Major Changes At Bermuda Broadcasting Ltd

October 22, 2015

Bermuda Broadcasting Company Ltd. today [Oct 22] announced major changes to its radio stations, affecting programming across the board, with FM 89.1 set to become Ocean 89.

The BBC said the station will no longer host interactive talk radio programmes and talk show hosts Everest DeCosta and Gina Spence “will not be joining the revamped Bermuda Broadcasting radio stations” while  Keevil [The Captain] Burgess has agreed to host the early morning show on Ocean 89.

Station owner Chris Perry said, “Earlier this year, the new management of Bermuda Broadcasting promised listeners that we would improve content, as we redevelop our brand and tap into the talents of our people in new ways.

“We have spent the past several months reviewing our radio operations and looking at where to take the stations. We are now in a position to announce that with immediate effect we are changing the formats of our stations to deliver the highest quality journalism and entertainment to the community.”

“The changes affect all three broadcast stations. FM 89.1 is changing to become Ocean 89, which will return to its roots, offering top-40 music, including the ongoing celebration of Bermuda’s artists,” the company said.

“Ocean 89 will also broadcast news, weather and sports. The station will no longer host interactive talk radio programmes, opting instead to feature popular radio personalities, who will conduct interviews with scheduled guests.

Mr. Perry said, “We are delighted that Keevil [The Captain] Burgess has agreed to host the early morning show on Ocean 89, while Felix Todd will host “The Big Chill” during midday.

“We will soon be in a position to announce our late afternoon drive time host. These talented, listener-focused professionals are enthusiastic about joining us and we are confident they will deliver positive, energetic programming that reflects Bermuda’s talents and unique culture.”

“Power 95 will continue to offer urban music, but with local programme hosts and the inclusion of local talent to bring the station into closer touch with the community,” the BBC said.

Mr. Perry said, “We are extremely fortunate to have well liked and respected radio personalities joining this station. We are very pleased that Kristy [Miss Thang] Burgess will host our morning drive-time programme, while well-known DJ Radigun will be on air during the evening drive.

“We are still working to bring an equally lively and entertaining host to Power 95’s midday programming.”

Traditional talk show hosts Everest DeCosta and Gina Spence will not be joining the revamped Bermuda Broadcasting radio stations, the BBC added.

Mr. Perry said, “We are grateful to both Everest and Gina for their work on air over the years. They have made a real contribution to the Bermuda community.

“While their familiar voices will be missed by loyal followers, we hope that listeners will appreciate new programming that shines a light on Bermuda’s talented artists, who are bringing positive attention to the Island.

“We wish Everest and Gina well and, again, we thank them for their dedicated service to the community.”

The BBC said, “Bermuda Broadcasting will announce additional changes to both radio and television programming in the months ahead, as the company brings onboard new technology and new studios through 2016.

“Bermuda Broadcasting is the Island’s oldest broadcasting company with a history of bringing innovative service to the community.”

Mr. Perry said, “Local television and radio stations are vital to the well-being of the community and we plan to offer a continually improving product. We are excited about the changes to our radio stations, and we welcome the community’s feedback.”

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  1. I agree because Sherrie J has de talk show scene wrapped up

    • kangoocar says:

      You can’t be serious??? The same 10 empty cans call in to radio every day, and spew the same nonsense daily??? get real!!!!

      • kangoocar says:

        This may come as a shocker to the sheeple but, I actually will miss Ashfield Devent, he earned my respect through listening to him on the radio, and I have learned he actually is a very well thought out person that has also proven he is fair and balanced!!!! Oh wait, that’s why the plpers threw him out of his seat??? Got it!!!!!!

      • ImJustSayin says:

        spot on @kangoocar

      • Make a new plan Stan says:

        I very rarely listen to the radio but I DO hear quite a bit about it……how would anyone be able to say with confidence that the same people call in all the time saying the same things unless they are an avid listener?

        That’s not just a question for kangoocar but for all the people that agree with the comment kangoocar posted.

        If something annoys you that much you should avoid it…….keeps you sane and less bitter.

        Maybe you aren’t bitter but that little picture of the triangle snarling seems to fit many of your comments….

      • It may be the same 10 people that call but I bet THOUSANDS are listening,even you and your Pathetic Government. The proof is in the pudding.
        Is that real enough for you.

    • Lois Frederick says:

      Preaching to the choir as they say. At least Shirley is still on Sundays on MIX for balance.

    • Terry says:

      Enjoy the ride.

      And no .Beyoncé is not cumin

      A recovery is on it’s way

    • Marge says:

      Sherrie,is good at interviews, but I think her callers (8) every day say the same things and people are sick and tired of listening to the same old same old.
      ZBM thank you for getting rid of these same old callers saying the same old things everyday on Everest’s show ….PLEASE KEEP lOPES ON HE NEVER HAS LIKED THESE SO CALLED TALK SHOWS.

      • You cant blame talk shows who calls, most people dont have the b@lls to call so if only 8 or 10 people call those of you who complain why dont you start calling, if you’re not too scared.

