PLP Condemns Robbery at Continental Motors

May 8, 2016

Acting Deputy Leader and Shadow Minister of Home Affairs, MP Walter Roban today [May 8] condemned the robbery at Continental Motors on Friday afternoon saying National Security Minister Michael Dunkley should “provide the leadership and resources needed to combat our growing crime rates”.

MP Roban said, “The Bermuda Progressive Labour Party condemns the actions of those who have taken part in the latest robbery, which took place on Friday afternoon at Continental Motors. This incident was of particular concern to me since this business is in the heart of my Constituency in the historic North Village.

Police Peugeot Car Bermuda May 6 2016

“Continental Motors is a family run business with longstanding ties to the area, and it is a pillar of the islands business community. We are relieved to hear that no one was injured during this incident, and our thoughts remain with those faced with this antisocial behaviour.

“This incident again raises serious questions around the ability of the Premier and National Security Minister, Michael Dunkley, and the OBA to bring about a decrease in this pattern of crime.

“While in Opposition the Premier, then a Senator, made it clear that increases in crime are a result of the Government’s ability to manage National Security effectively.

“It would therefore only be appropriate that he apply this same standard to himself, and provide the leadership and resources needed to combat our growing crime rates.”

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  1. Problem Solved says:

    I just wish that politicians on both sides would stop using stories like these and turning them into an opportunity to take a jab at their opponent which has nothing to do with the crime itself. There are only two people two blame for these crimes, the two individuals that committed the crime, not the minister, not the opposition, not their daddy, their teacher or anyone else. Stop shifting blame, or the focus and turning it into a “I can do better if you vote for me ” moment! Want to show me that you are a leader – SHOW ME THAT YOU CAN WORK WITH OTHERS DESPITE THEIR POLITICAL AFFILIATION, RELIGION, GENDER, OR RACE, EVEN WHEN IT DOES NOT BENEFIT YOU DIRECTLY. You see Mr. Roban (and others in both parties) in the real word you will have to work with all sorts of people even when they don’t look like you, where green or red, go to the same church or have the same thoughts and beliefs.

  2. Deshaun says:

    The minister would be better to come up with solutions and not just b!%@h about every issue that’s what’s put a lot folks off voting for both parties ,as he well knows the island could be swarmed with police every where but they cannot protect every business ,business owners need to rethink how they protect their businesses cameras ,buzz in doors ,alarms etc its the “new Bermuda” .

    • Hey says:

      It was the PLP that gave us the “New Bermuda”

  3. Raymond Ray says:

    Stop the blame game bie’ This was and will continue to go on providing the “people” don’t “prick on them that are doing it”. The Progressive Labour Party couldn’t / didn’t do anything to combat crime/s from increasing when in”Power” and now, all they do is run their mouths :-( Sad but true!
    I’ll suggest it once again; “offer handsome rewards for the arrest and conviction/s of these “wanna-be-gangsters” and then we will see a difference…

    • lets be real says:

      i dont like when people use the phrase ‘wanna be gangster’. It almost makes them want to prove themselves even more. Last time i checked, these youngsters killing, stealing, use/sell drugsss. how does that not define a so caller ‘gangster’?

      Just face it, this is the problem bda deals with today. the root of the solution lies within understanding why this epidemic started in the first place. So many band-aid solutions (ban tinted visors, etc) out there, we need to get to the bottom of things in order to fix. Unemployment, broken family structure, lack of youth stimulation for starters…

  4. Juice says:

    Im curious as to how far up should the blame go for this kind of thing. Should Dunkley be taking the blame, or should it be the police commissioner? I mean, at the end of the day, it looks bad on Dunkley as the national security minister, but is he to blame for the lack of results?
    If my boss gives me a job to do and i produce poor results, is it my bosses fault, or mine?

  5. Bermie Boy says:

    So this happened Friday and it takes to Sunday for you to condem it. Why the time delay….surely you could have done this sooner especially if the incident is in the heart of your constituency as you mentioned. Perhaps you should be paying more attention to your constituents and less time playing politics. I guess when you guys were in power there was less robbery because everyone was just shooting each other if I remember correctly

  6. wahoo says:

    Really? I thought that everyone condemns the robbery. Oh wait this is an opportunity to make a political jab. The perpetrators likely went to school and came up under the plp’s reign so I wonder where they learned their morality. F’ing joke!

  7. Mdb says:

    Its your constituency you fix the issue. Its not Dunkleys fault these kids are running around being stupid. Go get a job like the rest of us. And dont give me the we cant find a job so we HAVE to rob and steal to survive cuz its BS

    • watching says:

      Its the island’s problem…but the point being made is that prior to the 2012 election, the OBA clearly blamed the PLP for the shootings, so using that logic, then the OBA needs to find solutions.

  8. wahoo says:

    Hey I am outraged again….Rolfie.

