New Book Investigates Island’s Modern History

January 26, 2016

Local author Jonathan Land Evans has released his latest book, titled “Introduction to Bermuda’s Modern History,” the latest entry in his ongoing series covering the island’s history.

As with the previous books in the series, which trace the island’s history from 1898 onward, this work covers many aspects of Bermuda’s history, focusing on the island’s modern era and serving as a “brief companion volume” to the full series.

The author said, “This 54-page large-format softcover book provides a high-level overview of the subject, and may appeal to those who do not wish to plough through the 1,600 pages with thousands of footnotes of the main volumes of the series, as well as to those already familiar with the series who may like a succinct distillation of some of the topics and trends, with my commentary on the subject.

“The chapters comprise ‘People in a place’, ‘Bermuda, the British Empire and a new American security empire’, ‘America’s favourite foreign resort and its eventual decline’, ‘The political scene: from the “property vote” to party politics’, and ‘International business: from onions to insurance’.

“”The preceding books are “Empire & Onion-patch” [1898-1918], “Peace, Prudence and Prosperity” [1919-1939], “A Colony at War” [1939-1945], “Seasons of Change” [1939-1959], and “Siren Songs” [1960-c.1980].”

To purchase “Introduction to Bermuda’s Modern History” or any of the preceding volumes, visit; the Bermuda Book Store will also stock the book in the future.

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