Bermuda’s Youth AC Team Appeals For Support

April 5, 2016

The people of Bermuda are today being asked to show support for their home team by helping to raise $200,000 in an online fundraising campaign for Team BDA to help young Bermudians race in the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup 2017.

Team BDA finalists, who were selected last month, will be put through extensive training programmes from now until June 2017, when racing takes place, and donations from the public will cover costs associated with preparing for the Youth America’s Cup.

No public funds will be used to operate the team and no funding is provided through the America’s Cup Event Authority.

Mustafa Ingham appeals for support:

Bermudian Olympic swimmer Roy-Allan Burch, recently in Bermuda for a training camp, has given his full support to Team BDA and appealed to the community to donate online.

“This is an incredible opportunity not just for the young Bermudians taking part but also for Bermuda itself. There will be a boat crewed by a home-grown team racing against teams from across the world, in Bermuda.

“I would encourage everyone to support this fundraising campaign and to get behind this team, which is Bermuda’s team,” said Mr Burch, who hopes to make the Rio Olympics later this year.

Na’eem Griffith appeals for support:

Mustafa Ingham of Team BDA, who recently sailed with the RC44 pros, added: “I’ve seen enough to know the future of sailing in Bermuda is filled with awesome opportunities. I have already experienced that for myself.”

Team Aqua hired Mustafa during the RC44 Bermuda Cup last month because they were impressed with his drive and determination. Shortly after that, he completed the Team BDA training camp and made the team.

Jane Savage, volunteer chairperson of the Team BDA Red Bull Youth America’s Cup committee, acknowledged existing support from the corporate sector on the Island, but added this was a chance for all of Bermuda to show its support for ‘their team’.

TeamBDA duffle Bermuda April 5 2016 2

She said it would also help create a legacy for Bermuda by laying the foundation for the future either by way of continued participation in Youth America’s Cup events, or as already has been created, an avenue to the Olympics in Naccra 17’s – a boat not previously available in Bermuda prior to Team BDA training camps.

“We are extremely grateful to all the businesses that have donated to help these talented young Bermudians seize a fantastic opportunity and compete in an international event right in front of a home crowd.

“Ultimately, Team BDA is Bermuda’s team and this is an opportunity for the entire Island to participate in the team’s success. And success is not only defined on the racecourse, but also in the career opportunities our programme will create for our young people now and in the future.

TeamBDA sunglasses Bermuda April 5 2016

“We are already seeing opportunities from the corporate sector and we are extremely proud of all who have tried out for Team BDA.

“Their sense of pride and wanting to be involved has been extremely gratifying. For those who were not selected in the final 15 other opportunities are already opening up. “

Glenn Jones, a member of the volunteer committee managing the Team BDA campaign, said branded thank you gifts are being arranged for people who donate to the cause.

TeamBDA t-shirt Bermuda April 5 2016

If a person donates between $25 and $49 online they will receive a Team BDA wrist band, branded sunglasses will be given to those who donate between $50 and $99, a Team BDA t-shirt will go to those who give between $100 and $249 and for those that donate $250 or more there will be a Team BDA duffle bag. A gift at least $500 earns the donor all four thank you gifts.

Everyone that contributes to the team, no matter the size on their online donation, will be automatically entered into a draw to win exclusive Team BDA racing gear and helmet.

Mr Jones added: “A groundswell of small, individual donations will send a strong message to the team that the country supports them.

“And we’ll reward people who donate with team-branded thank you gifts that will be ready in June. These items will not be available in stores, the only way to get them is to donate online.”

The $200,000 will help cover costs relating to team safety, equipment and training.

People wanting to donate can go to and click on the Team BDA logo where it says ‘Support Your Home Team’.

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  1. Smokey Eyez says:

    When it’s too good to be true it usually is. This is got to be a joke $200,000 and they have the only 2 black people on the team begging for money. They made it seem as they were funding the entire project for the youth team now we as the people gotta give more to this AC scandal. Aren’t you sucking enough blood from us. Just cancel the entire event already. I’m sure Gov didn’t have the money in the first place to fund this bs.

    • archy says:

      so easy to be negative and criticize – so much harder to be constructive but maybe you should give it a try, it might help you. This is a bernudian tea, representing Bermuda in Bermuda in a world-class event – how often does that happen? People should be ashamed of he negative comments, but like I said – it’s easy to sit back and criticize while others try and do something positive.
      Get a ilfe

    • Pot Tee Mouth says:

      If Gov could locate the $800,000,000 that is unaccounted for during the 14 year disaster image what we cold do.

      You had no problem with Gov giving millions to football, cricket, 20/20 and Beyoncé, did you?

  2. SMFH says:

    Joking right. Those AC people are worth billions. Have them break off some of that and give back to the country hosting their silly little event.

    • Unbelievable says:

      You clearly have no ida what you are talking about when you say “silly little event”.

      Snooze you lose.

  3. Its me again says:

    This is akward…

    • Onion Juice says:

      Can we take some of de $77 million that we gave to de Billionaires?

      • Earth watch police says:

        Yeah like the millions we gave beyonce for half hour show.

        • Coffee says:

          Billy Hanbury has surpassed Beyoncé by at least half million and has maybe attracted roughly about the same amount of tourist in three years …

          • mixitup says:

            But of course they have no issue with that…

          • Earth watch police says:

            Yah but she only had to work for half an hour.

            • Coffee says:

              Half an hour for a much larger % of heads in beds !

              • Tired of it all says:

                You better check the tourism stats for that event.

                If it wasn’t for Bermudians, that concern would have been a massive flop.

                Let’s compare the amount of tourists that came down for the AC world series last October to the Beyoncé concert.

                I dare you.

        • Stop your whining says:

          Beyonce worked for it and she’s not a billionaire. Get over it. She wasn’t the only artist flown here for the Bermuda Festival you dumb fool.

          • Tired of it all says:

            Did Beyoncé and her entourage rent homes from locals, build warehouses using local labor, shop in our stores, buy insurance, bank with our banks, etc.?

  4. Curious says:

    This is a very significant campaign to support our young sailors and it appears there is no published budget or cost projection breakdown of how the $200,000 is to be used or what funds have been raised to date. Will detailed financial information be provided?

    There was an announcement on January 6th that KPMG has funded $150,000- does that leave a balance of $50,000 to be raised? It is not clear.

    There is information on the Governance and indication there are part-time staff and consultants involved with no details or roles, salaries and duration of contracts.

    As much as I want to support this, I am going to wait for the details of the financial projections before I consider investing.

  5. archy says:

    Incredibly negative comments considering this is Bermudian-crewed boat racing in Bermuda, representing Bermuda. It would have been nice to have read supporting comments but i guess it is too easy to knock down and harder to actually build and support something.
    I for one will be donating and I for one will be out supporting these guys whether they are black, white or green.
    Shame on all for the negativity.