“Lip Service To Elevating The Level Of Discourse”

August 17, 2015

“The response by Premier Dunkley is proof positive that he was only paying lip service to elevating the level of political discourse in this country,” Shadow Economic Development Minister Wayne Furbert said.

“The PLP believes that getting to the bottom of serious corruption allegations and protecting the reputation of our island home is more important than political point scoring,” Mr Furbert continued.

“We offered the One Bermuda Alliance the opportunity to come together with us and unite against corruption for a Bermuda that’s reputation is as pristine as her people. Instead of coming together, the Premier responded with anger and vitriol.

“The Premier’s latest tirade may play well with his political base, but is it in the best interest of the country? We think not.

“Why is the Premier so opposed to us coming together for the good of Bermuda and getting to the bottom of these serious corruption allegations?

“Why is he acting like someone that has something to hide?

“The people deserves a government that has a zero tolerance policy on corruption and that is more interested in protecting the reputation of our home than the reputation of three tarnished OBA MPs.

“We urge the OBA to do the right thing, place the country first and come together with us and let’s address these serious corruption allegations,” concluded Mr Furbert.

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  1. Cow Polly says:

    Why in heavens name would the OBA consider coming together with the likes of you and your party???????

    • ReALLyBettty says:

      Coll POlly are you saying forget about transparency, do not hold the government accountable. Come on the people of Bermuda deserve better of our Politicians. If an Inquiry would remove all doubt about the possible wrong doing of this government, why not? Unless there is really really something to hide….maybe so…..really

      • jt says:

        “No guns, no bloodshed, no physical attacks…just a sustained program of information, DISINFORMATION and criticism must be considered acceptable”

      • Northrock says:

        I am so fed up with this crap. The PLP are purely politically motivated and they are being led by the nose by a medicine man. The blogs of paid PLP people – yes, and probably some OBA devotees – are so tiresome and sad and just a waste of cyberspace.

        Its like this island or at least a few of the bloggers are simply interested in seeing their own trash comments in print….despite the fact that its all purely fiction and based on nothing but a bunch of idealistic baloney.

        You take race out of the equation and this island voting in a PLP government would be like the majority of our people just throwing it all away and telling the world that Wayne Furbert, Zaney D., Marc and the other unmentionables are actually capable of managing the economy and the infrastructure.

        Sheesh, even John Barritt would be scared out of his little tushie….

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        Can we have something other than an accusation from someone in the PLP to actually back up the claims, something like evidence, before we call an inquiry.

      • Cow Polly says:

        Okay because its raining and I’m bored, I am going to respond. I hold our Government very much accountable for its actions and that is what I’m waiting for…. action. I want them to create the new jobs, fix the education system, get rid of the debt etc. etc. etc. but you and your silly party keep side tracking them with your childish accusations and barrage of misinformation which, once proven, gets forgotten until you find another track to take. All under the protection of Parliamentary Privilege. You keep going on and on about transparency. A Government that promises transparency is allowing the public access to their records, their meetings, their agreements etc. they can’t be transparent to hearsay or unsubstantiated allegations; there are other avenues for that namely the Courts which is where this particular allegation is being investigated. I also heard that there is a forensic analyst on island at the moment looking at Contracts. Sounds pretty transparent to me but like everyone else, I have to be patient until due process is completed. So stop stirring the pot Betty, put your feet up and take a chill pill until the investigations are finished

    • Buzby says:

      Yeah really,

      “The PLP believes that getting to the bottom of serious corruption allegations and protecting the reputation of our island home is more important than political point scoring,”

      Better start at home.

  2. Triangle Drifter says:

    All I can suggest to Premier Dunkley is, don’t feed the troll.

  3. hmmm says:

    So, should the Govt request commissions of inquiry every time someone feels like one. There is no evidence and no proof.

  4. He hit me first!

  5. TRUTH says:

    As I said before I am having difficult with the OBA lack of wanting to act in a Transparent manner. What is the problem? Why not have an Inquiry? It would at least remove all the concerns folks have in regards to the possible concerns of Corruption by this current government.

    Lets get it done Dunkley. The Opposition is doing what any good Opposition does, hold the Government Accountable. That will not change. So move forward with the Inquiry so this matter can be put to bed.

    Calling the Opposition names will not remove the thinking of the public in regards to what they hear and I hear in regards to the possible actions of the government.

    • cs says:

      You want an Inquiry simply because one man made unfounded allegations in a court case – no evidence, no proof, just simply his wild interpretation of phone calls? Give me a break. Where were you when our country was, as proven in auditor general reports, taken from by leaders. You stood silent. Why the hypocrisy?

