“Actively Investigating” Cup Match Indecent Act

August 11, 2015

The police said they are “actively investigating” the indecent act that occurred at Cup Match, and are currently “following several lines of inquiry and active progress is being made.”

Following the circulation of a video showing two young people engaged in sexual activity in public at Cup Match the police launched an investigation; they subsequently confirmed that family members identified the female, who is a minor, and they continue to try and identify the male involved.

Photo provided by the police showing the male involved


A police spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Police Service is actively investigating the Cup Match indecent act, currently police are following several lines of inquiry and active progress is being made.

“At this juncture we are still trying to identify the male in the video. We are aware that a family member, friend, colleague and or an associate may know the identity of this individual and we are appealing for anyone that can assist us in the identification process to come forward.

“We are also appealing to anyone who may have any information that can assist no matter how insignificant it may seem to you , we are asking your to contact Inspector Mark Clarke on 247 1086 or Mclarke@bps.bm or you can contact Crimestoppers on 800 8477.”

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  1. Useless says:

    LET IT GO! Such a WASTE OF MONEY!!!!! Ok she is underage whatever……had she been resisting then it would be a completely different story. STOP WASTING OUR MONEY!

    • Warrant says:

      Hmmm… you sound like the pervert.
      “bad boys bad boys whatcha gonna to do when they come for you”

    • JustAskin2 says:

      “Ok, she is underage, whatever”??? Really?

      Excuse me… I don’t care if she doesn’t look like she is resisting or is begging him to do her, the fact that she is underage is statutory rape, period, end of story.

      Last time I checked having sex with an underage girl is prison time.

      Wonder why you feel it is okay for this particular person to perpetrate and get away with it???

      • LJBDA says:

        How can anyone dislike this post? Really!!

        • Does make you wonder what Bermuda is coming to when statutory rape is no longer viewed as wrong by everyone. Sickening how so many try to dismiss this as “no big deal” simply because of who is involved. Typical defense mechanism that has no right or wrong barometer.Sad.

      • Betty Boop says:

        It is not rape she was a consenting person who was sexually taken advantage of because she is a minor! When will you people get the right termination? There’s no end of story, what are you a judge? The act was disgraceful and he probably will be charged with indecent exposure and sexual abuse of a minor. If they ever find him.

        • When will you people get the right termination?

          Please look up the definition of statutory rape before making unfounded statements! The minor does not need to be an unwilling participant for if that’s the case then it’s rape and there would be no such thing as statutory rape.

    • Does this apply just to this particular situation or are you suggesting we remove statutory rape and unlawful carnal knowledge from the books? That is if the minor is not resisting which seems to be the thrust of your argument.

    • nomoremoney says:

      it was a criminal act on his behalf and he obviously knows it or he would be concerned about her. Willing is not a term that applies to under age victims. Being drugged or gotten drunk is the usual work of the predator. If that was your daughter, would you be so righteous and judgemental. There is no waste of money in a community where incest and pedophilia has reigned for decades.

      • Bird says:

        Oh but in a few months when she is 16 it’s all good right? He is no longer labeled a “predator”? You can’t just look at the age of the girl, you also need to look at the age differential. Sure, if this guy was 40, something’s up. The only thing wrong with this is what the law states. The law also stats you must drive 35kph, which I’m sure you abide by.

    • This a perfect example of “White Wash”.

    • umok says:

      @Useless They should just let it go. It’s really not that serious. The police have other crimes to worry about like catching these people stealing cars and bikes.

  2. Useless says:

    And lets be honest…the police are only putting up these posts because all you people keep complaining… I don’t blame the Police, I blame the people of Bermuda, specifically the people who think this is race related. STOP IT and move on. I am sick and tired of hearing about this and i’m sure the family of the girl is too. Lessons have been learned, you cant have sex with a child in public at cup match.

    • Yamon says:

      Or at any other time or place!

      • Yamon says:

        Not sure I feel comfortable with the individual who disliked my wholly valid point here. Possible pedo?

