Video: “Finances & Home Ownership” Meeting

January 21, 2016

Member of Parliament for Southampton East, Zane DeSilva held a town hall meeting on Tuesday evening [Jan 19] at the Heron Bay School Hall to offer tips on simple money management and, saving money, sacrificing, and working hard so that one could someday acquire their first home.

Speaking after the presentation, Mr DeSilva said, ” My executive and I, some months back, we talked about the state of the economy and some of the struggles our people are having. After I discussed with them my concerns and their concerns, we said, “Well, listen, Zane, with the experience that you have in life and in business, it might be good thing.” It’s certainly something that I take pleasure in doing.

Zane DeSilva Town Hall Bermuda, January 19 2016-4

“I didn’t have a projector. I didn’t have any screens. I didn’t have a script. I discuss with the people that showed up tonight my life, and how I’ve run my life, and how I’ve run my business. Those life experiences that I had at that time certainly, I think, helped me as I grew older. I want to pass on that knowledge.

“Sometimes it’s simple things. It’s simple things that we need to do in order to organize our lives such that we can have success a long the way. Basically that’s what it was about, just simple money management with our paychecks every week. We talked a lot about saving money and sacrificing, and working hard so that we can someday earn our first home.

80-minute video of the presentation: 

“It was good. I enjoyed it. I hope that someone tonight whether it’d be with themselves, their family, or maybe family members when the leave here, maybe cousins, friends that they have discussions with that this will go a long way into helping them in the future.”

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  1. rodney smith says:

    It must be noted that another media did not allow comment on this article because it’s about a politician . How sad. This was a good story of someone, trying to help the public improve themselves, and yet still we as a country can be found taking sides on such an important issue. Home ownership is the building block that most families need to lift themselves up. You don’t have to wait seven years to save, in order to own your own home. IF YOU HAVE THE INCOME ,YOU CAN GET 100% FINANCING , and move into your house TODAY. The banks do it for others, so why will they not do it for the LITTLE MAN ? There are ways to get around all this red tape. Bankers know it, realtors know it, and even your insurance agent know it. BUT NO ONE WILL TELL THE LITTLE MAN HOW IT IS DONE .I wonder why? I need not tell you what we done for Bermuda, as it relates to home ownership. The only dis appointing thing was that even when people saw other Bermudians becoming home owners with NO MONEY DOWN, they still stood on the side line watching. Sad.

  2. Flooding says:

    What a joke. This was a desperate PR stunt to fool people into thinking that you actually care. I cannot trust this man, not after what I have heard and seen over the last few months.

  3. Ra's al Ghul says:

    I didn’t realize Zane was a certified financial advisor.

  4. Zevon says:

    So did this group pay for renting the school for this stunt, or did the cost of opening the building and keeping the lights on come out of our children’s education budget?

  5. Up D hill says:

    I,I,I,Me,Me Me!