  2. O'Brien says:

    They may change the name all they like – but there is a certain genre of music, no matter where I hear it, that I will always categorize as “FM 89″.

    • frank says:

      Well with ms thang on power. 95 it is only going to sound like hott 107.5
      And. What. About. Wayne. L. And. Don. Bassette
      Never heard of this. Todd guy

  3. Positive says:

    Great Job change is good! no bring my girl Fancy Back~

    • frank says:

      BBC did not mention nothing. About fm105 is that. Where lopes. Is gone to play is country. Music l
      In. The. Morning or is the gosple. Train been derailed

  4. Positive says:

    Sorry should Have been Now Bring Back FANCY !

  5. just asking says:


  6. Dennis Wiliams says:

    What about David Lopes?

  7. Izzypop says:

    They could Hv kept them and just done away from the talk shows.

  8. Coffee says:

    ‘Bout time some life was put back into that station .

  9. Terry says:

    Who really listened to these shows.

    Great weekend to all

  10. Get real says:

    Now just get rid of all hate radio.

  11. my view says:

    Everest and David will be missed . Thank you both for the many years of service to the listners.I shall not comment on the new direction the company is going . Only time will tell if the new move was a correct one.
    I wish them well just the same.

    Anyone know how many years these guys worked for ZBM. Hope they got a good package.

    • frank says:

      i don’t know who is giving mr perry advice but this is not the right one

  12. stevie says:

    True.Had enough of hearing boring talkback.Another just as bad with their biased one eyed views. Talkback is now fading. Think about it.

    • TheUnamedFeeling says:

      Yes I am sure you love the suppression of opinions that differ from yours. Tyrant.

  13. fish says:

    I have to agree with management.
    The new VSB 106 is a pleasure to listen to with a mix of Oldie Goldies and “understandable” modern hits.
    89′s new format seems the same, and without the trash-mouth part will have us back as listeners again.
    I will miss David’s total show, and Everest’s music.
    Good luck to all.

    • Lois Frederick says:

      I think Ocean 89 will be more of a current top 40 hits sound, which will basically copy the old MIX format. The new MIX106 is trying to be an updated 1450AM now on FM. It does fill a gap on FM and with the ageing population is not a bad idea. Early days but I would like to hear more of variety, not hearing much Motown and other sounds yet. There is a broader range that could be played. The greatest hits of all time if you will. I actually still prefer listening to the old 1450AM, which is still on the air, just playing music only!

      It is nice to hear that the talk format is being put to bed on FM89. Just the same few people over and over, day after day. Bermuda’s is too small for that. I think Bernews has turned talk radio on its head and far more participate in this forum, as an example ,than ever have on talk radio. It seems to work better for a number of reasons.

      Lots of shifts in the media space, which makes for an exiting time, albeit disruptive for the staff and the listeners.

      • Lois Frederick says:

        Spoke too soon. They have turned 1450AM off as of today. RIP 1450AM Gold.

  14. New wave says:

    Will miss David’s show especially Friday (not so much the baseball report) but I know that the Captain will do a great job.

    If talk shows are ever considered again I hope that they will have moderators who are unbiased and able to keep the shows even….but let’s not go there.

    Looking forward to the new 89!

  15. Ready For Change says:

    I am happy to see that BBC has finally made the changes people have been asking for.
    David Lopes, thank you for your many years of service. You have always kept the public entertained and informed. Now you can enjoy your retirement you tried to take several years ago. EDC, while I hadn’t listened to you in years, you have given Bermuda the best of you. I wish you well as you ride off into the sunset. Wayne L, you will be a miss and I wish you well always.
    Keevil and Kristy welcome home!!! I wish you both nothing but the best with your morning shows (I wish you were on together). Loving the new format of both stations and can’t wait to see the other changes when finalized. I wonder if…..
    Kudos to you BBC for making such a bold move!!!

  16. Thatshim says:

    We should have a daily chat on all channels. A few hours of ways to benifit the island won’t hurt. I feel it would get voices from all areas of the music industry.

    Then again the government talk will start

  17. I and I says:

    Everest was the best selector on the air waves by far!

    • Hey... says:

      Everest was good a few years ago, but he turned. He would have made a very good news reader. He should of anchored ZBM TV NEWS.

  18. Flooding says:

    oh dear….I see the virus is spreading. smh

  19. Awakened says:

    Everest will be a huge miss, he has an aboudance of knowledge. Gina Spence was not that interesting and pushed HER religious views on the listening audience..I never understood the crumwell and guest show, 1 reason is he has never had a guest on the show/// David lopes will be a miss as well. Out with the old, and in with the new…keep Everest and lopes though! The other two can go..

  20. North rock says:

    This is so overdue and great news…..presumably the television side is next ? That can’t come soon enough…..

  21. sunny says:

    Finally some radical changes. Stop the TALK AND WALK THE WALK.

  22. Northshore says:

    Good Luck ,and , Good Night!