  9. the struggle is real says:

    I wish both of these parties would stop politicizing the on-going crime wave. Shut the eff up with the finger-pointing game and work together for the betterment of the community.

    • Davie Kerr says:

      Oh, come on: we’re talking POLITICIANS here! When was the last time they actually DID something instead of TALKING about doing something?

  10. Onion says:

    Overall crime rates are down, despite this recent string of burglaries. The PLP need to get in reality or else they will continue to be unfit to govern.

  11. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    When the Political leaders ,P.L.P and O.B.A.,leaders get robbed personally ,in their businesses and personally in their homes,then the message will be driven home.Then and only then,will they ,take a bite out of crime.It is only human nature,when crime only affects,the other guy,its political.When it happens to them { then it becomes them,and us, } meaning the criminals,and the victims.When the victims become them,then Politics goes out the window,along with race, and any other considerations that keep us divided on these issues.Soon come.Peace.

  12. Lady Bug says:

    And what suggestions do you bring to the table to help prevent this from happening again, Deputy Leader and Shadow Minister of Home Affairs, MP Walter Roban?

    We all have to work together, this is all of our problem to resolve. It is our home. Not just the OBA, work together and get off your high horse.

  13. Build a Better Bermuda says:

    This latest spat of armed robbery are becoming more a norm, less due to monetary needs, and more as a result in an escalation for making one’s bones. Where it used to be snatching chains or stealing a rivals bike, now it is the escalation of armed robbery to prove one’s cred or value. More police or cameras will only go so far, ultimately it will only be a shift in the community mentality that will bring an end to this. We need parents who are more concerned with raising children than producing them, raising them to understand that if they want to truly succeed, then the whole community needs to succeed, and not just them. Those community leaders who know who are doing these (and some of them will know) need to ensure those that can be directed to a better path are encouraged to, and those who can’t or don’t want to be better are turned in.

  14. Triangle Drifter says:

    Oh good grief! As if Premier Dunkley & the OBA are the ones driving around in police cars.

    • Verly says:

      Funny how when crime occurred under the PLP, you didn’t have a problem blaming them for crime even though they didn’t ride around in police cars!!

      Now that you mention it though, that’s not such a bad idea. Does the Minister responsible for national security have a clue what police officers do on a regular basis besides run the radar and respond to burglar alarms going off? What happened to regular patrols…drive past any police station on a given day and the parking lot is full.

  15. Onionjuice says:

    STOP, both sides of Government need to do something. One thing is to increase jail time when these losers get caught.

    Crime is not new.. but on the increase because no punishment for it.

  16. Average Bermudian says:

    Many in our community continue to ignore the fact of the magnitude of unemployment in Bermuda – right now.
    For the bermudian male and female, young and the old (although legal retirement age is 65 – but both private and gov’t are forcing these people into early retirement – consequently no job at age 55)

    It is like “pulling teeth” finding a job in bermuda for a born bermudian – even to do an unskilled job.
    Male or female – young or old.
    The hiring practices of employers ??

    We will see more of these crimes (maybe in a neighbourhood near you) until

    Partial Solution:- Give these local people work or jobs – and not let employers simply hire persons from abroad.

  17. Benita P says:

    Recently I’ve had a person with a ,38 shoved it my
    Face. I have been told by other shop owners that the police try to talk them out of pressing charges..r u sure. WTF Lazy or trying to make the crime numbers look good,? You tell me!!

  18. Concerned says:

    Increase the sentences, no parole and no bail and no visitors!!!!

  19. Davie Kerr says:

    I seriously think it’s high time that the judicial system stopped being so soft on criminals, and I also think that many of the amenities in Westgate should be done away with. Why should criminals live a better life behind bars than they do out on the streets? Prison is supposed to be a PUNISHMENT for breaking the law, not a REWARD for so doing!

    • Nanny Pat says:

      Agree. We have prisoners living better lives than many of our Seniors. That’s unacceptable!

  20. Coffee says:

    Thank you PLP , and thanking you forward for attempting to prevent the seismic robbery at Kindley Field !

  21. hulk_too says:

    we always talk about wannabe gangsters – lets talk about wannabe political parties , ie PLP /OBA

    Lets talk about wannabe complainers – us the people – we shoot the s#!t – play the blame game – but do noting about it . We have no cohesiveness , no togetherness , and we wonder why nothing is ever done – We have neighbor hood watch and still we see nothing. Incredible we are as people , you think. any who , you (the so called intelligent people) bore me. ta ta for now
    Ps, you know they worked hard to get us where we are, now they are sitting back and watching the show,

  22. Rockfish#1 and#2 says:

    Roban is getting predictable and boring!
    Clearly he is more interested in scoring cheap political points on the backs of his constituents than offering sensible solutions. (simply throwing money at a problem does’t mean it will be solved)
    Aside from issuing mind numbing statements, what is he doing?