KFC Treat Vouchers Raise Funds For Red Cross

October 7, 2015

KFC is launching a new initiative in partnership with Bermuda Red Cross, which will see KFC sell “Treat Voucher” booklets to raise funds for Bermuda Red Cross.

“Each voucher will entitle a child to receive a free treat from KFC — their choice of a cookie, an apple turnover, or an order of French Fries,” the company said.

“Vouchers will be available at KFC throughout the month of October [while supplies last] at a minimal cost of only $1 for each booklet of 5 vouchers.

“100% of every dollar raised through booklet sales will be contributed to Bermuda Red Cross to support their activities in the local community.”

KFC Halloween Voucher

Jason Benevides, Vice President of KFC Operations comments, “Seasonal treat vouchers in support of charities are a regular and popular annual offering by some well-known North American restaurants.

“We thought it was time to bring this popular concept to Bermuda and offer a fresh option to consumers, while still raising some much needed funds for charity. Raising charitable funds is a challenge these days.

“However, it gets a little easier when donors receive something of value for their contributions. Bermuda Red Cross does great work in the local community and KFC is very pleased to support their efforts.”

The KFC Treat Voucher booklets are designed so that each voucher can easily be detached and given to a child. A voucher is a great alternative to traditional chocolate or candy treats on Halloween.

Alternatively, parents may use them as special rewards for their children, or school teachers may take advantage of a low cost way to award students.

KFC Treat Vouchers come with limited conditions. One voucher can be redeemed by any child 12 years of age or younger on each visit to KFC. Vouchers are valid from 1 November 2015 through 31 January 2016.

“KFC has always been a popular destination for children and their families.” says KFC General Manager, Ginene McSwain.

“With our Treat Voucher promotion we are able to reward some of our favourite customers – kids! — all the while supporting Bermuda Red Cross who do great work throughout our community.”


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  1. Amelia says:

    American Red Cross, the Ministry of Health and Health Council, Physicians et al are focusing on wellness and good health. The goal is to improve nutrition, decrease the high rates of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure etc. Eating sugary or fatty foods from fast food restaurants certainly doesn’t fit this new focus. I would assume as you offer First Aid and CPR classes that you are aware of the importance of teaching especially our Youth to eat well!?