Man Jailed For Sexual Activity On Front Street

December 21, 2012

Appearing in Magistrates Court this morning [Dec 21], a 30-year-old man was jailed after admitting engaging in sexual activity with another man on Front Street. Kevin Mendonca pleaded guilty to a charge of behaving in an indecent manner in a public place and was sent to prison for ten days.

Prosecutor Cindy Clarke told Senior Magistrate Archie Warner that in September 2012, Mr Mendonca and another man were seen on CCTV. The two men were first seen in Number Six cycle park engaging in what appeared to be sexual activity. Then they moved to another area on Front Street where Mr Mendonca performed a certain sex act on the other man.

According to what was said in Court, the approximate area below is where the sex act took place:

Ms Clarke said that this activity was visible to the public passing on the adjacent sidewalk and that it was still light at that time of evening. Police were called, and they arrested both men.

Mr Mendonca apologized and said he took full responsibility for his actions. He said it shouldn’t have happened and he should have just walked away. The other man failed to appear in Court and a warrant has been issued for his arrest.

Saying that the act showed a blatant disregard for other people, that it would have been just as bad if it had been between a man and a woman, and that sex in public must be discouraged, the Senior Magistrate handed down a 10-day jail sentence.

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  1. samcro says:

    HUH??? so u send him to jail for 10 days? He must feel like he won the lotto. Dirtness.

    • 75 and sunny says:

      that is hilarious. early christmas i guess.

      • Friendly Faces says:

        I mean don’t be surprised folks, the self styled Queen of Portugal….but really some of these comments below….holy moly Bermuda has some growing up to do.

        Sure you can’t go messing around like this on Front Street, but there are lots of gay men in Bermuda, black, white, old and new, some are probably related to you, it is Bermuda after all. Get over it, we really need to lose this homophobia, it marks us as ignorant and bigoted.

        • Judge Dredd says:

          Shut on up this isn’t about homophobia it’s about public indecency. Or would you rather accuse all homosexuals of behaving this way in public?

  2. Snickers says:


  3. swing voter says:

    good….I’m sure you won’t be disappointed to serve your full term…and have all the ‘treats’ you want in WestGate ;-)

  4. Boom Bye Bye says, 'me no deh pon dat" says:

    Well I never….!

  5. Archie is obviously not getting it at home says:

    I’m just saying!

  6. Simple says:

    I’m sorry but this is a joke right LMAO

  7. Islander says:

    Does the Human Rights Act allow this. First prostitutes and now OMG!!

    • Get a room says:

      The EU is about to make internet access a basic human right….

      Public Sex acts? not sure.

  8. tricks are for kids says:

    Really didn’t need to know WHO…would rather know who the “dirty old men” are that interfere with little children… know..the ones that CAN’T be identified……

    • WhistleBlower says:

      It is EASY to attack such a HATED group! I agree why do we will NOT create a “dirty old man,” list? Because most in power think nothing of luring a young, fatherless, impressionably young boy!! The numbers are high folks. I know and have reported an incident were one of these “dirty old man” have damaged a young man who is now an associate of a gang! Do not be fooled by the bagging pants and bravado. Theses young abused young boys are sleeping with your daughters also!!!!

    • Confused says:

      I have to agree. I didn’t need to know who.

      And not that I agree with letting these guys off, but how many times have hetero couples been caught out doing this and NOT booked? I don’t need to see anybody’s business, gay or not….

      I agree with the second statement as well… I would rather have the names of the people who are preying on children.

  9. LilNi$%a says:

    Only 10 days for that disgusting behavior. he should have gotten a month at the least

  10. SMH says:

    no way

    • truth says:

      Many a toursit ladies have had their cedar passions come true on front street courtesy of the Bermuda welcome committee.

      this poor guy was just too sloppy and got caught!

  11. Serious Though says:

    Jail during the Holiday, it a dream come true … ” a Christmas present come early”

  12. bir says:


  13. SMDH says:

    Did it really warrant a hail sentence? Having his name paste red all over the news is surely punishment enough. It was an act between two consenting adults. Admittedly stupid to do it in public whir there was still daylight but ard ly criminal behaviour.

  14. SMDH says:

    I blame the typos on a combination of festive rum and a touchscreen!

  15. Free says:

    Are you kidding me? What is going on in Bermuda.

