Census: Almost Half Of Assessment Numbers

July 22, 2016

To date, almost half of Bermuda’s assessment numbers have been accounted for, with the vast majority of those who submitted data completing the census online, the Government said.

“The Department of Statistics thanks all households who have contributed to the success of the on-line phase of Census 2016,” a spokesperson said.

“To date, almost half of Bermuda’s assessment numbers have been accounted for. The vast majority of those who submitted data took advantage of the convenience of completing the census online. This is the first time that electronic gathering of census data has been offered in Bermuda.

“Efforts are now turning to the telephone phase of data collection. Telephone interviewers will be calling residents to complete census interviews.

“Alternatively, the public may call the Department of Statistics at 297-7761 to complete the census questionnaire.

“Telephone operators are available weekdays between 10:00 am and 8:30 pm and weekends between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm, excluding public holidays and the Cup Match weekend.

“If an e-Census questionnaire was started but was not completed by the 13 July deadline, it can be finalised by calling the Department at the number above.

“Individuals can also visit the Department of Statistics, CedarPark Centre, 3rd Floor, 48 Cedar Avenue, Hamilton weekdays between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm to complete their census.

“It should be noted that it is a legal requirement that every person be counted for the census. This is so that the Department of Statistics can produce a demographic, social and economic profile of Bermuda.”

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  1. Q says:

    Thanks to the post services not delivering mail to my area for 2 months, I just received the password for online census this week. To late to do it now… will wait for that knock on the door.

    • Jus' Wonderin' says:

      Likewise…how else can we submit our data? Phone and anything else?

      • Factual says:

        I literally just got mine delivered yesterday – along with the friendly sencond notice reminding me that the deadline is July 13th. Ummm thank you?? Got some lovely Christmas cards in the same batch of mail. That was interesting.

    • Gustav says:

      you have to thank almost all “companies” , who are involved in the service industry on this island.
      seems that all of them have never ever heard about “service”.
      but badly need completion on our island to bring those back on track……..

    • Wow says:

      Well the news reported the cutoff date for the online census and that if you didn’t receive your mail you could call to request your password. Pay attention.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      It was well advertised in multiple media about when the online cut off was, and that you could also phone in to request your password. Now if you are still not interested in having someone come to your door, you could still phone in for more information about doing it over the phone or making an appointment to go in. Or maybe you are just more interested in complaining about it than actually doing it.

  2. Toodle-oo says:

    What I find strange is that we supposedly have such a high number of households with computers , something in the area of 80% , but such a low number of people who have given returns across all categories so far .
    At this stage shouldn’t we be looking at figures of maybe a 70%+ return rate so far ?
    Are people for some reason refusing to comply ? Why would you want to be forced into having someone visit your residence when you could have done it on line ?

    • Wow says:

      Not really refusing to comply it’s just that some people don’t care. Then there are other people like Q who don’t realize you could do it online and not receiving your mail on time isn’t an excuse as you can call or email to request the password.

      • Jones says:

        Nobody really cares that much about it… It’s a census ffs!

  3. TJ says:

    Or maybe you did not read your mail correctly like you did not read the article above correctly…. TELEPHONE interviews are next, don’t wait for a knock. Instead of blaming the Post Office, you could have called the Department of Statistics and they could have provided you the information you needed. There have been many news articles to this fact.

    • Factual says:

      Pardon but some of us have other things to do with our day than make calls to the stats department when we don’t get mail for 2 months! Send me the darn thing in the mail and I will pin it to the fridge as a reminder and do it when I get a few mins on MY own time – not when some operator at the stats dept decides to take my call. If you want something to be done VOLUNTARILY by 100% of the population, MAKE IT AS EASY FOR THEM AS POSSIBLE AND YOU MAY GET BETTER RESULTS.

  4. James Rego says:

    I did mine on the first day. Minor problem which was easily corrected and I am done. Happy camper! No one will be knocking on my door or coming onto our property disturbing us.