Bermudian Head Prefect At Canadian School

May 31, 2016

Bermudian Nathan Titterton has been appointed head prefect at Trinity College School [TCS] in Ontario, Canada for the 2016-2017 academic year, becoming the eighth Bermudian to hold the position since the late nineteenth century.

With strong ties to Bermuda that stretch back 130 years, a number of Bermudians have attended the school and volunteered as members of its board of governors over the years; Sir Harry Butterfield, Neville Conyers, David Saul and George Holmes have all been TCS governors, and Stephen Thomson presently serves on the Board.

Nathan Titterton Bermuda May 30 2016

Mr. Titterton will hold the top student leadership position as the “Head Prefect,” carrying on a tradition that began with W.E Tucker in 1891.

Other Bermudians to hold the position include P.B Tucker in 1895, George Tucker in 1912, Bill Brewer in 1947, Chris Spurling in 1985, Cameron Snaith in 1996, and Alli Conyers in 2005.

The School also offers a Bermuda Scholarship, which is funded by donations from TCS alumni and parents in Bermuda. Bermudian Tom Conyers currently is a director with the TCS Foundation.

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  1. Bird says:

    Well Done Nathan. Your Mom and Dad must be really proud of you.

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  4. Charles says:

    Big congrats!

  5. aceboy says:

    Very well done!