BSoA To Open Two New Exhibits On Friday

August 2, 2016

The Bermuda Society of Arts will open two new exhibits on Friday, August 5, with a free opening reception to be held from 5.00pm to 7.00pm and the exhibitions to continue until Tuesday, August 23.

Regarding the ‘KBB Trash Art’ exhibit, a spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Society of Arts presents our annual art show created entirely from litter, trash and plastic beach debris.

“The purpose of this show is to bring attention to the plight of our island home by re-using discarded items to create works of art. Most of the plastic ocean debris does not originate in Bermuda, but is carried here by ocean currents.

“Bermuda is in the middle of the Sargasso Sea and the North Atlantic Gyre, which traps the plastic and other debris, breaking it down into small particles that are eaten by marine life. In turn, humans eat the fish which have been contaminated by the pollutants, causing sickness and disease, even as serious as cancer.

“This is a major problem for Bermuda, as we are such a small land mass and do not have the infrastructure to deal with all the debris that is washing up on our shores, polluting our waters and contaminating our food supply. Zero Waste is the way to go, but this is almost impossible on an island where everything has to be imported and we have to dispose of or re-use the waste.

“BSoA hopes that by seeing these sculptures and art assemblages made from items that have been thrown away, more people will become aware of how they should dispose of their trash, and be more careful when purchasing goods.

“Everyone needs to stop using unnecessary plastic now, before it is too late – especially one-use plastic bottles, containers and bags.”

Regarding the ‘Revealing Wonder Woman’ exhibit, a spokesperson said, “Since her inception DC Comic’s character “Wonder Woman” has been a symbol of female strength and a champion of equality. In 2012 Sarai Hines [BSoA 2015 Bursary winner] drew a portrait of her younger sister wearing a “Wonder Woman” costume.

“The drawing was a testament to Hines’ love, admiration and respect for her sister, but it was laden with wider reaching implications. Feminism, civil rights as a whole, has been deftly disempowered by being indoctrinated into the mainstream.

“Inequality is difficult to chastise when publically it is no longer supposed to exist. The goal is to celebrate the real wonder women in our lives by galvanizing them as heroes through the artists creative vision.”

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