PRS For Music “Supporting” America’s Cup Jam

October 15, 2015

PRS for Music said they are “delighted to be supporting” the America’s Cup Jam presented by Fidelity International, which is being held on Saturday [Oct 17] and will feature Shaggy, Maxi Priest, Uzimon, Spice and Company and The Kings.

The announcement said, “PRS for Music, the collecting society that represents the rights of over 111,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers is delighted to be supporting the America’s Cup Jam, presented by Fidelity International, being held during the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series event being staged in Hamilton, Bermuda this month.

“The America’s Cup Jam will be held on the evening of Saturday, 17 October and will host a stellar line-up of artists including Grammy award-winning reggae artist Shaggy, Maxi Priest, Uzimon, energetic Barbadian soca band Spice and Company and reggae acoustic act The Kings.

“The America’s Cup Jam is a PRS for Music licensed event, which allows access to an astounding range of musical works from all over the world with PRS for Music controlling the rights of 15 million pieces of music.

“PRS for Music plays a vital role in ensuring music creators are fairly paid with the correct royalties, including those associated with the America’s Cup Jam. PRS for Music further supports the rights and creativity of songwriter, music publisher and composer members including many music creators from Bermuda.

“PRS for Music is the appointed collecting society for Bermuda with the membership organisation overseeing the musical rights predominantly in the UK consequently collecting royalties for up to 15 million pieces of musical works.

“PRS for Music has been present in Bermuda for a number of years promoting the value of copyright and raising awareness about the importance of music licensing that ensures creators of musical works can earn a living. With over 100 representation agreements in place globally, PRS for Music’s network represents over two million music creators.”

Karen Buse, PRS for Music’s Executive Director of Membership and International said: “We are excited to be supporting the America’s Cup Jam, to enable the entirety of our members’ works to be used throughout this iconic event. Bermuda is home to incredible musical talent and we are happy to be able to have a prominent presence in Bermuda’s music scene.”

Tony Brannon, America’s Cup Jam event promoter said: “We are excited that the America’s Cup Jam, presented by Fidelity International will be supporting a number of different songwriters and composers, including those local to Bermuda.”

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  1. John Silvester says:

    Interesting how Tony Brannon wants to highlight showcasing locals in the last paragraph. Yet the jam had to do the Michael Jackson Moonwalk to “fix” it after public outcry. Locals were not part of the platform. PRS is a double, triple taxing authority that is not for profit yet makes a ton of money for “administrative duties”. Ask The Kings or a bunch of local acts how many checks they have received from them over the years. Even if they are registered. Only the top radio play artists get checks of any significance. Local radio stations don’t even have logs so local artists can be paid. PRS is a bully organisation that does little or nothing to support local arts. I will accept that they gave Chewstick some funds a few years back. To my knowledge this is it. And yes they would support the Americas Cup Jam because they get paid per patron, whether or not the event is a financial success or not. Pay us regardless!!! Under the shroud of supporting the arts and artists rights etc… This is a taxation that leaves Bermuda and doesn’t come back. Just like the boats and teams of the Americas Cup. Thanks for having us…..hasta la vista after…..

  2. Robert says:

    “PRS for Music is the appointed collecting society for Bermuda”

    Appointed by who?

  3. Bermyboy says:

    Why is this guy Tony Brannon even entertaining these money hungry people. Like John said earlier they do NOTHING for Bermudian artist. But then agian this concert is a total joke if you are the average Bermudian!