Photos/Results: Annual Cupmatch Pilot Gig Race

July 31, 2016

The annual Cupmatch Pilot Gig Race for the Raines Family Trophy was held on Thursday morning, the first day of Cupmatch.

Pilot Gig James T Griffiths, bearing the Somerset flag and Pilot Gig Jemmy Darrell, bearing the St Georges flag, rowed out to Ferry reach for a start off Stone Crusher Corner at 9am.

James T Griffiths, coxed by Anson Nash and Jemmy Darrell, coxed by Roger Gillett with crews representing the respective ends of the island raced along Ferry Reach to the finish line, just before Swing Bridge. James T Griffiths had a lead of just over a boat length for most of the race and despite everything the St Georges gig could not overtake the Somerset boat.

Somerset takes the trophy of a large cedar thole pin where it will be displayed in the West End of the island until next summer when St Georges has vowed to bring it “home” once more.

Mr. Frank Raines and his family donated the trophy and a cash prize to be given to a charity chosen by the victorious team and has made this an annual event. Mr. Raines has been coming to Bermuda for over thirty years as a visitor from Washington. He and his family are strong supporters of everything Bermuda.

160728 Cup Match Gig Race 008 To The Start

160728 Cup Match Gig Race 011 (2) Starters Orders (3)

160728 Cup Match Gig Race 016 (2) Neck and Neck at Half Way (3)

160728 Cup Match Gig Race 019 (2) Neck and Neck at Half Way (3)

160728 Cup Match Gig Race 036 (2) Back to the Dock


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  1. Michael Swain says:

    What a great event for Cup Match – congratulations to all involved. This is an amazing sport for Bermuda, being able to row in most conditions and having great fun. I know what it is like to form a rowing association so All Credit to those involved.

    Please support this very Bermudian traditional sport of pilot-gig rowing by taking part; you won’t regret it!