Inter-Island Communications Celebrates 20 Years

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Inter-Island Communications Limited [IIC] said they will “proudly mark its 20th anniversary come July 5th this year as the parent company of HOTT 107.5 FM and MAGIC 102.7 FM.”

A spokesperson said, ” IIC Founders Glenn Blakeney, Elroy Smith, Scott Pearman and Grady Moates were granted two radio broadcasting licenses by then Minister of Telecommunications, Renee Webb, JP and commenced operations on July 5, 2024.”

IIC Chairman and CEO Glenn Blakeney states, “After spending several years in the local broadcasting industry, I felt compelled to act upon the dream of becoming an owner of my own radio station and upon being encouraged to pursue applying for a license in 2023, I invited Scott Pearman, Elroy Smith, and Chief Engineer Grady Moates to join me in the entrepreneurial endeavor.”

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The spokesperson said, “HOTT 107.5 FM was the first Black owned and operated radio station to be granted a license, some 20 years after the Capitol Broadcasting Company was acquired by the Bermuda Broadcasting Company in 1984. IIC’s second station MAGIC 102.7 FM was launched on February 28, 2007.

“Both HOTT and MAGIC provided community-centric formats to what Mr. Blakeney states was a significantly underserved market for the majority Black demographic in Bermuda and it was decided that the formats should focus on delivering content geared more to that sector in addition to relatable generic content.

“During the past 20 years, IIC has provided platforms that have served to edify the local market and provide a snapshot to listeners overseas via 24-hour internet streaming of HOTT and MAGIC. The company has been committed to interactive-programs that inform, educate, and of course entertain, and both local stations remain two of the most popular on island.

“Mr. Blakeney expresses his profound gratitude for the incredible public support that IIC has received in response to its stellar service, particularly received for the live entertainment events, such as the annual Bermuda Idol Competition, which is the first in a series of events planned to commemorate the company’s 20th anniversary.

“Bermuda Idol has provided an exceptional opportunity for local aspiring singers to showcase their unique talent before live audiences, many performing before a live audience for the first time. This year 13 exciting contestants will grace the stage 7:30pm this Saturday, March 23rd at Ruth Seaton James Center for Performing Arts.”

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