    • TonyC says:

      Would it not be better to allow the Government the chance to run the country, rather than to constantly have to defend themselves against ridiculous accusations?

      I swear the PLP have no interest at all in Bermuda, just the PLP.

      • Impressive says:

        Huh?? So are you suggesting that as the Government of the day, The OBA should not be held to any account, because doing so will interrupt their running of the country?

        This entire situation is becoming so childish on both sides of the isle, but the overlooking of serious allegations by Adult OBA supporters, and the brushing aside of these allegations as nothing more than lies is frightening to say the least.

        What I find so intriguing about the entire situation, putting aside my political allegiance, is how certain people can believe any form of allegations about a particular group of people, but simply dismiss allegations against another set of people without being privy to the details of any information in both regards.. hmmm

        If I say “stereotype” am I wrong???

        • inna says:


        • TonyC says:

          Yes, you are.

          If I were to say the same to you, would I be wrong?

        • cs says:

          You fail to consider the wild allegations of one man in court directed at the present govt. versus the litany of proven questionable behavior exposed by the Auditor Generals office and Ombudsman (Port Royal, BHC, Corp of Ham., etc.) regarding the previous administration.
          I consider myself a reasonable person who simply wants accountability but to demand an Inquiry based on one person is not enough weight. If others have proof, go to the Police and show the evidence.

          • impressive. says:

            I get your point, and it is valid, but there have been other allegations apart from the Front Street/Par-La-Ville Car Park Issue..

            The jet-gate affair, which although resulted in the stepping down of a premier, has not been investigated to its fullest extent.

            The allegations of secret recordings.

            The Airport issue and the motive behind the privatization etc.

            to name a few. Like I said, if the only allegations being made up to this point where the ones with regard to Mr. McLean I would agree with you wholeheartedly, but unfortunately thats not the case.

            • hmmm says:

              Jet gate was not public money. It is an internal party issue for the OBA.

              Airport is a PPP not privatization. TCD testing on the other hand.

              What secret recordings?

            • cs says:

              As noted, Jetgate was not public money and the leader of the party did the honourable thing and stepped aside due to its appearance of impropriety. I do not recall under the avalanche of questionable actions and scandals of the previous administration that we had anyone step down.

    • North Rock says:

      Lack of transparency ? That doesn’t mean that just because they don’t spend every waking moment responding to the likes of these politically inspired (and nothing else) ideas.. that they are not transparent.

      Comparing this Governments transparency to the PLP reign of nonsense is useless….almost any sane person can see that the OBA is pretty damn good at opening up the books.

      Can you see the PLP telling us all what it cost on their jaunts all over the world….much less the reason for them ???

  6. SMG says:

    …Obviously no low is too low for the PLP. Luckily Bermudian voters aren’t stupid

  7. Noncents says:

    “It does not seem to matter that until the case is resolved, the issues are sub judice with the result that an additional and alternative form of inquiry would be wholly inappropriate and, indeed, might be construed as indicating a lack of confidence in the judicial process”-

    Quiet down Wayne- the Premier’s response was pretty easy to follow. Get DREB to read it to you slowly if you are having such trouble comprehending it for yourself.

    Its a matter before the courts, why also add an unnecessary inquiry into the mix?

  8. Lala says:

    Give me a break.

  9. LOL says:


    Congrtaulations on the party’s desire for openess and transparency–may reps embrace this when back in power as you are now setting a very clear and irrevocable precedent!

    It does appear to “we the people” (aka voters out here) that each time something positive happens for Bermuda, HM loyal opposition spins, spins and spins with allegations or problems to draw attention away.

    Things are moving forward whether some like it or not.

    Please try to sound relevenat to the causes of the day.

    Younger voters are really being turned off by this–seriously!!!!

  10. Jeremy Deacon says:

    You are quite right flip flop, he should never have stooped to your level

  11. jt says:

    Sustained program” of “disinformation and criticism”, as directed by a former PLP Leader.

    • inna says:

      And here is the criticism part! Flip-flop never fails haha

  12. Alan says:

    Gonna stop reading these TEDIOUS TEDIOUS PLP statements. Pathetic.

  13. aceboy says:

    Quiet Flip Flop.

    Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

    We will see the level of issues under the PLP soon I hope.

    • impressive. says:

      How soon?? I have been hearing these allegations for years and nothing has been proven..

  14. Onion says:

    The allegations are already in court – and if they’re credible (which so far they haven’t been) then it will be dealt with by the new anti-corruption legislation the OBA have passed.

