Developers: Hotel To Be Completed In 2019

June 15, 2016

The Desarrollos Hotelco Group said they are “looking forward to completing the design work necessary to submit completed documents and plans to the Department of Planning later in the summer with a desire to start construction before the end of 2016″ adding that the “hotel is programmed to be completed in 2019.”

A statement from Desarrollos said, “On 9th June, representatives of the Desarrollos Hotelco Group, Mr. Roberto Stipa and Mr. Miguel Purroy, developers of the planned St Regis Hotel in St George’s, hosted an open exhibition public meeting at Penno’s Wharf.

The development team was introduced by Minister of Tourism, Transport and Municipalities Michael Fahy, and Junior Minister of Tourism Kenny Bascome, accompanied by the Bermuda Tourism Authority Chairman, David Dodwell.

“The entire team met one on one with members of the public to hear their comments and collect their thoughts. Questions that were asked will form part of the EIS [Environmental Impact study] and the public was also given an opportunity to give comments to the team via a suggestion box,” a spokesperson said.

Slideshow of the plans displayed at the public meeting:


Minister Fahy said, “The proposed 122 room St. Regis Hotel will be the first significant hotel development in St Georges for decades and will present many opportunities for local residents and businesses to participate in an invigorated tourism industry in the East End of the Island.

“We are incredibly excited to be working with such a strong team genuinely interested in seeing this important project come to fruition.”

Mr Bascome added, “The development will be the most important thing to happen in St George’s in many years. I am very happy to see such progress knowing how this will help produce jobs and success for the old town.”

Overall site plan of the development: 


Miguel Purroy said, “Spurred initially by construction development, long term opportunities presented by guests visiting the hotel shall provide a revitalized retail sector in the old town and surrounding heritage monuments, beaches and tourism experiences.

“Further, I am pleased to tell you that I will be moving with my family to Bermuda shortly and also opening a Desarrollos Hotelco office in St George’s – to enhance the project’s development and to show our commitment to St George’s and Bermuda.”

Roberto Stipa said, “The St Regis Hotel is a transformational development experience that looks to provide a fresh and new resort experience in the context of a world heritage site, while respecting local architecture.

“Situated near Fort St Catherine and back from the west side of the Gates Bay Beach road, the development offers modern ocean side amenities as well as full access to the public beach. We are obviously aware of local concerns about beach access and want to stress that the beach will be open to the public.

Premier Michael Dunkley speaking on the hotel development at the House on Friday:

“I would also like to stress that we will be building the hotel as our first priority, as we feel strongly about opening the hotel before any residential units. Nevertheless, based on the success of the sales of residences, up to seven condominium structures are planned over the long term. Seven estate lots will also be offered in the future for development,” Mr Stipa added.

Desarrollos said the hotel will “also offer space for a casino when legislation and licenses are available.”

“Colin Campbell of the local architectural company OBMI advised that the Desarrollos development team also look forward to reopening the classic Robert Trent Jones designed signature golf course. Work will begin shortly on the course and it should be ready in time for the completion of the hotel in 2019,” the group said.

Speeches at the public meeting held on June 9th:

“Working with the neighbors, the development team look forward to providing a new and improved public accesses to Gates Beach with a passenger layby and structured public parking for visiting cars and mopeds.

“Revitalizing the abandoned Fort Albert to provide a world class Spa, the developers hope to capitalize on the unique beauty of the fort and its views to provide a unique personal spa experience. There is no plan at this time to develop Fort Victoria.

“Miguel Purroy advised that the development team is looking forward to completing the design work necessary to submit completed documents and plans to the Department of Planning later in the summer with a desire to start construction before the end of 2016. The hotel is programmed to be completed in 2019.”

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  1. flikel says:

    How many people honestly think this hotel will be built? Now construction will begin at the end of 2016….weren’t we told construction will begin this summer?

    • Lois Frederick says:

      Did you attend the meeting? It will be built. Breaking ground at end of the year or early in the new year. I understand with so many false promises over the years, many are still skeptical, but this time it is a go.

    • jiggs bda says:

      One of the reasons Bermuda has problems with investments is Bureaucracy.

      One of the Reasons Bermuda’s buildings are safe and unique is the same Bureaucracy.

      If we want good products in Bermuda we have to wait, you can wring your hands as much as you like.

      We require so much from developers and then get angry when they do not move fast.

