BPS: Delays For Motorists Traveling In The City

July 22, 2016

[Updated] Following the fire on Front Street yesterday morning, some traffic restrictions remain in place this morning [July 22] and the police advise that motorists traveling into the city may experience some delays.

A police spokesperson said, “As a result of the fire there will be delays for motorist traveling in the city this morning.

“Front Street: one lane going into the city.[east to west from Court Street to Bird Cage] traffic traveling west in that area will only be able to turn onto onto Queen Street.

“Reid Street: will be open. Burnaby Street traffic will only be allowed to turn right at the junction of Front Street.”

You can view all our coverage of the fire on Front Street here.

Update 3.23pm: The police said, “From effect of 4pm today: The flow of traffic on Front Street will be reversed – single lane travelling east from the Birdcage towards Spurling’s Hill.

The following junction will be closed;

  • Burnaby Hill and Reid Street.

The following junctions will be manned by a Police Officer

  • Front Street and Court Street
  • Reid Street and Court Street
  • Church Street and Court Street

There will be barriers at the junctions of:

  • Burnaby and Reid Street
  • Front and Court Street, to prevent traffic flow west on Front Street.”

Update 5.21pm: The police amended the statement above saying, “As a result of work being done in the area of the fire traffic can only travel west on Front Street [meaning the same as this morning] We are sorry for the inconvenience and confusion.”

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  1. Reading one of the daily reports it is said that many motorist became very irate at being delayed in traffic, I would like to say that this is not acceptable because even if you were not a motorist on the Harbor road, which you could clearly see something was happening, but if you came in from South shore or Middle road and you experienced long delays, this alone is a indication that something major has taken place.

    So for the woman who nearly ran down pedestrians if the reported story is factual, I hope someone got her license plate number and reported her, and that charges would be forth coming, this is something we all need to be mindful of, Bermuda is only but so big, so any form of a delay and as long as the lines were yesterday morning is a sign of some form of major incident has occurred.

    So let cool heads prevail for goodness sake, and if you think you had it bad for one day and possibly a few more as the traffic has not yet return to normal, our plight is not as near as bad as those whose business are effected and lost in goods and employees who now face termination of employment, in no fault of their own or their employers.

    For those who may say, oh they are money people and they are insured, I say grow the hell up, and shut up if you have not been in a position of loosing everything, Onion Jacks may have been insured and may eventually rebuild, but the lost in stock is said to be over $250K and the lost of jobs are not replaceable at this time for those who work there, neighboring business chewstick just getting their feet wet in a new location and now this, how do you suppose they will recover, they surely don’t have deep pockets.

    So as a charitable exercise how many will come to the rescue of Chewsticks and help salvage a well known business that crosses many cross sections of our community, you heard a few business were able to relocate because they had a back up plan, they also have deep pockets, will they be the first to help relocate Chewsticks, maybe since they were directly effected and can feel what Chewsticks is feeling, so in closing pipe down the heat and out of the ashes let’s help to bring a resolve even for other near by businesses that have not been named but like wise greatly effected.

  2. Albie says:

    Why is there a police officer cooling out under the birdcage, apparently doing nothing when there is chaos at the Reid/Queen and Queen/Church intersections?

    I do completely understand the issues that require no traffic going west to east on Front but the remaining traffic flow could be greatly improved if there were officers rather than stop lights controlling traffic flow on Queen street.

  3. Terry says:

    He ain’t the only one out there doing nothing……….