        • Legalgal says:

          Yes, and it is a shame the police haven’t required the disclosure of persons who viewed/forwarded the images. They should be exposed. It is an offense and you can end up on the sexual offenders list. And should be.

    • LMAO says:

      lessons are that the alleged man is a statutory rapist, according to Bermudian laws.

      And Mark Bean is in court for allegedly calling someone a political wh***, – go figure

    • You People... Ugh! says:

      “You people”

      This one gets me every time…

      The blind reality of racism is that people don’t know that they are racist. We really need to start to feel comfortable discussing race. If someone mentions race and you get that uncomfortable feeling in your gut then you have underlying issues regarding race. You may not like it but it’s the truth. This if for all people (I.e. Black, White etc.) Stop fearing conversations about race, ethnicity, culture etc we will be better for it. If it makes you uncomfortable to discuss you are part of a bigger problem!

      On another note BPS continue to “actively” investigate this case please and thank you.

      • Bird says:

        Replace “you people” with “everyone”. Feel better?

      • Come Correct says:

        “You people” is not racist by definition of the word. When I see that phrase I take it in a literal context.

        Did you know the Japanese language has no plurals because they use common sense to figure it out? If I said “Inu wa doko desu ka?” (Where is/are the dog/s) my reply would be based on how many dogs I own and where it/they are.

        You people that take offense to the phrase “you people” make me roll my eyes and come off completely butt hurt about nothing.

        • You People... Ugh! says:

          Agreed, however meanwhile back over here in BERMUDA and not Japan… It is not racist by definition of the word however the reality is White people with White Privilege tend to use phrases like “you people” or “them” or “those people” This does not happen intentionally but it happens as a result of underlying racism. I’m not blaming people for being racist it’s a learned behaviour! The issue is not seeing you’ve learned it. I personally have these discussion with Black and White people dedicated to solutions. First solution is recognising there is a problem which some do but not enough.

          So as you roll your eyes please note it can be offensive. Further to this Black people who don’t admit racism is an issue additionaly add to the problem.

          Injustice is so real! Just reading here that people are concerned about her family and it should be dropped speaks volumes!

          • nomoremoney says:

            “you people” is used by both the white and black community in Bermuda. More common now is the term “Bermudians” used in a way in which it speaks of black Bermudians, as though they were more Bermudian than any others. For those that don’t socialize much,we have many races of people living in Bermuda that are bona fide Bermudians by status or birth.

            • Ya, but the social and economic privilege is where the line is drawn.
              Take your head out off your @$$ and face reality.

          • Betty Boop says:

            You explain things very well, good for you, I don’t mind listening to someone with a brain. THKX.

      • Ya boy!! says:

        Racism only exists because race is acknowledged…

    • MG says:

      its sickening that you’re so comfortable with adults having sex with children in public. Lets just take statutory rape and unlawful carnal knowledge off the books. And while we are at it we should free all the people serving time for the aforementioned crimes.

      “mothers and fathers lock up your daughters they’re just like lambs to the slaughter”.

    • Grizz says:

      @USELESS You are extremely funny, though this situation is not! You speak as if you know for a fact that the police only put up the post because people are complaining. You don’t blame the police, you blame US; the people of Bermuda…SPECIFICALLY THE PEOPLE WHO THINK THIS IS RACE RELATED! STOP! STOP! STOP! What you THINK is irrelevant, the FACTS will alwasy be the FACTS and people have a right to be bothered by what is going on! I am very careful when I use the race card these days because honestly it’s more than colour, but that does not mean colour is not involved. It’s about SOCIAL STATUS and whether you belong or not. You can’t COMMIT CRIMES like this and sweep them under the carpet like nothing happened….IT DID HAPPEN and the Young Man needs to be dealt with; and in my opinion, the young lady as well. Don’t care if she is underage…she is old enough! You think she is too young…well put her in timeout!! #rantover

  3. Useless says:

    AND all of you that have seen the video technically watched child porn so….you might as well turn yourself in and state your name.

