OBA Chairman Thad Hollis Resigns

July 22, 2014

ThadHollis_110pxX110px_72dpi[Updated] Thad Hollis — who served as the One Bermuda Alliance chairman — has resigned from the position.

This comes only a few days after Mr. Hollis released his findings into the so-called “JetGate” affair, which was centered around a $350,000 donation from Nathan Landow and his associates, which went to an account in the names of Derrick Green and Steven DeCosta.

We will have more details, and will update as able.

Update 6.33pm: The OBA has confirmed the resignation, with a short statement saying: “The Acting Leader of the One Bermuda Alliance is in receipt of a letter of resignation from Chairman Thad Hollis.

“It was presented to the Party Central Executive last night and, as of yet, it has not been accepted or rejected, pending further discussions. The party will update the press as soon as the matter is resolved,” added the OBA.

According to ZBM, sources close to the situation say “Mr. Hollis has expressed dissatisfaction with the political leadership of the party, saying there had been limited consultation with the party caucus on a number of issues such as the decision to scrap the Gaming referendum.”

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  1. Dreary says:

    Cannonier,Crockwell,Green and Decosta should have resigned.

    • Truth Teller says:

      And let us not forget about the chief… puppet master Minister Fahy! He should have been the first to go…

      • Kunta says:

        No S—, but remember he is de poster child.

        • Bettty Trump says:

          Well Well, this is interesting turn of events ! I will continue to sip my tea and watch !

        • Cleancut says:

          I have one thing to say…….OBA all the way!……..all the way OBA!……..keep up the stirling work all, your the best,

          Kudos to;

          Grant Gibbons
          Trevor Moniz
          Patricia Pamplin
          Michael Fahy
          Michael Dunkley
          Wayne Scott
          Shawn Crockwell

          • Kunta says:

            Fahy and Crockwell, are you serious ? Does de name Derrick Green ring a bell ?

      • Serious Things going on says:

        There must have been more key information that Mr. Hollis wanted to reveal in his investigation report, but was limited. Mr. Hollis also was preventd from interviewing certain individuals or MPs. Mr. Hollis must have felt that his report was watered down version of the truth, in order to please certain individuals within the OBA.

        Mr. Hollis recognizes that his integrity was compromised and no longer felt comfortable. Mr. Hollis did the right thing to remove himself from the OBA. The OBA has lost all its integrity as a political party, so soon.

        I asked for the Premier to step up and be more transparent in regards to this money and JetGate affair, if not it will have long-term ramifications for OBA party.

        The fall out of JetGate and the 300,000 dollars continues to go on. But the real fall guy Mr. Fahy still walks away free. Come on Mr. Dunkley hold the real guy accountable for this mess he has put the OBA in. I am very disappointed, and expected more Transparency and Honesty from the OBA, not sure I will vote for OBA in the future.

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        Curious why you think Fahy is a puppet master, easier than to see Cannonier as having been the lead on this issue.
        In light of the report, he does need to step aside now, shame too, he has been the best immigration minister in a couple of decades.

    • drunken ursula says:

      why GREEN AND DeCosta we didn’t elect them…..Cannonier did the correct thing…but that proud boy Crockwell won’t resign…

  2. Conservative says:


    OBAers………..look forward to reading all your posts

    • Sick of the this divisive crap says:

      Grow up.

      • Kunta says:

        EAT CROW

      • Tricks are for Kids says:

        No need to “Grow Up”…..If the shoe was on the other foot (in this case party) YOU “OBA’ers” would be talking a whole pile of “smack” so yeah there are people that want to hear what you have to say….#Illwait

        • Tricks are for Kids says:

          And I thought that he did the honourable thing…..

      • D says:

        You must be an OBA supporter. Please explain to us what is immature about the comment.

        And before you say it…no I am not a PLP supporter

    • Ra's al Ghul says:

      I’ll take Thad Hollis over that Maynard Dill any day.

      • drunken ursula says:

        why GREEN AND DeCosta we didn’t elect them…..Cannonier did the correct thing…but that proud boy Crockwell won’t resign…

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      I look forward to what happens when the dust settles, the not so funny thing about this is, that an OBA in shambles would still be a better government for this country than the PLP.

      • How can you make that statement, we all know what the PLP has done, are you sure what road the OBA are heading????????

        • Build a Better Bermuda says:

          Easy, there are still many good people representing the OBA, meanwhile Mr. Bean’s shadow cabinet stood behind him when they spoke to the country last Tuesday, they have all been compliant in attempting to have our democracy, un-democratically dissolved for their own ambitions. You are right, we know what the PLP has done, they have not changed, so that road they will take us back down will result in our children, grand children… burdened with a debt that will cripple us beyond return. Minister Richard’s has spent the last 18 months working exhaustively trying to get us forward again, why would we go back.
          Finally, what we have seen in the last few months from the OBA, represents a 100% turn around in transparency over the PLP administration.