  2. Blind sheep says:

    Looks like there is beach access..wgat was that crying about again???

  3. Ed Case says:

    Very good news lets get on with it and welcome these people. It will be great to have another hotel in st g.

  4. Flash says:

    I hope that they can preserve the forts up there which have been severely neglected over the last 2 decades. Those forts being Fort Victoria, Fort Albert and the US Battery bunker.

  5. New Bermudian says:

    That’s nice to hear, that they’ll finish in 2019, but I think we can only take it seriously when there’s an actual shovel in the ground with this. Here’s hoping…
    Sorry to be cynical, but how many times is it now that we’ve been disappointed?

    • count says:

      Pretty sure the PLP already stuck a shovel in the ground out there. Heck of a photo op. Summer before the 07 election if memory serves.

  6. San George says:

    When pigs fly. If the OBA and its members will not build, you should not either. There are not enough government guarantees in the world to make this project profitable. If the taxpayer is guaranteeing the debt by all means have a go.

  7. Hope says:

    This is great news for St. George’s!! Very happy to see the designs, that really look in keeping with Bermudian architecture.
    However, for the public access to the beach, will this be similar to Elbow and Coral Beach who now take up most of Elbow Beach with their hotel amenities, meaning that although there is “public access,” there is not actually any “useable” space for the public?
    Coral Beach now has two volleyball nets set up on Elbow beach, which are only allowed to be used by hotel guests, removing space from the public. Elbow Hotel also have their beach loungers etc., which doesn’t prevent the public from walking on the beach, but it obviously takes away the space that they can use.
    What will the restrictions be here? It would be great to see say only half of the beach being allocated for amenities, with the rest just left open, for both guests and public to use.

  8. Oh,I see now says:

    There is nothing wrong with giving it a shot but tourism in Bermuda has seen its best days we will only make enough money to keep the shop open,

  9. Coffee says:

    Can’t wait !

  10. downderoad says:

    I guess I will be the first (and hopefully not last) person to say how ugly it is to see these boxes put alongside this beautiful beach! Are we trying to look like Florida with high-rise building on the beach? Why are we as Bermudians so willing to sell our soul so we can have some cash in our pocket for the short term. I can imagine that finding a developer willing to invest in Bermuda at this time may be challenging, but do we really think this type of development contributes to Bermuda or takes away from who we are and what type of destination we want to be. I am vey sad to see this even proposed and can only hope that their are other Bermudians who feel the same way.

    • What?? says:

      Ask an unemployed Bermudian trying to feed his family that question. Ask a shop keeper struggling to keep her doors open and pay her employees that question.

      • downderoad says:

        You have missed my point. I am not against new developments for Bermuda. I am commenting on how these TYPES of buildings and WHERE they are built will destroy what our island has to offer. Just like those monoliths that are a scar on South road in Warwick. Oh and by the way…I AM one of those businesses struggling since we chased all the expatriates and tourist away with our rhetoric and policies.

    • kindley says:

      I agree. Do you think tourist who come to this hotel will go to St. George’s for dinner or to shop. My guess is not. They will use the beach and gamble in the casino. Then when it is not profitable, it will close and be torn down. However, opening the golf course will be a good thing for St. George’s.

      I was sorry they beach concession was removed so soon.

    • like mice, blind to beauty says:

      Yes, I am one of those Bermudians who are heartsick over the destruction of another beautiful setting on our island and the road that wraps itself around the Ft. Catherine Beach with its long line of palm trees. Can you match this scene anywhere else on the island? When looking at the site map, how could they ignore the tremendous amount of open land and hillside opposite? Was it impossible to conceive an access for its residents from the hillside to the beach, thus maintaining the view and sanctity of this historical monument? One of the best views of Ft. St. Catherine is from the top of the shore road that runs adjacent. This construction will ruin the view of our ancient fort entirely. I agree with your statement on Florida’s smothering of waterside properties with ugly buildings, making it impossible to even glimpse the ocean. We will still see the ocean, but at what price? Also – longevity. When all businesses applauding this site are long and gone–what,in 50 years? 25? 100? these buildings will probably still be there, and no one will be around to remember when beauty died.

  11. Vamos says:

    These guys don’t know Bermuda from Guatemala! Would love to eat my words.

  12. 32n64w says:

    The PLP blow it up and the OBA are left with the pieces to rebuild, both literally and figuratively.