Premier Dunkley’s Trip To UK Cost $3,938.55

August 5, 2015

A trip in July 2015 by Premier Michael Dunkley to the UK to attend the America’s Cup World Series Event cost $3,938.55, according to a recent listing on the Government’s travel webpage.

The web page listing said, “The Premier and Minister of National Security, the Hon. Michael H. Dunkley, JP, MP,  attended the America’s Cup World Series event in Portsmouth, UK from 24th through 27th July, 2015.

“Also in attendance was the Minister of Economic Development, Dr. the Hon. Grant Gibbons,  who has Cabinet responsibility for Bermuda’s America’s Cup preparations, and representatives of ACBDA, the Bermuda Tourism Authority and the Corporation of Hamilton, all who will have responsibility for planning and hosting an America’s Cup World Series Event in Hamilton, in October, 2015.

“The visit served to outline for the Bermuda team all that will be required of Bermuda to host the event in Bermuda later this year.  While in Portsmouth, the Premier met with representatives of the America’s Cup Event Authority, America’s Cup major sponsors, and the Mayors of Portsmouth and Gothenberg, Sweden, other America’s Cup World Series Host cities.

“The event provided a unique opportunity for the Premier and the entire Bermuda Team to promote Bermuda as host for not only the America’s Cup World Series, but for the ultimate America’s Cup Finals, scheduled for Bermuda in June, 2017.

“The Premier’s accommodation, ground transportation and meals were covered by ACBDA. The Premier was accompanied by the Secretary to the Cabinet.”


  • Air Travel: $3,968.55
  • Ground Transportation: $
  • Accommodation: $
  • Meals: $
  • Miscellaneous: $
  • Total Cost: $3,938.55

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  1. Raymond Ray says:

    Thanks, for that breath of fresh air…

    • Think about it says:

      Are you serious, people don’t really care about his expense trip overseas. Crap is getting old.

      The Premier expense was this much….this Minister expense was this much….this Senator expense was this much. Does any other country advertise how much each politician spends when they travel for Government business? NO!!! because their busy running the country and making real deals without all the red tape Bermuda has adopted over the years. Dam were still waiting for casinos.

      Why don’t his staff reveal how many more tourists flew into Bermuda for the month of July 2015 compared to July 2014 last year. Now that would be news worth reading about.

    • Raymond Ray says:

      I would imagine you 8(thus far) attended that Concert that the P.L.P. Government put on in Dockyard, not telling us how much was spent? (More-like wasted)

  2. Jadon says:

    And the lie detector test determines that’s a lie…. Maybe for his flight. Which to me I think personally a trip to the UK should cost the premier of Bermuda around 10-15 thousand. He is running a country ! He deserves a nice hotel and nice limo to get him there and he should definitely be traveling first class ! He is the premier !

    • C James says:

      Perhaps Michael Dunkley doesn’t need a huge entourage to make him feel presidential.

    • Raymond Ray says:

      That’ll be Dr. E.W.B. & Associates, not the “milkman” :-)

    • Bdaluv says:

      Who the hell is paying for that? We dont even have money to fix our infrastructure and help our seniors and you want the Premier to have a holiday on the tax payers expense? Idiot

  3. Seriously? says:

    Really Jadon? Read much??? First class flight to the UK is about $4,000. All the ancillary costs you described were picked up by the AC. Try comprehending what you read before you comment.

  4. Yes and?…that’s two weeks groceries….this is what we all pay in going away…quite rediculously modest for the leader of a country …no…seriously…who gos away and spends that little?…..My question…is what is your point?

  5. Leedàtbyealone…