        • Truth (Original) says:

          Um. We still don’t know what PLP has done. That’s what makes all of this hoopla over a piddly 350k so hilarious.

          Where is the money from;

          The ProActive MASSIVE coat overruns and the performance bond forgiveness

          The BHC scandal

          The building of the dock in dockyard that had to be repaired shortly thereafter

          The Govt Office building cost overruns

          The ministers that set up a company to bid successfully on Govt contracts and then hid it all behind a trust

          The auditor general report findings of 800M unaccounted for

          This list LITERALLY goes on and on and the amounts we are taking about are in the HUNDREDS of MILLiOnS of dollars are you all are banging on about a minuscule 350k that wasn’t an illegal contribution and no Minister (excluding Fahy) has knew about?

          Blind, the lot of you.

          • Build a Better Bermuda says:

            The PLP are unable to provide accounting for $800,000,000.00, that is over $57,000,000.00 a year during their administration.

          • ole Onion says:

            Good observation! But two wrongs never made right ! Obviously there was something nefarious going on ! If not why so many resignations ? Its a shame the OBA couldn’t live up to what they thought they could be. Money that dreadful stuff ! Like all things it has two sides . Human beings too !!! U know we probably would’ve been way better off had the then premiere accepted the olive branch & did the right thing ! A Coalition GOVERNMENT ! Collectively we all Achieve More ! Best of minds moving the country in a positive attitude& position to deal with all our ills & promote our investments !!
            By the way most people of the world are of biracial origin after Africa !! Go look ???

          • Kunta says:

            Blame Scotland Yard, they found nothing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • ray says:

        Figures after your first comment and now reading this one your an OBA supporter and probably a P.R.C holder smh.

    • Are you kidding me? says:

      I was right all along. ,,,when PLP lost to the OBA,it was just as big of a surprise to the PLP losing as it was to the OBA wining,,,,cause on my opinion PLP was the best of both evils…..as a matter of fact if it wasn’t for three individuals on PLP side ,one is now out , but two are still in ,they would’ve been still in power ,and I say it now if PLP wants to improve their changes greatly of getting back in all they have to do is kick those two individuals out and it would be a home run for sure ,,,

      • Samuel L. Jackson says:

        Don’t hold back, who are these two?

  3. GOD1ST says:

    Call an election !!!!!

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      At least a by-election, let Thad run in Cannonier’s seat

    • Kunta says:

      O.B.A. is falling down, falling down, falling down
      O.B.A. is falling down, my fair lady

      • Samuel L. Jackson says:

        Are you sure she can fall anymore? She’s already crumbled from the mountain top, crashed into the sea and sank to the ocean floor. With this new development it appears that the ocean floor is cracking to swallow it into a lower level of disgrace.

      • Stephanie says:

        Way to add to the discussion – very insightful

    • Allspice says:

      An election only gets us more division, more arguing, and less time spent doing the people’s business, more money spent. It all leads to more failure because instead of bailing the boat we shout at one another. The whole thing is, as usual, ridiculous.

      Maybe there’s a way we could AVOID THAT!

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        Put anybody who has stood in an election in the last 20 years on a boat and set them adrift, then start from scratch.

    • Redman says:

      Guess you missed it, Dec 2012 and the PLP lost and Bermuda as a whole won. Get over it.

    • Encyclopedia says:

      If OBA called an election now, they will be in single digits and may find it difficult to continue as a single party and it is bound to break up.

      I am surprised Marc Bean has not able to wean away a few OBA MPs, enough for the government to fall, thereby, resulting in a fresh election.

  4. Triangle Drifter says:

    A shame & a loss to the OBA. He did the honourable thing. Something new to see in Bermuda politics.

    • Allspice says:

      Yep, smells like integrity.
      So we lost him. That’s a shame.
      Who else has integrity?

    • Robert says:

      Brother is an honorable person, but he didn’t resign out of honor, he resigned because those around his are dishonorable .

    • Robert says:

      Brother hollis is an honorable man, but he resigned because those around him are dishonorable.

      • Thelma Foster says:

        TO MR THAD HOLLIS you did the right thing I thank you

    • Terry says:

      Whats so “honorable” about that Triangle.
      Why would he resign if he did nothing wrong.

  5. Coffee says:

    And the beat goes on ! From Jetgate to Deadgate to BACKGATE ! LMAO

  6. Ninja says:

    You are not going to hear to much from the OBA fan pool…

    • RME says:

      Except for Triangle Drifter – the OBA’s Master Spin-Doctor.

  7. Just great-- says:

    Just great–we have a Gvt in the process of imploding and an Opposition that hasn’t a clue how to even begin to address the problems that this country is facing.


    • Bettty Trump says:

      @Kangoocar if you want OBAubp to show use that certain behaviors will not be tolerated. Well that will only be so if the real players of mis-doing such as Fahy and Crockwell step down. Anything less than that is merely folly.

