I wanted to drink I did(that was my choice) I knew I was underage and wrong but I wanted to do what I wanted to do regardless. and as a 15 year old girl I was very nicely developed …in other words he may not have known how old she was because of the activities she was already engaging in. some of the young girls nowadays are trifling and a lot is because of lack of communication with their parents (whether you are black or white) if she was drugged she would not have had the mind to pull him in closer but I guess its a great excuse if you get caught and your family are higher ups…ijs

  47. CURIOUS says:

    boarding school here I come…