CableVision Removes Channel 82 From Lineup

April 21, 2016

[Updated] As of this writing, local television network Channel 82 appears to not be available via Logic [CableVision], marking the second time this year the channel has been off air on that network.

The first time Channel 82 was temporarily taken off air in February, the company said, “For seven years, we have provided content to CableVision at no cost to them, positively showcasing our community, and now they want us to pay to continue providing local programming to you.”

In response to that February statement, CableVision said they would “continue to air Channel 82 for 60 days” while they work with the company to “come to an agreement.”

When asked about the situation by Bernews this morning, Channel 82′s Lamone Woods confirmed they “have been cut,” and said they are expecting to release a statement later today or tomorrow.

We also asked Logic for a response this morning, and will update as able with comments from both companies.

Update April 20, 8.12am: Logic CEO Lloyd Fray said, “Following many unsuccessful attempts to contact Mr Woods over the last 60 days to discuss the commercial use of channel 82, it is with great regret that we have today removed the channel from our lineup.

“We would like to reiterate our support of local content, which is demonstrated by the five local leased channels that we carry, the live Cup Match feed as well as the inclusion of ZBM and ZFB on our channel line-up.

“Local content showcases the Bermudian culture, spirit and artistic expressions and it is something that we are proud to air on our channels.”

Channel 82 has not issued a further formal statement to us as of yet, however a post on social media by the company this morning said, “Cablevision has cut our channel again.

“You can call them and show support for our channel. We don’t understand why they would cut great local content.”

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Comments (8)

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  1. $ the root of all evil says:

    Sorry Fray but it appears you’re not concerned with Bermudian culture, spirit and artistic expressions. You guys only want the $$$$$. Channel 82 will be missed by many. RIP

  2. Ingrid lindo says:

    Not fan of 82, but I thought that logic would improve cable visions service which has been piss poor for years,channels blacked out,scrambled,or no sound, with all these issues they still have nerve to send monthly bills with a straight face. The G box is starting to look better everyday. Also same movies since last year,time to change or lower mthly bill,not worth it

  3. BDA says:

    Cablevision sucks. Just thought I’d say that.

  4. james says:

    What was on 82?
    Never watched it.

  5. ImJustSayin says:

    How about we cut Logic or Cable Vision from our line up. Since many of their channels don’t work or are pixelated. And the program that’s scheduled never comes on etc.

  6. UmJustSayiing says:

    One day we will be able say, remember when CV …was

  7. Mare says:

    When are they going to fix the “replaced” ZBM satellite connection? Or correct the TV Guide?

    Judge Judy (5 PM) is not an acceptable replacement for The Price is Right!!!