  8. Hurricane says:

    Come on, Shawn, follow his & your former leaders lead and do the honorable thing.

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      Something new for the OBA I think @triangle. Why haven’t you ask why he resigned. That would be the honourable question to ask?

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      And Dunkley too. Him and Fahy must step down. In fact, call an election ASAP!!!

    • Evie says:

      Lots of respect for Mr Hollis Shawn, Mark,Michael, Craig not so much SMDH

  9. Kangoocar says:

    Premier Dunkley had better come out and make a statement on this!!! I am livid at this decision by Thad Hollis, one can only assume he is stepping down in order to not have to answer the questions that I believe he doesn’t want to answer!!! The Premier I am sure had nothing to do with this mess and it would behoove him to truly get to the bottom of this mess be honest and hold those accountable for this what I believe to be malfeasance of a small group!!! Now is the time to show everyone that acting like the previous government will NOT be tolerated!!!!!

    • Agree says:

      Its about time for the Government to grow a pair and start messaging into the public about what is going on.

      The silence is deafening and its not helping and will fuel a whole lot of speculation.

      This will clearly spell political uncertainty for the country which will do all of us no good in the long run when looking at the broader picture of economic recovery and job creation.

      Time for the Gvt to start talking and get beyond this once and for all.

    • I C U says:

      You were doing great until you had to throw in something about the previous government.Remember, nothing the previous government did in 14 years could amount to this scandal in just 18 months,NOTHING!!! Show me proof! Im sure by now the OBA would have found wrong doings by the previous government and especially in light of all this controversy, would be playing all their trump cards!!!

      • Kangoocar says:

        $800 million of OUR money is un accounted for and you say ” nothing the plp did amounts to this???” My god, there is no helping your mindset? While I only say it the way it is!! Remember what I said right now!!! I am sitting back and laughing at all those that are thinking this is hilarious ( even though it baffles my mind, because at least the OBA are holding themselves accountable, something the plp would never do!!) just wait for what is coming down the pipeline for those that was mixed up in the plp sculduggery!!! The like of Kunt.a and god1st will be eating so much crow soon they will think feathers are a new healthy food!!! Stay tuned!!!!!

        • Bettty Trump says:

          Kangoocar, I know your fighting to save your beloved party. But if you really want to demonstrate that the OBAubp do not tolerate or accept wrong behaviours why did it take them over entire year for the information to come out. Why are the real players like Fahy and Crockwell still government Ministers. This is where your theory falls down….please

          • Kangoocar says:

            What part of when I already said, premier Dunkley needs to hold anyone accountable that was involved in this mess did you miss or conveniently ignore?? Which enabled you to write your usual nonsense and lies!!!!!

          • really... says:

            The OBA actually looked into the missing money. A report was given and people left the party. When the PLP was questioned we were told “We don’t have to answer to you!”
            I’m certainly not happy with the OBA but at least they knew a screw up, admitted it and acknowledged it. The PLP just continued with their entitlement spending.
            What I find most disheartening is the poster here that seem thrilled that our government is in trouble. This country belongs to all of us. Why do you want to see it damaged?

        • I C U says:

          Why are people congratulating the OBA on being “Transparent” and “Accountable” When its their LEADERS who were caught doing shady business.How transparent and accountable would they have been had they NOT have gotten caught???

        • I C U says:

          Its accountability when the party finds wrong doing by members and the Leader takes steps to dismiss all involved.This was not the case.The controversy started with the LEADER who got caught out along with other members,then tried a cover-up!! Those that resigned had no other choice if they want to save what little credibility the OBA have left.If that’s accountability and Transparency we are in serious trouble!

        • outkasted says:

          Wait a minute did this not get investigated by Ecitland Yard etc… only to find the 800 million is not missing? Correct me if i’m wrong. Was there a forensic audit? either way NOTHING…

      • Kunta says:

        And they had Scotland Yard, we should bring Scotland Yard for this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • haha says:

          Not even public money ya dumba**, why should we care. Where were you when ya govt spent ALL OUR money?! shut de f up

          • outkasted says:

            Ahhhh yes not public money. You are correct. But if you can’t say what and where those private moneys went and they were earmarked for “Grass roots” organization but then monies go somewhere else… there is another name for that and its a criminal offense. I think it rhymes with “aundry”…lol.

    • Coffee says:

      Now is the time to show everyone that acting like the previous government will NOT be tolerated!!!!! But they can’t help themselves , the DNA of the UBP is in the blood of the OBA !

      • Bermy says:

        The funny thing about this is that the players involved are all ex BDA founding members, who quit the UBP as they didn’t like how the party was being run. Cannonier. Crockwell and Fahy!! Birds of a feather!!

  10. Terry says:

    I smell a RAT.
    Something is terribly wrong.

