Video: Bermuda Air Ambulance Official Launch

April 25, 2022 | 4 Comments

The Bermuda Air Ambulance service held an event today to announce their official launch, noting that their “aircraft is positioned on the ground in Bermuda on a ‘ready to go’ basis.”

A spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Air Ambulance company Ltd [BAA], Bermuda’s “ready to go” air ambulance service, for critically ill and injured patients, commenced operations in January. The company was established after 5 years of market research and due diligence with local health care providers and US aviation partners.

“The Bermuda Air Ambulance aircraft is positioned on the ground in Bermuda on a “ready to go” basis. This capability will save precious hours for needed patient access to critical care specialist facilities in North America, saving lives and improving recovery outcomes.

“In addition, BAA’s Lear 55 air ambulance offers seats for family members to accompany the patient, something that has not always been available but is a very important feature for residents travelling abroad for care.

Local air ambulance transfers are being accommodated to the USA and Canada for patients who are faced with life threatening conditions. The company is majority Bermudian owned, and locally registered. BAA is also supported by its highly qualified partners, AIR EMS and Jet Logistics, Inc. Air EMS holds Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems [CAMTS] accreditation and is a highly experienced US air medical provider.

“Jet Logistics is a US certified aircraft operator with a long history of air ambulance and US Government support, with a fleet of aircraft including the LearJet 55 that BAA is deploying. Jet Logistics holds International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations [IS-BAO] and Commercial Airlift Review Board [CARB] credentials, among others.

“By partnering with these fully accredited and fully licensed companies, BAA is providing on-island emergency ready aircraft and medical teams with highly qualified and trained personnel minimizing the the number of hours required to transport a patients to the USA for critical specialist care.

“Previously, families and patients were often faced with a frustrating and stressful reality where no-matter their need, financial means, insurance coverage or the nature of their emergency, there was no faster service available. This is now being changed through the BAA service.”

For more information, please see their website.

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  1. Ringmaster says:

    All very well but someone has to pay for this. Is it the taxpayer through the “savings” by cutting ferry services? Or people who pay insurance premiums? It’s not free and expect healthcare premiums to rise even more, unless the Minister of Health can wave her magic wand and lower premiums. Fat chance.

    • BABS says:

      Nothing Nice to say then STFU. None of the above is going to pay. Keep Quiet and be Thankful SAMF

  2. Are you kidding me? says:

    Wow..all I can say is it’s about time we have this service it’s been going on negotiations for decades,,finally
    Congratulation to everyone involved….

  3. Lion Paw says:

    Well done and congratulations for covering the areas needed for all involved requiring such services. Great minds all the best with your new service.

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