Danish Sailing Team Returns To Bermuda

February 6, 2016

The Danish sailing team has returned to Bermuda following their appearance in the Bermuda Gold Cup, with plans for a few weeks of training “in the beautiful waters of Bermuda.”

A spokesperson said, “It’s been a few months since the top Danish team with skipper Nicolai Sehested left Bermuda after the Bermuda Gold Cup, but now they are back kick off 2016 with a training session

“The World Match Racing Tour has changed format, and in 2016 all the events will be raced in fast sailing catamarans, with lots of speed and action. The America’s Cup set the standard for extreme boats in 2012, and now the World Match Racing Tour has followed with a brand new fleet of fast boats.”


Skipper Nicolai Sehested said, “It’s going to be an interesting season with the Match Racing we know going out, and instead fast multihull boats coming in. We always enjoyed the monohull boats like the Bermudian IOD, but we have to accept and adapt the new changes quick, and that’s why we choose Bermuda as our training base, like the Americas Cup teams.”

“The Danish team has been sailing in Bermuda in the last 10 years, and with good results. Nicolai Sehested raced the first Gold Cup for Optimists in 2013, and last year he sailed in the classic IOD boats.”

Mr. Sehested said, “It’s been a great experience growing up sailing in Bermuda every year, and it’s aways been the place where you see and meet the best sailors in the world. Luckily that hasn’t changed, and that’s why all the best sailors keep coming back. We always felt home here as sailors, and we always stayed with Justin Williams, which is now family to us after six years.”

Danish sailing team back in Bermuda Feb 5 2016(2)

“He’s always welcomed us with open arms, like the rest of Bermuda, and that’s been the difference for us spending so many weeks in Bermuda the last six years. We feel home and welcomed, and we will keep coming back as long as we compete in the best sailing in the world.”

“The World Match Racing Tour will compete all over the world again this year, with races in California, Australia, Newport, Denmark, Bermuda, Asia and the one million dollar final in Sweden, where the winner of the World Championship will win a million dollars.

“The Danish team is one of the favorites to win the trophy, and they will also be back in October for the first Bermuda Gold Cup in fast catamarans.”

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