  11. I C U says:

    My respect has grown for Mr Hollis! Others need to follow suit!! The persons that are directly involved! I don’t blame this man for resigning because im sure what he found in the aftermath of his investigation led him to find some very disturbing dealings. OBA are history!!! Lets see how confident “The People” are in the OBA, Call an Election!!!

  12. Chris Famous says:

    Fahy must go

    • Alicia says:

      I don’t normally agree with your comments, however as an oba supporter, I agree that senator fahy needs to go. This wasn’t the oba that many of us supported and campaigned for, but there is still time to fix it if certain alleged corrupt people are removed.

      • Samuel L. Jackson says:

        I thought OBA WAS the fix for UBP and BDA?

  13. lifetime says:


  14. Hmmmmm says:

    This is a sad day for the OBA. Thad is an honorable fellow and if he has resigned then I feel that there are serious problems there – which he alluded to in his report anyway. I wish him the best in his future endeavors and thank him for his assistance to the OBA, whether they followed his advice or not!

    • I C U says:

      I would have alluded to them also, what TRUE BERMUDIAN wants the world to know about this SHADY, OBA GOVERMENT!?!?

  15. Unbelievable says:

    Folks, Thad Hollis resigning is not a member of Govt resigning. It’s a party official. There is a difference.

    Thad is a good guy but this is a party doing what it says it is meant to do: be transparent and accountable.
    And yes we have a Govt going thru some pretty crazy motions, most that were unnecessary, but we also have an Opposition that will win the next election and who have not evolved into change agents but continue to scream the same lines they screamed when they lost the election and before.

    • mixitup says:

      Huh? Are you kidding me?! He resigned because he wants no parts of what he has found. Read between the lines.

      • Sick n Tired says:

        Thad Hollis said at the onset of this that if he found anything dishonorable or wrong he would resign . . .weeeeellllllll!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. drunken ursula says:

    I’m very upset Mr. Hollis is not the one to resign…FAHY AND CROCKWELL are the ones…

    • X man says:

      To many people it;s Scary that the PLP will be back in on the next election – but from what I see
      the biggest help could come from the OBA.– It appears to the common man that the OBA is coming apart
      piece by piece. — and that’s a common buzz word on the street now.
      Right now the opposition Leader Marc Bean doesn’t have to do or say nothing because the OBA doing all the work for him.
      It’s the 350 000 dollars —- OBA find out now were it went – come out or be out!

  17. Dreary says:

    Just think if the PLP got back in,SCARY!

    • ray says:

      jesus wouldn’t possibly be scarier than it is now. you must must be minority because we are the ones making all of the so call joint sacrifice.

    • ray says:


    • Samuel L. Jackson says:

      Just think if the OBA was our government…….. wait a minute, holy shirt!

  18. Chaos Theory says:

    Wringing hands by some would seem to indicate short term memory loss. Seem to recall another party chair having to resign not too long ago (at least I think it was the chair)

  19. Take it Easy! says:

    Chad hollis is the oba chairman NOT an elected offical. Further more what happen to that lady who was being racist to that canadian women trying to get a school uniform? Did she resign yet? Of course not cuz the PloP will never man/woman up!

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      And there lies the difference between the OBA & PLP.

    • Hurricane says:

      @ Take it Easy………FYI it’s Thad Hollis. Also, “that lady” is not an elected official either, nor was she acting in her capacity of office manager of PLP. No resignation required

  20. Who can be bothered says:

    Why would anybody bother to try and run this country with all you haters and idiots out there

    Don’t blame him for wanting a break from you all!

  21. Terry says:


    Wait till certains bring forth ‘Milk Gate’.

    Got Milk?

    • I C U says:

      Got Milk?? What is that supposed to mean?? I hope that its COWS milk that I have been drinking all my life and not BULLS milk!!!

  22. James Rego says:

    @Unbelievable: Thad is a good guy but this is a party doing what it says it is meant to do: be transparent and accountable.

    Exactly! This is something that will always elude the opposition and their supporters! Keep doing what you are doing Thad, you have a lot of support out here. As for the OBA, WAKE UP!! Mark is gleefully clapping his hands, itching to get his hands on the purse!

    • Independent Thinker says:

      You really are a fool. Transparency? Yeah right! Fake circus show? Absolutely. Mark wants to get his hands on the public purse? And do what? Are you saying he is a… All PLP are crooked in your eyes? Yet you know the OBA is knee sep in it with more revelations to come. It’s your mentality which holds BDA Back. Lay down with ya nonsense

  23. miss elle says:

    Can we get a boyfriend (or maybe some other deeply thought out) analogy from Toni Daniels please? She’s been quiet lately.

  24. Not really sure what was the crime commited in this case.political parties take donations all the time when running a campain.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Lots of hoo haa over an internal matter which does not involve a penny of public money.