    • LJBDA says:

      Who is disliking these posts? Child porn watchers?

    • Rock watcher says:

      Absolutely all that shared and watched it should be ashamed and I know a lot of you did watch it, you all act so disgusted about the act that was done but you didn’t act so disgusted when u watched and shared it. Let the police do their job and stop politicising it. …..it’s not the crime of the century …..politicians just trying to score points….maybe they could put this much attention and focus on the child abuse that goes on every day here in Bermuda catch those criminals

  4. Just a matter of time says:

    @Useless. “..Ok she is underage whatever……had she been resisting then it would be a completely different story…”

    So basically in your world, you’re saying that if an older person has sex with a minor, and that minor doesn’t resist, it’s ok…?

    • Useless says:

      I see your point and it is valid… Reading about this and seeing the video will give you two completely different perspectives though. either way this publicity has certainly taught the entire island a very valuable lesson and I think its time to move on. My guess is this kid is a tourist and is loongggg gone. Bermuda is too small for his name to have not surfaced.

      • Real Talk (original) says:

        That is clearly an adult male in the video, ie., over 18 years old engaging in sex with an individual who is unable legally to give consent. He is a statutory rapist. And yet you “think its time to move on”. Really?

  5. Bermuda Jake says:

    This is best left in the hands of the BPS (him) and the family (her). We can all fight about race and politics using a different subject.

    • Terry says:

      Great mind Jake.

      And no I have not watched the video or whatever. Nor do I wish to.

      If an offence has been committed (and I am sure one or two have) let the justice system work.

      Nothing further to say except…………………


      • And knowing how the justice system has worked over the years worldwide is laughable.
        A bunch of legal gangsters.

  6. Cow Polly says:

    Although the lines are blurred he looks a bit like Robin Thicke……….. oh the irony

  7. Just a matter of time says:

    Wow. I actually got dislikes for my comment? I shouldn’t have received any. Scary….

  8. Thinking says:

    he got back on his cruise and bounced. Let it go.

  9. Just a matter of time says:

    @Cow Polly. Agreed! As soon as I realized the meaning of the song’s lyrics I hate it now. As with so many others that are equally misogynistic.

  10. Great Job Well Done says:

    Makes me wonder, if we are to blame the weak minded men of the young girls who are telling these men it is okay, we wont tell.

    I wouldn’t even waste any more money on this case. ….

  11. Person says:

    His obviously not Bermudian. Bermudians know EVERYONE and if not the pokey and everyone talks there’s your answer.

  12. skytrain says:

    If he was a cruise passenger it would be quite easy to find him from the 2 ships in port that departed Friday evening of Cup Match. The cruise lines take your picture when you embark. The photo ID’s of all passengers are filed electronically and could be requested by BPS.

    • crackattack says:

      And then what? Assuming he’s not a minor himself, what do you suggest? Maybe we could send a diplomat to his country to flex our international muscle and force them to extradite him back to Bermuda to face charges of statutory rape?

  13. Common Sense Talking says:

    Some people are referring to this as “child porn” but as “Useless” said “reading about it and seeing the video will give you two completely different perspectives.”

    I am 99.9% sure that guy did not ask her for ID and I’m just as sure that she didn’t tell him she was 15 years old so where does the fault lie? How do people seem to know this young man’s age in the first place but not know who he is? Something sounds fishy about that.

    A 15 year old committed a murder a few years ago and was tried as an adult so where is the outcry there? She made and adult decision and the embarrassment alone is enough that they should just let it go I do feel very sorry for her family in all of this and her as well because she will have a hard time getting past this. But life goes on.

    • Anon says:

      The ignorance of you to be comparing a RAPE crime against a 15 year old girl. And a murder commited by a 15 year old girl is sick. If I was you I’d watch what comes out of my mouth next time.