  23. Ms. Shelly Booth says:

    This message is directly to “FIREHORSE”

    I don’t know who YOU are since you feel the need to hide behind your alias BUT all your comments are childish and NEGATIVE!
    It’s amazing how YOU always bash Kristy “Miss Thang” Burgess in ALL your articles. I have been reading your comments about her since HOTT 1075 unjustly dismissed her during the PLP tenor and was allowed to get away with it.

    Kristy Burgess who I do not know personally but professionally is VERY intelligent and charismatic. She LOVES her people and has a passion for community service alike hence the reason why she was awarded the “Queens Certificate and Badge of Honor” from the “Queen of England”!

    This young woman has overcome and continues to EXCEL in everything that she does!

    So since obviously YOU do not like her then you go and do her show, respond to all her emails, go and help the seniors in this island and sit at your computer and re-d0 resumes for young people, coach them while holding down more than one PART TIME job since she is one of the 4k Bermudians who has not had a FULL TIME job since 2012!!
    And for the record, “Miss Thang” has been on FM 89 doing a “Drive Home Show” for he last two years.

    To Kristy Burgess as you always say, “Let your HATERS motivate YOU”! I have always admired you and I am a BLACK women who works in re-insurance and I have watched you sit in meetings, conduct yourself very professional and you are “Authentically YOU”.

    • mj says:

      @ shelly booth… are you on the correct thread? I didn’t read any negativity regarding Ms. Thang, ..and see no”firehorse” on this thread unless it has already been removed…Ms. Thand is back in her spot she was in when she co-starred with The Captain so she has come full circle.. no one hating on Ms. THang here!.. And Ashfield Gina and Everest were all doing a great JOB! they will be missed by many who will view the decision to end talk shows targeting a certain segment of the community such as the bedridden ill, physically challenged and many elderly homes and such who listen for the communication that they would not mormally get, although they may not be able to call in they are tuned in both young and old across the spectrum in Bermuda it generated conversation and differences of opinions and some familiarity for people who are unable to communicate or go out and mingle.. It is a shame that there is not enough support for it, music is played on many stations and ipads and pods so the radio being as invasive as it is offers immediate nationwide communication and this decision by the bbc seems to be a one way street opinion…Sometimes, talkshow conversations would stimulate people into talking with each other and thinking about common objectives, what a shame this is now being stifled by opinions, I’ll play my own music!! I enjoy listening to people and diverse discussions , now we will be spoon fed someone elses opinion of how we should be.

  24. Ms. Shelly Booth says:

    Kristy Burgess you have a natural gift and talent!

    You have sat in the midst of “Presidents, Mayors & Princesses”.

    I wish you all the BEST!

    I have admired you for years and your ability to connect with the people and encourage many has always been admired greatly.

    Do not allow the comments of NEGATIVE people deter you from who you are.

    All the BEST!

  25. TheUnamedFeeling says:

    A wise man once said “I may not agree with what you have to say but I will defend to the death your right to say it”

    It is so sad to see the majority on here applaud the deliberate suppression of speech and discourse…however right or wrong you may deem it.

    Truly sad.

    Anyway traditional media worldwide is dying – look at the numbers for yourselves…shoot look here on island the number of media outlets that have perished in recent years. The inevitability is that we will be stuck with a monolithic media source that will form your thoughts, opinions and judgement and you all will unfortunately be non the wiser.

    Here and now is a chance for alternative investigative media and radio alike to take root in lieu of this manipulated agenda driven drivel that passes for press and radio here in Bermuda…or you could just be happy they are playing the song you like. SMH.

    • Tough Love says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more. They shut down the talk shows to show “positive attention to the Island” through music. Very sad that another voice to the community has been removed.

      Pretty soon we will only have one media and it will only share good news, ignoring anything that could blemish the reputation of Bermuda if certain people have their way.

  26. Serious Though says:

    if still looking for a young Bermudian who can rock the radio , i recommend B Rock!! (formerly Irie FM) just give me a try in the afternoon.. yes he is that good

    • frank says:

      b rock played reggae right maybe he should try back at 98.3

  27. Long Bay Trading Co. says:

    what about David Lopes? Getting ready for work and listening to David is a must for me personally – please say David’s slot remains unchanged?

    I also echo comments on Mr. DeVent – I have really enjoyed listening to him as well.
    David Lopes??????

    • Tough Love says:

      The Captain will be taking over his slot.

    • Lois Frederick says:

      I get the feeling 105.1 is going to be revamped. Lopes might end up over there with an golden I oldies format. Just my guess.

  28. Just a matter of time says:

    I understand the need to change the format and Bermuda has always been traditionally behind the times. In fact HOTT brought a more modern appeal and BBC is playing catch up. Competition has always been a good thing.

    Like other jurisdictions, since talk radio has been on the increase in Bermuda and is quite accepted and an addictive fix to many, perhaps maybe there would be more sister stations dedicated to such. Instead of squeezing it sometime during the day or evening between the various music shows. Just a thought.