Ashay University To Hold Saturday Seminars

November 6, 2015

‘Grow yourself’ is the essential message of two upcoming installments of the Ashay University Saturday Seminar Series, set to be held at North Village Community Centre’s Education Building on Saturday, November 14 and Saturday, November 21.

The November 14 seminar will run under the title ‘Friendship Before Relationship,’ while the November 21 session will focus on the theme of ‘A Meditation in Sacred Thoughts: Intentions and Reflections’; the seminars will be conducted by Mwalimu Melodye Micëre Van Putten.

The cost to attend is $50 per seminar and includes seminar materials and light refreshments.

A spokesperson said, “Whether it is understanding who you are in order to have a successful romantic relationship, or understanding who you are in order to set priorities toward reaching your goals, the two seminars address issues that are pertinent to everyday life and are beneficial to everyone no matter your station in life.

“The goal of Friendship Before Relationship is identifying and understanding your personal values. Accordingly, it is the alignment of basic values between two people that make a romantic relationship work. Of course, you can’t align your values with another unless you clearly know what your own values and standards are.

“Friendship Before Relationship helps you delve into what is important to you and uses the standard of friendship to assist you in identifying your own values.

“A Meditation in Sacred Thoughts: Intentions and Reflections addresses a whole host of life’s everyday circumstances, including professional, financial and personal goals. Having quiet space to reflect and set intentions is the first step toward fulfillment of your heart’s desires. This seminar is designed to usher you into your deeper self – to identify your longings using poetry as a vehicle.

“Breathing exercises and soft music will be used to relax participants and help them temporarily discard the cares of the day and take the time to explore one’s self, leaving refreshed and committed to continue the journey of growing yourself.”

For more information and to register, email or call 296-8137.

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