      • Danielle says:

        Mr/Ms Triangle Drifter, are you for real? How on earth can you defend this? You know full well if this was the PLP you would be all over them. It doesn’t matter if this was the public’s money or not, haven’t you ever heard of something called principle?
        If you donate money, I’m sure you would want it to be used for the intended purpose. Look at the charities, for example. Your honorable Minister Fahy shut down several because their books were unaudited. He wanted to know where the money was going. He wanted to ensure that the charities were using the money to do charitable work, and not line the pockets of workers. What’s the difference between what Minister Fahy did and this? The money was intended for the campaign, not to pad somebody’s pockets or to buy (directly or indirectly) votes.
        There was lots of shady dealings surrounding this money, and you know it. And if somebody can lie or cover up or hide stuff like this, then how can they be trusted with the “public purse?”

        • Kangoocar says:

          I would take you seriously if you actually questioned the plp on what they did with $800 million of the public purse!!!! You are full of it!!!!

          • I C U says:

            Ask the police that since there hasnt been any arrests! OR ask your OBA Government,Im sure they would have discovered something! I agree, you are full of it!!!!!

  25. Terry says:

    Betty Trumpet must be lapping this up.
    They and many called Craig the puppet et al.

    Sorry guys but the strings are attached to something.

    I’ll stop now before Tuckers Town calls a ‘hit’ on me.

    Love it when Operation Pressure Cooker is a reality and functioning.

    By the way. Any Bermudians own a bank…………………………

  26. Indeed Thad will be a loss…”Whatever was done in the dark will come to the light”…just wait u’lot and then make accusation :-( I am (as many know) a supporter of the One Bermuda Alliance and do have confidence in the Party to reveal to the Public all that was discovered and pick up the pieces and move forward getting Bermuda back on track.
    I am not a bit surprise in hearing soooo much crap from them that support the Opposition e.g. Progressive Labour Party (that’s what they do)Why are they so concerned about this $350:000 and appear to be not concerned about the $800 million the Progressive Labour Party can’t account for? Or about the four smuggled from Cuba into the Island by Dr. Ewart Brown and Col. David Burch? They 4 are still here with their families e. g. wives and children occupying jobs / homes that 4 Bermudians families should be holding down :-(
    So again, answer them questions you “diehard” P.L.P’ers and then you’ll have grounds to stand on…

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      Lay down Raymnd Ray. Your thinking is why the OBA is imploding

    • drunken ursula says:

      Poor Ray get over yourself please, the OBA was built on lies and they are coming to light just a natural cause of action….you and other OBA supporters can dish it out but surely can’t handle the pressure when your wrong doings become public….I guess the OBA mouth piece the old unwise one of Reid Street extension and Ms. Thursday be loss for words on the OBA talk show…hahahahaha

    • Tricks are for Kids says:

      We are dealing with the PRESENT Mr. Ray…..please stop using the SAME WEAK #SS argument(PLP did this..PLP did that) all the time….If the THEN opposition was doing their job WHEN the PLP was in power we most likely wouldn’t be in the postion that we are today, BUT because they didn’t we are. The PLP are doing just what the opposition is supposed to be doing….They are doing their job. We can’t get back the past but we sure as hell can determine where we are going and prevent a repeat of “yesteryear”………so please YOU and all the OBA “diehards” need to understand at the moment the OBA are making a lot of people unhappy including some that actually voted for them. You are an OBA supporter(diehard to the max) I on the other hand have no political affiliation but I can call a spade a spade and right now with the OBA in the house I can say….”Houston we have a problem”…….I Just want the party that is going to do THE RIGHT THING…..I don’t care who it is but if the COMMON GOAL of the people is to get Bermuda “back on track” then we should be working together not all this “ray ray” day in day out……

  27. Eyeinthesky says:

    your last mistake might have been not to clean house when you got in! kind of late now!

  28. Marge says:

    I am so sick of these so called leaders of our Island….we have talk show hosts who have their own agenda…and it all boils down to race…how sick is that ?

    • Impressive says:

      ummmm, you are sick of the leaders, I got that, then in the same fragmented sentence you complain about a talk show host?? Are you saying Sherri J made the OBA do this to themselves??.

  29. MB says:

    Geez. Whole party is a mess. BAD advisors. Writing on the wall when Thad took unprecedented step of giving a press conference separate from the leaders. He had to go – u either with em or against em.

    Dunkley so excited to be leader he does not seem to get the severity of what is going on or want to listen – cos he let Cannonier stay at the mansion without paying rent cos if he was paying OBA wlda said so.

    I know where my money spent on-and can show for it – so why can’t this Political action group tell us what they spent a massive 350k on …or maybe they dont want to. Fliers and ads dont cost 350k.

    And now this Derrick Green friends and family thing with Tourism. Why is it so difficult for political leaders to do the right thing? PLP took us for a ride, and OBA seem think they can too. Disappointed.