    There’s no need for an inquiry until the legal system has run its course and Wayne knows it. He’s just joining in on the misinformation and spin by his party.


  15. Navin Johnson says:

    The PLP has lowered the level of discourse…..they are disgraceful

  16. Had Enough says:

    I refer to your 3rd paragraph. I see you have found away of talking B* Who writes this c*** for you. I would kindly request you tell me where I can find and read “YOUR OFFER”. From my perspective your party has YET to co operate with the govt to PROGRESS the island rather the opposite. Your weekly selected mouthpiece do all they can to detract from the TRUTH. That being your party F***** this island over good and proper. If you like I could start listing the screw ups. You need to go drink some CUBAN rum.

    • Rockfish #1and #2 says:

      No no. A Burt swizzle, or Bean’s special tea might be more effective!

      • impressive. says:

        immature, stick to the topic like an adult. If I recall correctly, whether or not you agree with Mr. Bean and his opinion on the tea and how he used it for his daughter, at least he was open honest and frank when asked about it.. He didn’t need a legal case to force him to admit his action over 17 years ago..

  17. Terry says:

    I was going to give a long ramble about Wayne but better to keep it simple.

    When people walk down the aisle they do so for a purpose.

    Wayne has walked and crossed the aisle so many times;

    One day he is UBP the next PLP and back and forth.

    Betty Trump with a face but Donald Doc still holds the purse strings.

    By any means.


  18. Unbelievable says:

    Get ‘em, Dunk!

  19. redbeard says:

    do any of you people have any idea what such a Commission of Enquiry costs? do we really want to give a whole pile of money to a bunch of lawyers for this nonsense?? do we have millions of dollars to waste????

  20. Lets take an popular opinion pole now. Of course one party would twist the truth out of that even. And the plp mouth of the week is??

    • Terry says:

      A person that denies so much.
      Yet had to deceive us.
      Nothing like a cedar fire.

      • impressive. says:

        one day, I pray, one day, you will make a statement that is mature and thought provoking, until then,


        • Northshore says:

          and here you are telling someone to stay on topic, then you start blabin on about off topic!!! You sound like Wayne Furbert!

          • impressive. says:

            How could it be off topic, if my post was aimed at his immature response to the topic at hand??

  21. Ringmaster says:

    Between 1998 and 2012 Bermuda was regularly reminded that “it’s our time now” and “the UBP did it”.

    Fast forward to 2012-2105 and the PLP want to avoid their term in Government and say “the OBA promised transparency and accountability” a worthy ideal and which to a large extent they have delivered. No longer do we hear” that’s a Plantation question” or “we don’t care what you think”. Don’t refer to the PLP term, that didn’t exist in Bermuda’s history, especially 2006 – 2011.

    Fast forward again to 2017, Election Year. No words today that the PLP will be “transparent and accountable” so it would be back again to the same “secrecy and ?” No wonder there is little excitement in investing in hotels and creating jobs coupled with the PLP’s attacks on anything that might create jobs for Bermudians.

  22. Balanced Facts says:

    Would Wayne support a commission on serious corruption allegations back to 1998 ! I’m in…!

  23. Zevon says:

    The planned program of disinformation continues.

  24. navin johnson says:

    The PLP are clueless…they have yet to realize that just repeating the word transparency over and over by the likes of Betty,Yettb,Wayney and Zaney will mean anything to Bermudians other than a few rabid supporters who believe anything and everything…..transparency? really?…BHC….not illegal just immoral ..how is that for transparency….thousands of dollars to write a double spaced meaningless report on and on and on and on they drone…..hopefully we can survive the damage they have done and they never return……

  25. nomoremoneybermuda says:

    the accusations in the affidavits were the move of a desperate guy who thought his friends at the corp and he could snag a sweet deal while in office. Given they are all PLP, it was only natural to make these accusations when going down. A slight distraction from the 18 Million still not accounted for. Its laughable that people think this guy could have taken on that project, with no track record in such a large development. It was doomed from the start. and now its cost the taxpayer. The corp of hamilton will likely be saddled with that debt, and the missing 18 Mill for the next 20 years. John Swan, Zane Desilva or Burlands would have been a better choice no?

  26. Enough says:

    More PLP spin. They become more and more pathetic every time one of them opens their mouths.

    Wayne is right on one thing. We do want a party that has zero tolerance on corruption, that’s why the PLP are sitting on the sidelines.

  27. Terry says:

    I was thinking of coming home for a few weeks but I’ll stick with my plans to visit the mountains.