Jet Skier Escorted Off Race Course By Police

October 19, 2015

The police thanked everyone for their cooperation over the weekend saying there were no incidents of note, just a “minor marine incident” on Sunday afternoon which saw a man riding a jet ski escorted off the America’s Cup race course by Marine Police after being seen “moving at great speeds and operating his jet ski erratically.”

A police spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Police Service would like to thank our community partners, The Royal Bermuda Regiment, volunteer marshals and the general public for their cooperation over the weekend as there were no incidents of note as it relates to the America’s Cup Racing Series activities.

“There was one minor marine incident, at 1:35 on Sunday, a 52-year-old Pembroke man was seen by a marshal boat in the harbour moving at great speeds and operating his jet ski erratically between spectator boats on the race course.

“Requests by AC marshals to cease went unheeded and he was then pursued by the police marine boat Heron III. He was stopped and detained under section 114C, Marine Boat Act and he was then subsequently escorted off the race course to a safe area.”

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  1. Spit Bouy says:

    Why wasn’t he arrested? SMFH

    • Yes says:

      Calm down.
      “stopped and detained under section 114C”
      I think that translates into “arrested.”
      114C translates into “$500 Fine or a year in Jail.”
      So I reckon that the police thought it was not such a big deal, but whoever the guy was probably felt the sting a little.

    • Onion juice says:

      There’s one in every bunch

    • serengeti says:

      I asked the same thing when some cricketers started brawling in the middle of a match a few weeks ago.

  2. David says:

    I thought for sure the age of the “offender” was going to be early/mid-twenties.

    You keep it classy you 52-year old wilin’ out jetskiing grampa you :)

    What a fantastic weekend though!

  3. Yamon says:

    I saw it happen. He should have been arrested.

  4. Oh,I see now says:

    Now that sounds more like it I knew there had to be at least one person to show his a$$.

  5. Bermybouy says:

    The Man was an idiot as he was doing this thru the Harbour within the 100M rule. Even when he was called out he ignored any warning.

  6. Bermyboy says:

    Maybe he was the “right color”?

  7. Family Man says:

    Every village has one of these.

    • Terry says:

      Probably someone on Onion Juice………


  8. Triangle Drifter says:

    Had to be a jetski. They wonder why boaters have so much distain for them.

    • kangoocar says:

      You nailed it Triangle!!! I always say, a jet ski is a magnet for idiots???

    • Billy Mays says:

      There were plenty of boaters encroaching on the racecourse, just in a less dramatic way. Boaters are far from above reproach.

    • Billy Mays says:

      It’s the person, not the vessel.

      • The Truth and Nothing but the Truth says:

        @Billy Mays,,,like its the person not the gun?

    • sage says:

      Wasn’t a jetski that ran over and killed that guy on a lilo off Spanish Point a while back. And not all boaters are the elitist, overpriviliged, unskilled, often half-hot douchelords that you and the functionally illiterate Kangoocar personify, either.

  9. Terry says:

    Well Triangle that is what all the reports are saying even the POST here.

    Have another one.

  10. Tolerate says:

    Was in court with this guy who passed a couple of cars to get to the front of the line on Front Street, while traffic was STOPPED??? Guy was found guilty of Riding Without Due Care and fined $800 bucks.
    Does Due Care work on the water also?

    • sage says:

      That is a ridiculous rip-off, and does not constitute driving without due care.

  11. just wondering says:

    can you be “taken off de water” and still be “on de road” ???

  12. Donald says:

    He was just having fun.