  30. Chris Famous says:

    Thad has morals
    The OBA needs him
    Bermuda needs him


    • Samuel L. Jackson says:

      Yes the OBA needs morals. I agree.

  31. Peace says:

    Please let us have some stability in the near future.

  32. Alvin Williams says:

    Well we have seen two blows visited on the OBA government and it’s political supporters; Thad Hollis was one of their general and now he is gone and with the latest statement of the Human rights Commission banning or at least ready to shine a spot light on these hateful; vicious;debased thinly disguise racist often anti-Bermudian comments. Not even their hideouts under a rock will now save them. Perhaps we can identify them like they identify those low life child abusers who use their computers to prey on children. One thing is for sure many will be at a severe disadvantage as they can not debate an issue and only depend on vile insults and name calling.

    • haha says:

      when was the last time you posted something of substance alvin all you do is talk gibberish. lets have a debate ya ready?!

  33. Infidelguy says:

    I don’t know what to think about this latest OBA drama. Maybe someone within the party hierarchy took issue with Thad Hollis’ report?

    The OBA refuse to any answer questions that media is asking about Mr. Hollis’ resignation but I think they owe us an explanation. How are we suppose to trust this government if they can’t give us a straight answer on anything? What are they hiding?

    The OBA pay only lip service to the idea of transparency and openness. They are no more transparent or open as the previous government.

  34. Come on OBA says:

    Come on OBA. We need a proper statement about this and the stability of the GVT.

    This paltry response does nothing to assuage concerns and frankly appears as arrogant drivel.

    Big stakes here and YOU MUST get this one right!

    • Kunta says:

      Your not surprised are you, this is their M O
      You start out WRONG you end up WRONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Need Peace says:

    My question is to Minister Leah Scott – where is your integrity now? Your party is in disrepute beyond repair. There isn’t anything that can bring them back now. The real core hasn’t yet been revealed. I would suggest that you distance yourself from them ASAP ! The worst is yet to come!

    • Sick n Tired says:

      Come on now . . .Leah was the puppet to do the talking to get the wheels turning to get rid of good old Craig . . .all her moral rah rah has gone quiet since Craig resigned and she became a junior minister . . . she did what she thought she had to do to get where she thinks she wants to be!!!!! Sad!!!!

    • I C U says:

      I know Leah and she has integrity, IM SURE SHE WILL DO THE RIGHT THING AND DISTANCE HERSELF.Leah, please do it before the siht hits the fan!!!!

  36. Barracuda says:

    Nefarious business , We as Bermudians demand to be served better by our politicians . Lets have it all out PLP, OBA, out in the open, we are a small island, black , white , lovers, haters dont FU#$ with our future.

  37. Dreary says:

    Marc and company want to get their hands on the people’s money.Just think of what could happen.

    • drunken ursula says:

      That’s what Shawn wants$$$$$$$$$

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      Care to remind us how the resignation of Thad Hollis is even remotely related to the PLP? I see this is going to be very painful for many OBA supporters.

    • I C U says:


  38. Terry says:

    Read what Raymond wrote as I was thinking to write something similar.



    Time for vermin control.

    Happy Cup Match.

    • Thanks Terry.
      I would say, “some people on the Island have their priorities a**-u-wards” Sad yes, but true :-(

  39. Whatdoesthefoxsay? says:

    It all boils down to leadership and the courage to make tough decisions. We discovered that Cannonier was out of his depth and now, Dunkley too is out of his depth.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Oh really, how so? Please explain.

      Looks to me like Premier Dunkley told his minister of tourism to get out there & deal with the controversy. He has, & he & the Chair of the BTA have dealt with it in a timely fashion. There are those who will not accept. Too bad.

      The speed of the response is a far cry of the PLP method which was to simply deny or never respond to questions from the press hoping for the whole thing to blow away when the next controversy came along.

      • Impressive says:

        TD,, i admire you standing strong for what you believe in, but you really are looking, if not naive, overly subjective, to the point where dear I say,, no I am not going to say it, as I don’t want to offend.

        Nevertheless, when are you going to reply to whats going on with the OBA without assuming how the PLP would act in the same situation and keep going back in history..

        Come on man, the OBA flight is about to crash, talking about other airline crashes at this point will not save the passengers lives, okay???

  40. Patrice Dillas says:

    Bad business for BERMUDA. The resignations look horrible internationally and Mr. Hollis is a fool to resign, especially if he did nothing wrong. He is there to run the party so to me if he stepped down he is unable to do the job.

    “Call an election”… really?

    Do we really believe that calling an election will fix our countries problems? Look around you, Bermuda. Hotel development is happening, we have major events taking place on island and some future events that Bermuda is in the running for because of people like Crockwell and Gibbons etc.

