Tropical Storm Bonnie Forms In Atlantic Ocean

May 27, 2016

[Updated] A Tropical Depression has formed in the Atlantic Ocean and the NHC said it is expected to become a Tropical Storm later tonight or on Saturday, however according to the Bermuda Weather Service it is not a threat to Bermuda at this time and its closest approach to us within 3 days has passed.

The U.S. National Hurricane Center [NHC] said, “Maximum sustained winds are near 35 mph [55 km/h] with higher gusts. Some strengthening is forecast during the next 48 hours, and the depression is expected to become a Tropical Storm later tonight or on Saturday.”

The NHC said the depression is moving west-northwestward towards the southeast U.S. coast, and a Tropical Storm Warning is in effect for Savannah River to Little River Inlet in South Carolina.

Graph courtesy of the BWS:


Update May 28, 5.58pm: This depression has strengthened into a Tropical Storm, with Tropical Storm Bonnie becoming the second named storm of the 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season, following after Hurricane Alex, which formed in January of this year.

The BWS said it is not a threat to Bermuda and its closest point of approach to us within 72 hrs is forecast to be 656nm to the WNW at 6.00pm on Tuesday, May 31st.

The NHC said, “Maximum sustained winds have increased to near 40 mph [65 km/h] with higher gusts. Some additional strengthening is possible tonight as Bonnie moves over the warm waters of the Gulf Stream. Gradual weakening is forecast on Sunday.”

Graph courtesy of the NHC:


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  1. OBSERVER says:

    Bermuda will get its turn. Too many horrific things happening here.
    The MAN above “DOES NOT SLEEP” .

    • 4ner says:

      why not locusts then? seems simpler

    • Um got to much brains says:

      There is no man above, it is a woman.

  2. Hurricane says:

    Every MAN sleeps!

    • OBSERVER says:

      TO HURRICANE: Where have you been living? WAY DOWN BELOW.,I guess.Not yet mature enough to KNOW about “THE MAN ABOVE.”

  3. ? says:

    Well this comment thread went off the rails quickly.

  4. Dancing troll says:

    I hope this season allows as peace and safety ,as we continue to rebuild our tourism that is much needed and appreciated . any bad weather in the Atlantic will set us,women ,little green men