America’s Cup Jam Will Be “Party Of Year”

October 16, 2015

[Updated] People are being urged to buy their tickets now or risk missing out on the ‘party of the year,’ with the America’s Cup Jam, headlined by Maxi Priest and Shaggy, seeing three-quarters of the general admittance tickets already sold out, and almost all VIP tickets also gone.

A spokesperson for Premier Tickets said, “Everyone has worked tremendously hard to get this event together and it is going to be an amazing night. With the acts that we have and the world-class sound and light system by Great Sound, I think it will be the party of the year.”

“There is limited capacity and without tickets you will not get to see the concert – a mariner’s exclusion zone extending 100 metres from the concert dock will be enforced by the police in order to protect the race boats which will be moored close by, so the best place to see the concert is at the venue,” said a spokesperson for the AC Jam Concert.

“Two charter boats will be docked at the concert and will act as floating private lounges for ticket holders – the UberVida will be available as a VIP option and will be docked in the VIP section.

“Calico Jack will be available as a general admittance option, docked in the GA area. Boat ticket holders can come on and off their boat throughout the concert.

“Gates will open at 7.00pm tomorrow [Oct 17] and the concert, at No 1 car park on Front Street, will be overseen by emcee Nadanja and Uzimon and opened by Bermudian act The Kings at 7.30pm.

“Maxi Priest will come on stage at 8.15pm, Spice & Co Soca at 9.30pm, and Shaggy at 11.15pm, with venue to close at 1.00am at the latest.

“We have made sure that the concert is as accessible as possible and a wheelchair viewing area will be available at the border between GA and VIP, however because of space we will not be able to allow people to take coolers inside and there will be standing only and no seats.

“Anyone wanting seating for the concert are encouraged to purchase a VIP ticket or a ticket on UberVida or Calico Jack.

“We are also taking security very seriously and there will be security checks at all the gates including random bag checks.”

The general admittance entrance is at the east end of No 1 car park and the VIP entrance is by the Bird Cage. The VIP area will be open from 7.00pm and guests will have private bars, private food concession with VIP menus, tables, private bathrooms, bean bag chairs, and a “chill area.”

Food will be provided within the VIP area and VIP dinners can be purchased online in advance at

Goslings will be running several bars inside the secured concert venue and there will also be food provided within the GA area. The GA area will also include several large TV screens to ensure a good view of the concert at all times.

The spokesperson for Premier Tickets added, “Just as a reminder, volunteer, media and staff event passes don’t get you access to the concert. So people like the media and staff will have to have a concert wrist band to enter the concert and they can get those from their manager.”

Tickets can be bought online at, the Premier Tickets office at 48 Church Street, or from info booths at the AC Event Village on Front Street.

“Make sure you arrive early to get parking spaces – you do not want to be late and miss a single second of this fantastic event,” added Michael Branco, owner of Premier Tickets.

Update 8.44pm: Premier Tickets said, “VIP Dock tickets are now sold out and we’ve added more VIP capacity by docking UberVida in the VIP section. We only have 200 general admission tickets left for the dock, and have also added extra capacity with the Calico Jack which is docked in the general admission section.

“The event is close to being sold out so customers are encouraged to buy their tickets asap at Ticket holders are also encouraged to arrive in the City early in order to get parking and allow time to get into the venue in time for the start of the show.”

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  1. Think about it says:

    Wow interesting how the concerts not sold out, but then again $100 a person:( Sorry I’m only attending to enjoy the free race and fun village :)

    • Diablo says:

      The Joe concert the other night as $125 and you got to see one international artists.

      On top of that drinks were starting at $10 and up. And no one said a thing. Strange.

  2. I heart 441 says:

    Sorry to spoil the party but the party of the year was this past June. Nothing can top the Jouvert party during BHW in dockyard during carnival

  3. silk says:

    Party on down the East End and collect the trash. Its been a week our trash has not been collected!

  4. Raymond Ray says:

    Be what it may but, the weather isn’t co-operating :-(

  5. Raymond Ray says:

    Thank goodness they made it to our area…

  6. Interesting lineup for the “party of the year”. Jamaica seems to be well represented and with the inclusion of Soca, the English Caribbean in general is well represented. Too bad music of the Spanish Caribbean ( Cuba, Puerto Rico) and the French Caribbean ( Haiti ’s Twoubadou and Konpa) are not in the line up. Hopefully, the producers have the capacity to include some of the fabulous groups stemming from Bermuda like ” V eye aka Vi-bez & Larry Tacklyn ” and, of course, for any “party” in Bermuda there should be plenty of “Gombay” music and dance. On the other hand, one would not want the Scottish presence in Bermuda to be overlooked so a dash of local “ pipe band “ music would contribute generously to the “ party of the year”. After all, the Americas Cup is an international event and one would expect the host country as well as the surrounding area to be well represented musically.

    • Hmmm. Would be helpful to have what was objectionable about this comment pointed out. It essentially champions Bermuda’s music along with music of the Spanish, French and English Caribbean….with which Bermuda shares much. Bermuda’s “Gombay” is essentially Bermuda’s version of Cuban Conga and, to some extent, Haiti’s Lenten ” Rara”. There are many analogies throughout the region – even though Bermuda is a bit northeast of the aforementioned zones. However, since the AC concert fell under the auspices of ” Fidelity International”, anyone who has listened to the musical debris Fidelity asks its clients to tolerate while waiting for an attendant to respond to a call will be surprised the AC concert’s lineup was as good as it was.

  7. Some Beach says:

    Please boys…east end needs trash collection…thanks boys!