    Yes, there were some pre-election mishaps that Craig apparently thought he can get away with but it is obviously the majority of the party was not involved. Craig, Mark and Thad have all resigned and not one piece of evidence has come out with regards to anything being done that was illegal in nature. What are we going on and on about?

    • Coffee says:

      Sad…so sad … It’s a shrinking puddle of water that the OBA apologist are splashing in ….. Ever so sad , Patrice Dillas you really must stop this behavior .

    • Samuel L. Jackson says:

      @ Patrice Dillas
      “Do we really believe that calling an election will fix our countries problems?”

      Country’s Problem = OBA
      Election = No OBA
      Answer to your question = It’s a start.

  41. Need Peace says:

    $800,000,000? That’s what you heard and you run with it! I’m no big math guru but either that sum was added to the $1.2 bil deficit or it was taken away from the 14 year expenditure which seems highly unlikely. Kangoocar, tell me what you think! How about you Terry? Can you answer Paleeeeese!!!!

    • I believe the question has always been,(past tense)”where has the unaccounted for $800,000,00 gone?”

  42. Dangel says:

    When the OBA won the election in 2012,one of my first comments was – sit back and watch them self destruct – this is exactly what is happening

  43. Alicia says:

    I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that Thad Hollis was in a volunteer (elected within the party, but still volunteer I believe) position. So as a volunteer would you put up with the headaches of some of the oba cabinet involved in the jet gate scandal? I certainly wouldn’t, and I’m surprised that he didn’t quit before hand.

    We need more people with proper ethics like Thad in politics, now if we can only get more politicians with ethics.

  44. cromwell says:

    Hollis had no option but to resign!

    It is obvious to anyone with political experience when the Chairman of the OBA tell the press: ” “Mr. Hollis has expressed dissatisfaction with the political leadership of the party, saying there had been limited consultation with the party caucus on a number of issues such as the decision to scrap the Gaming referendum.” that he does not support the very party he was elected to serve.

    He never should of been allowed to speak to the press without a handler or at least stayed on the same page.

    This is an example of why experienced slick politicians never say any thing of substance to the press when they are asked questions!

  45. Need Peace says:

    @ Patrice Dillas – do you think all of these resignations are for naught? There’s more and more! Don’t be in denial cause that’s a bad place to be.

  46. Can the script get any worse ? A party that was supposed to rekindle faith in Bermuda and its future has left me wondering – “WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE”
    There is only so many times you can shoot yourselves in the foot. I am so disappointed. Couple that with the dire gutter talk of PLP’s leader Marc Bean & Independent MP Terry Lister recently in the House of Parliament, whilst Bermuda is reeling from a recession bordering on an “Onion Depression”, you can’t help but wonder HOW will the OBA come through?
    How will Bermuda pull through?
    Indeed, Bermuda. Bermudians, guest workers & visitors have been subjected to terrible things as our politicians have spent Bermuda into a debt hole thanks to the financial mismanagement of the former PLP government. Term Limits, Marriage Licenses (to own property), Real estate policy, failure to revive Bermuda Tourism are a legacy the former government left Bermuda with. 5,000 expats GONE. Hamilton, St. George’s etc, a ghost town (still ghost towns). Over ONE MILLION square feet of empty office space in Hamilton. Bermudians in dire straits as their apartments remain “unrented”, mortgages being recalled, school fees and college tuition cash gone (many depended on rental income for such)
    I thought the OBA, would come in and MOVE at the speed of business, create real INVESTMENT POLICY. Look after the PRC’s. Create JOBS for Bermudians etc.
    We have danced around resort gaming – soon to be TWO years under the OBA. I just do not know what to think except, it’s every man (women too) for himself out there right now….
    To GO ON HOLIDAY for the summer without addressing he PRC issue, Resort gaming, real estate policy that BRINGS in OUTSIDE INVESTORS to our table is, to me, very disappointing. Don’t point to the GREENS or Michael Douglas as they are Bermudian (lucky we have them or we would have NADA). The economic mismanagement of the last government has put Bermuda on the rocks. The OBA were to sail us to a brighter future. Instead the PLP have beaten the OBA up and yet who would want a Bermuda run by the current leader of the PLP, based on TAPEGATE, and his recent outbursts in parliament? Any potential investor in Bermuda who listened to some of the talk shows or read the news online of the political turmoil, would say WHOA….wait a minute.

    BERMUDA – we live in paradise that has no equal. It is time we demanded that we have a smart government that can turn Bermuda around. A Government with a leader unafraid to lead or make decisions. If the past two years are anything to go by, hang on to your hats and your wallets as you will need it if things do not change. The hate based/race based politics of some, should not be tolerated. If anyone cannot see this has polarized Bermuda then your heart ain’t beating….. People that swim in the hatred of the 60′s/70′s have no place in the 21st century.
    Bermuda could be the envy of the planet. We could ALL be united. But we gotta hold hands and dance different. GOOD LUCK BERMUDA.