  14. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    For all of you that want people turned in, start with the one that sent it to you…? Oops…ya’ll suddenly got lock jaw. …hahahah!!

  15. bermyboy says:

    If this guy was Black he would have been long found and dragged before the courts. Very sad but true about the justice system on Bermuda.

  16. bluebird says:

    Indecent act.
    if it is hard enough and in far enough,it is indecent

  17. If that's the case... says:

    Before we jump to conclusions did this young girl state her age? With shades on she looks a good 19….and if he is a tourist is would be hard for him to know her age….if that is the case do we really wanna waste tax payers money for a extradition? I certainly don’t want to spend my money on that. Like I said…..if that’s the case

  18. just saying says:

    It is a concern when underage girls engage in sexual activity..we should all be concerned , it could be your daughter so I’m wondering if it would be ok then? I do not hear the likes of Sheila Cooper talking out in the press as this “child” is underage and under our statutes constitutes sex with a minor,public indecency etc. What have we come to when we accept this behavior in broad daylight and in full view of so many people? My other concern is that so many people witnessed this but no one called the police. I do believe that if the guy had been black then he would have been apprehended immediately. I can’t begin to imagine how this has impacted the family given that everyone evidently knows her identity..it will have a huge impact on her future. There is no doubt our girls dress too maturely and it is impossible to guess correct age.However, all that said and done, the sexual act in public is a crime . So parents have a good long talk with your kids. It’s not easy

  19. Yes I says:

    We don’t need this filth. Hope they sort them both out

  20. Oh,I see now says:

    For all who say move on or be done with,I pray you never come home early and find a full grown hairy &$$ed man with your under aged daughter/granddaughter.At that exact moment you catch him think to yourself “hey what’s the big deal”…….sigh

    I guess it’s easy when it isn’t your kin eh?

  21. Tommy says:

    Some of the comments on here are atrosious.
    To think that people believe the police are doing nothing because these two are white is beyond common sense.
    Am I missing something here……please tell me I’m not.
    People in Bermuda actually think that the WHOLE Bda Police Service are not perusing this because of color and NO One in the service is saying anything to the contrary.
    I think that anyone who is directly involved in this investigation (parents or minor) who are knowingly with oldie information should be charge with disrupting the course of justice.
    I believe he will surface and be felt with.

  22. jim bob says:

    Umm, not to be devils advocate here or anything, but who looked at the girl and thought she was underage? Personally I thought she was 17,18,19 or thereabouts. That does not make the fact about what happened ok but I think parents need to be more concerned about their kids becoming sexualized at younger ages. Thing like music videos and the whole celebrity culture were not as prevalent 50 years ago as they are today.

    • Betty Boop says:

      Oh, so you must have seen the video then BOB? Dirty, dirty

  23. Di says:

    Why is the under aged girl not saying who this guy is? Does she not know? Or not remember?

  24. Val says:

    To the Young Lady in the Video,

    I know right now you may be feeling horrible about what happened at Cup Match. I know that if you could take back that moment, you would. You are checking these comments and possibly hating yourself for what you did.
    I want to assure you that you can rise above this. That video does not define you. Your past does not define you. You can be off the island but as you know in your heart, you cannot run from how you feel about yourself. You can start today to redefine who you are. You are a beautiful, intelligent young woman and there is a purpose intended for your life. God has a plan for you, a purpose for you. He plans to give you hope and a future -regardless of your past. Haters, your enemies, people commenting on Bernews may want you to believe that this is who you are -some even forgetting their own transgressions they did in their youth. Do not become this label. Do not become what was seen in the video. You are not that girl….you are better than her. I pray God reveals to you his purpose for you. I pray a bright future for you where you can hold your head high and become all that God and your parents intended for you. I pray that you become a virtuous young woman and that God restores your self-worth. You are worthy, you have a purpose for your life, you deserve a life of respect and you are loved. Hold your head up high..rise above your past…rise above your actions and walk in honour and integrity from this day on.

    I love you in the Lord. Everything will be alright my dear.