St George’s Hotel: 883 Page Planning Application

August 19, 2016

The 883-page planning application by the Desarrollos Hotelco Group is now available online, providing details of their plans for the development in St George’s, which they said include “122 hotel rooms, a casino, a ballroom & function terrace as well as 98 branded condominiums [arranged across 7 Residences], estate lots for future development, and the refurbishment of an 18-hole golf course.”

The document says, “In accordance with the provisions of the Development & Planning Act 1974, & St. George’s Resort Act 2015, we enclose the following application for your consideration and Final Approval:

  • 1. Complete DAP 1 Form Application
  • 2. Covering letter summarizing the project
  • 3. Planning Application Final Approval Drawings [5 sets]
  • 4. Planning Application Final Approval Drawings in PDF format
  • 5. EIA Report [3 sets]
  • 6. EIA Report in PDF format

“In accordance with the requirements of the Building Act of 1988, a separate application for a building permit [s] will be forwarded to the Building Officials upon receipt of Final Approval.

“The Desarrollos Hotelco Group [DHG] are proposing to develop a new hotel, casino, spa and residences across 122 acres, on the former hotel site, in the parish of St Georges.

“The site is owned by the Bermuda Government and will be leased by DHG. The development is to take place over 5 phases as outlined in dwg. A-011 Phasing of Works Diagram.

Slideshow of the plans showed at the public meeting in June 2016:


“The proposal encompasses: A 5 Star hotel, with a reception/lobby, 3 meal restaurant, bar & wine cellar, pool bar & grill, spa & gym; 122 hotel rooms, a casino, a ballroom & function terrace.

“As well as 98 branded condominiums’ [arranged across 7 Residences], estate lots for future development, and the refurbishment of an 18-hole golf course.

“The proposed hotel will front directly on to the south and west sides of Barry Road near St. Catherine’s beach in Gates Bay. Guest rooms will vary in size ranging from 600 sq. ft. up to 3000 sq. ft.

“The hotel reception will be located centrally in the complex of buildings with main facilities such as bars/restaurants, function rooms and back of house facilities arranged to the south and hotel accommodation to the north”

“The hotel buildings containing amenities and facilities will be mostly 2 to 4 story’s in height, while the hotel accommodation wing will be arranged across a 4 to 5 story building on the northern end of the site.

“The three-meal restaurant will provide seating for approximately 75 persons while a bar and related facilities will have a total of 32 seats.

Video from the public meeting on the project in June 2016

“In addition, a pool grill will be located on the deck/terrace area overlooking the beach & pool. There will also be a spa carefully integrated into the existing historic fabric forming Fort Albert.

“Back of house facilities for the hotel will be integrated into the hotel complex of buildings and will include laundry, trash collection, MEP facilities and a service yard.

“Seven Estate residences [with condominiums] are proposed with each containing 14 apartments [forming a total of 98 units].

“These will provide a mix of 2-; 3- and 4- bedroom units and will be serviced by the hotel. Only the first 2 residences will be developed as part of Phase 1, with the remainder to be developed as part of Phase 3.

“The condominium buildings will each have a total of 6 stories’ [including a basement parking level]. Two of the condominium buildings will be located to the immediate southeast of the hotel complex, two will be situated southwest of Fort Albert and the remaining three will be to the north & east of Fort Victoria.

“The golf course will be refurbished and re-opened as part of phase two of the development.”

The 883-page planning application follows below [PDF here]:

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Comments (27)

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  1. San George says:

    What is the value of the Bermuda Government Guarantee to make this happen? Private profit public money risk. Constituencies #1 & #2 are swing seats; OBA buying votes with Airport and doomed hotel talk. All we want is a working Swing Bridge.

    • CBA says:

      Some people just hate seeing this government do well for the island.

      PLP tried to get the hotels to come, but they wouldn’t. OBA got it done. Just accept it and move on.

      • Unbelievable says:

        @CBA, thank you. San George said “All we want is a working Swing Bridge”.

        The perfect definition of “head in the clouds”.

        • SpitBouy says:

          @ Unbelievable,

          More like San George & others of that ilk have their head stuck up their rear. Sad though, it must really suck being them.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      No, all some Bermudians want to to just take, take and take from anyone willing to come here and invest without giving anything back… this is the nationalistic mentality that has made it impossible to get anyone to invest here and has cost hundreds, if not thousands of Bermudians their jobs. ‘Bermudians first’ has left Bermudians behind and last. Any person/people/community/country will always do better for themselves/itself when they/it thinks bigger than themselves/itself.

    • What?? says:

      This project has NO Government guarantee behind it. There is duty relief but the financing is all private.

    • Hey says:

      After one more term of the OBA government, people will not even remember what PLP stands for.

      • History says:

        Which People are you talking about. Not my people. We all know which segment or color votes ubp/oba 95% strong. Like the oba ubp could change the name every election and that segment would still vote for them. We live in 2 Bermudas and you’re leader Dunk refuses to talk about it. This is why we have so many problems today in Bermuda.