    • Coffee says:

      When you ride into town in a Trojan horse the way the OBA did,then it’s safe to predict that they would ultimately walk out with shoe strings holding up their collective soiled pants …I prefer ganja tea to spoiled milk any day !

    • Thanks Tony for bringing forward many relevant points that need to be considered by all Bermudians…

    • REAL deal says:

      Tony you privileged man. you can’t take the wrong doing by your precious OBA without bringing up Marc and Terry.

      This had nothing to do with them and all to do with how you all do business as usual but don’t expect to get caught out.

  47. X man says:

    In light of all these resignations and shady financial activitys of the OBA – the common man, be it PLP or OBA voter is starting
    to believe that it’s something internally going on within the OBA that is just not right.
    Exactly were did the $350,000 dollars go – did sombody buy a Boat or somthing out of it or what?
    If the OBA dosnt come up with the answers very very soon somebody else will resign also. – and the PLP will so graciously
    remind the voting public right up to the next election.
    The word on the street is : who’s next !

  48. SMH says:


    Very well said. I think it’s safe to say that the majority of OBA supporters are reeling over this. The OBA was and still is the island’s best and really only hope for turning things around. Hopefully they will get rid of Derrick Green, publically atone for “Jetgate” and arise from these ashes anew. I think under Dunkley they can so this

    • Samuel L. Jackson says:

      Keep playing that violin while Titanic sinks lol. Oh the sound!

  49. shutthemdown says:

    The rats begin to jump, lol

  50. SMH2 says:

    We need to take party politics out of governing. Bermuda is too small for this and it’s a distraction (and an expense). We have lots of astute business people on the Island and we should run Bermuda like a business. (Look at Guernsey as an example…)

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      That would be nice but it is not going to happen anytime soon.

  51. Encyclopedia says:

    The only way to wipe the slate clean is for Dunkley to fire Crockwell and Fahy immediately and hold a press conference and reveal the truth about JetGate and apologize for what went on, without his knowledge.

    He should promise a totally fresh start and new laser-like focus on things that trouble Bermuda most – Tourism, Education, Prices of essential goods and pharmaceutical products, Public safety.

    • Samuel L. Jackson says:

      That slate needs a sandblaster. Hey the best way to fix this is the change the party name. That’s how the UBP roll. Lol

    • Attention Encyclopedia, what you’ve suggested just maybe the only way the One Bermuda Alliance can “pick up the pieces and move onward”. I agree, far too much has hinged upon this “Jet-Gate” madness and Bermuda can not afford anymore time wasted on it…Nor can Bermuda permit the former Govt. (Progressive Labour Party) to be in control of the Islands purse strings!

  52. cream crackers says:

    While the PLP may have done much perceived as wrong during their tenure this does not negate the fact that there is something wrong here also.

    I am pleased to see that the OBA are decent enough to stand up and say things were not correctly handled and that their processes must be improved. However let us not be fooled, this is a minor issue compared to many that have passed. Indeed there is no actual wrong doing involved simply inuendo from the opposition (which is fair enough).

    Firstly lets not allow this minor issue to stop the progress and economic recovery that we are all seeing and benefiting from. Secondly let it serve to remind those in charge that the people demand the highest standards of them.

    Lest they ever forget, they will be accountable on poling day!

  53. Alvin Williams says:

    You reap what you sow; how long did you think you would get away with insulting our leaders and maligning Bermudians? You have push us against the wall and some would even adopt the Samson option. Now we are going to see who is a real Bermudian; who will consider this is my country for better or worst.

    • Starting point says:

      They are probably working on historical trends of a party being allowed 14 years plus in the case of the UBP and PLP, both those parties maligned Bermudians for extended periods of time, but in our immediate gratification lifestyle now, i would give the OBA one term (5 years) to prove their changes are having a positive effect on ALL Bermudians or they will most likely be sent from the government.

      Still a ripe time for a non affiliated party to get set up around here, PLP are proven failures and the OBA are making decisions that will either fail or succeed, time will tell.

  54. Hope & Pray says:

    OBA sat on a wall
    OBA had a great full
    All the supporters
    & all of the friends
    CAN’T put OBA back together again……

    Hope & Pray

  55. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    oba should jus step down and put our lives in the hands of the plp…all the elitists should fold up their businesses to allow the real bermudians to run things…it would be interesting to see what investors they have lined up waiting to boost bda back to the future and also prepare for a strip search of your entire life to take place if you want to be a politician.
    As for Thad…he should be in rehab because rehab is for quitters.

  56. Bermewjan says:

    So I’m curious, will Ms. Jackson be resigning her position as MP now that she has taken up the mantle of party Chair, given the conflict of interest she has in serving two separate masters – party members vs. party leader? Or are we just going to see more flagrant abuse of power?!

    Some decent and ethical governance would be really appreciated at this point!