Aircraft Reports Issues, Lands Safely In Bermuda

September 13, 2015

An aircraft undergoing a medical evacuation transfer reported mechanical problems as it flew near the island on Thursday [Sept 10], but managed to land without incident in Bermuda, with the patient on-board transported to KEMH.

A Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre spokesperson said, “On Thursday, September 10 at 4.14am, RCC Bermuda was contacted by the New York Air Traffic Control Tower regarding the emergency diversion of the aircraft identified as ‘Medevac 988QC’ undergoing a Medical Evacuation transfer from Bermuda to Boston.

“The pilot reported mechanical problems with the cabin pressure fluctuating, was not declaring an emergency, and was five minutes from landing. Bermuda Radio notified fire dispatch and advised them to send an ambulance to the airport to transfer the patient back to KEMH.

“The aircraft was later reported landed without incident by Bermuda Air Traffic Control Tower at 6.18am, and the patient transported safely back to the hospital.”

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  1. Ameboa says:

    Nothing in their statement makes any sense at all. The plane is flying near Bda, but in the last paragraph the patient was transported back to KEMH. NY air trafic control contacts RCC Bda(4.14am) and the plane is five minutes from landing at that time.. supposedly but touches down at 6.18am. So for two hrs this plane was flying blind and the controls towers playing “who will land this plane” on who’s side while the pilot is trying to maintain control of cabin pressure. Something not right here. A medivac flight near the island, if this plane took off from Bda then why did the air traffic controllers knock off before handing the plane over to the next controlling air space ? That is about the only way I see a two hr gap between landing a plane that was supposedly 5 mins from landing in Bda.

  2. Voter (original) says:

    Aircraft was flying from Bermuda to Boston. Reported at 4:14 that it was having problems, and was 5 minutes away from landing – where? It took two hours to land back in Bermuda…. Triangle?

  3. Pete says:

    I wonder if / who in the Local Insurance providers conduct proof and readiness of Airworthiness certification of the air ambulance companies they award contracts to ?