Photos: St. David’s Wins Eastern County Cup

August 13, 2016

[Updated] St. David’s County Cricket Club have won the second round of the 2016 Eastern County Cup Classic held today [Aug 13] at the Bailey’s Bay Cricket Club. The east enders faced previous cup holders Cleveland County Cricket Club.

Cleveland County went to bat first amassing a total of 145 runs. In reply St. David’s Cricket Club went down to their last two men at the crease and scored 151 for 9 in a nail biting finish with Rudell Pitcher sending the ball out for a six to secure the win.

Update 8.10pm: Eastern Counties Cricket Association secretary Diallo Rabain said, “It was a great game for the series and cricket altogether. Nothing brings out the best of our players like Eastern County. For the two original teams to play a game like this today, was truly a blessing.

“When Cleveland was out for 145 many didn’t give them a chance. But when St. Davids was reduced to 124 for 9, we knew we were in for an exciting finish and we were not disappointed.

“Congrats to St. Davids for a great win but as a Cleveland boy, I am disappointed in losing the cup but very proud of the performance of the team.”


Cleveland County Team:

  • Dennis Musson Jr. – Captain
  • Dion Stovell
  • Jason Simons
  • Steven Douglas Jr.
  • Hasan Durham
  • Curtis Jackson
  • Clay Darrell
  • Macai Mcgowan
  • Adrian Burrows
  • Keishon Smith
  • Damali Bell


  • Isaiah Creighton
  • Q’Shai Darrell
  • Jelani Richardson

St. David’s Cricket Club Team:

  • George O’Brien Jr. – Captain
  • Delyone Borden
  • Chris Douglas
  • Chris Foggo
  • Justin Pitcher
  • Lionel Cann
  • Ankoma Cannonier
  • Rudell Pitcher
  • Macai Simmons
  • Cejay Outerbridge
  • Shannon Raynor


  • Ricky Foggo
  • Dean Smith
  • Dean Simmons

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  1. JR Smith says:

    Well done Warriors. #fiqrecrockwell #297

  2. Gcode4lyfe says:

    Warriors forever #ripmugy 297

  3. RIPQRE says:

    QRE..QRE…QRE…QRE…QRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WARRIORS….4LIFE..RIP297


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