  16. Snickers says:

    I have a hard time believing if it were a man and woman they would have gotten time, maybe a fine, but not time. Just my opinion however what is 10 days going to do really come on!!!!!

  17. DarkSideOfTheMoon says:

    CCTV works??

  18. WTH???? says:

    WELL I’LL BE…….

  19. Country boy says:

    He’ll get plenty of action in prison.

  20. Miss B says:

    Help me understand this one. 2 men caught but only 1 goes to court and is sent to Westgate. Something isn’t adding up here.

    • Joey-Bag-O'doughnuts says:

      Uh, they did send a warrant for the second person’s arrest. Did you read it?

  21. no 2 that says:

    i never want my son to see things such as two man sexually active in public AT THAT and get an impression like its ok, ITS WRONG , LETS GET TO OUR MORALS , COME ON NOW

  22. Your joking says:

    They don’t arrest Santa when he “comes” once a year on Front street…

  23. tricks are for kids says:

    @ miss B…

    The other man didnt show up for court and a warrant has been issued for his arrest. .

  24. navin johnson says:

    The true definition of HARD time…….butt its not a joke… they gave him the shaft

  25. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    Make no mistake . They both had balls . Front Street !

  26. C.B.A. says:

    Ay, do want you want, but front street bra?? Have a little common sense at least and take it to East Broadway or something…

  27. Uh oh!!! says:

    Should have been find heavily & given community service for his indecent act . . . Time in Westgate is a joke of a sentence for someone like him!

  28. Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

    Did any member of the public actually see this sexual interaction …or was it just the Perv at the other end of the Cam….and i say this coz cctv cams havent produced much convictions of real crime…i jus wish they had seen who keyed my car all the way down both sides while parked in town in the “daylight”…Anyway ….so having sex in town is illegal…hmmmm…how many of YOU are now criminals and subject to public ridicule….the only crime i see here is that they got caught shucks it’s only a crime if you get caught …if they didn’t get caught would we be here spewing garbage again..? Now i am not condoning or condemning…jus Keepin’ It Real…4real!

  29. Familiar says:

    You have to give the guy credit for showing up and owning up but this really didn’t require a jail sentence. Maybe just a ‘stupid’ sign.

  30. Orbit says:

    Dirty mouth?! Clean it up with Orbit gum

    • Mayan says:

      I’m sure that mouth was good and dirty afterwards…this is so gross. If someone is gay and wants to do that, fine, but it’s disgusting the way some gay guys ‘hook up.’ He just comes across the guy in town and then ends up s$%^$ him off? DISGUSTING! He doesn’t know where that guy’s parts have been!

      When I engage in that stuff with my hubby, I make him scrub that bad boy first…there’s no way he’s walking in the door and getting action just like that! No shower-no oral!!!

      • SMH says:


      • BermudaLove says:

        no one cares “Mayan”… He probably says the same thing about you and your sweatbox lol… no shower-no oral

  31. Tee says:

    LOFL….this is funny. But why Front Street and it wasn’t even tucked off, it was right on the sidewalk LOFL. Well I Never!

  32. Just Us says:

    I’d bet my bottom dollar popo just sit and watch the women who doing the same thing, without complaint…

  33. Just One says:

    Must Be One Of Those New Kind Of “Jobs” We Were Promised, Lol!

  34. dthtoo/ says:

    Equal rights – sexual orientation – down with discrimination! The BPLP was going to table this sickness when the House resumes in the New Year. I hope the UBPOBA are going to keep this crap on the back burner – better still, forget about it completely. No discussion/debate – end of story!

  35. swing voter says:

    Tailing in public is not pretty……u shouldn’t do tailing in public. keep it to yurself behind close doors

  36. oh man murl says:

    Nasty! Sick Fools

  37. Some mother's do have 'em says:

    10 days is a waste of everybody’s time, should of been at least 30

  38. Concerned says:

    A total disgrace.

  39. blessings says:

    Pure dirt!!! Like the girls at chaplin bay many years ago, what next

  40. Wonder says:

    So, Im just wondering… is this the guy giving the b_____, or the guy getting the b____? either way, they should put both of them in jail.

  41. Really says:

    Wow do folks actually have sex in Bermuda ain’t that something ?

  42. SMH says:

    10 days is a waste of tax payer dollars!!!

    and lets be real who aint had sex outside?

    they dumb for doing it on front street that for sure! should have took that to bars park