  2. Kim Smith says:

    Today (Aug 19th) is the deadline for lodging any objections to this application (P0259/16).

    • Lady Bug says:

      I wish I had time to go through 883 pages. Its a way to prevent objections, although I am sure there are some worthy ones to be made.

      I am all for a hotel, but why do they get the beach front?!

      • WillSee says:

        We would not have a hotel otherwise.
        The others there previuosly all failed.

        • Toodle-oo says:

          *We would not have a hotel otherwise.
          The others there previously all failed.*

          Are you suggesting that now that the hotel is right on the beach it WILL finally succeed ?

          Ever since the demise of the original Holiday Inn people , experts , call them what you will but they were never the owners of the hotel , all claimed that a hotel there was doomed to fail as it wasn’t on the beach . I’m pretty sure that what they meant is that it wasn’t on the ‘Gold Coast’ of South Shore , not that it wasn’t right on St Catherine’s Beach .
          Bear in mind that plenty of South Shore hotels have gone kaput in the last 25 years too .

          Now, if this one fails what will be the excuse ? It is after all right on a beach now .

          By the way , I think St George is a lovely location for a hotel , but the problem is that for 50 years or so we’ve led out visitors to believe that if they’re not on South Shore then they’re nowhere .

      • SpitBouy says:

        Well we’ve had the beach front for over 20 years and what has come of it? Sure it’s nice to sit & swim from the beach but I think much needed jobs, tax $$$ and other spin offs are a better use for this spot.

        Besides there’s plenty of beaches at Clear Water and the various beaches on Coopers Island. I grew up swimming from the rocks and public docks in St David’s and St Georges, nothing wrong with that either.

        • mixitup says:

          There are plenty beaches down Tucker’s Town and on the southshore in Warwick & Southampton not available to locals why? It starts just like this..

          • Juicy Onion says:

            Mixitup. If we want to be in the hospitality business, we have to be willing to make concessions and if I was building a hotel, I just might want it on a beach. There are plenty of beaches open for everyone and on that way we are truly blessed. It is worth giving up some for tourism. Still there will be a March, I’m sure the people’s complainers are organizing it now.

          • Spit Bouy says:

            @ mixitup,

            Yeah and so what? As I said, there are still plenty of beaches open to locals in the East end. No beach likely means no hotel which means no jobs etc.

            Putting silly preconditions on developers probably explains why we have had little hotel development since the Southampton Princess was built in 1974 or since Club Med closed its doors. Or have I missed the hundreds of developers that we have been turning away these last 30 years for the many empty sites???.

            Would you rather people be unemployed but be able to lie on a beach nearer their home? skewed logic and priorities if you ask me.

      • Um Um Like says:

        For real! What tourist would want to stay at a beach front hotel when they could stay at a hotel across the street from a 24/7 gas station?!

      • jiggs bda says:

        When you travel where do you notice that the best hotels are…

        Well if you are at a beach resort the hotels tend to be beach fronts. That’s what our biggest source of leisure visitors (Americans) want. It is all about catering to the customer,


        • mixitup says:

          But that customer also wants a Serene Beautiful Island… Bermuda has been able to hold onto its natural beauty all while being relatively over populated by NOT doing what other Islands/ Resort Towns have done..

          • Spit Bouy says:

            @ mixitup,

            LOL, seriously??. Your comments prove that we have had development and still retained much of our natural beauty, however most of them have now gone the way of the dinosaur and sit empty or have been demolished. Those same other destinations are likely overpopulated with tourists as well. Something we are not.

            Besides, most hotel developments here are being built on previously developed sites.

      • Juicy Onion says:

        Yes, I mean why would anyone want beachfront. Duh!

  3. Its me again says:

    Sexy propsal.

    Well played BDA Government

  4. Casino Ready says:

    Looks great, but needs more parking. You have a meeting/wedding space that holds 255 people and for this you are providing 26 car spaces and 26 bike spaces. And the spa has 6 car and 6 bike spaces. Really? Since parking is in such demand all over the island, why has the government not made it mandatory that every new development must have at least 1 floor of underground parking included in the plans?

    • jiggs bda says:

      When you travel where do you notice that the best hotels are…

      Well if you are at a beach resort the hotels tend to be beach fronts. That’s what our biggest source of leisure visitors (Americans) want. It is all about catering to the customer,


  5. bluebird says:

    883 pages,them bye’s definitely did there home work.
    “FANTASTIC” “OBA” and a Five Star hotel EH!
    That is going to take a lot of “OTHER PEOPLES MONEY”
    Like a huge investment in Bermuda,well done “OBA”
    It will definitely give the east end a huge lift and things will happen in St.George.

  6. Imagine that says:

    Get ready for the marchers…
    Well done…

  7. drunken ursula says: